Our Generation Rafael- Coming in Fall 2017

At Blogger Bash, I took a photo of the first Our Generation boy release. I didn’t expect much hoopla to come from it, so I didn’t ask any important questions. I’m not a big Our Generation (also known as OG Doll) girl, to be honest. However, the photo made quite a splash on Instagram and Facebook! After generating so much chatter between collectors, I reached out to the company to learn more about this new male doll and learned two things. First, his name is Rafael. Second, he’ll be out in Fall 2017 (hopefully around August). Below is the promo image of Rafael.

IG Boy Doll Rafael (Promo Image)

Here’s his profile, as seen in my photo from Blogger Bash. I think he looks better than most 18″ male dolls out there. He has a cute face that looks pretty boy-like, unlike some of the other popular 18″ lines attempts at this.

Blogger Bash: Sweet Suite (Misc Photos)

Will you be picking up Rafael? How do you think he compares to 18″ male dolls? Let me know in the comment area!

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