Dolly Review: Wildlife Photographer Mia, Lottie’s New Friend/Bee Yourself Outfit

The company behind Lottie dolls has always been a great friend to this little blog of mine and I’m always appreciative of the samples they send for review. So, before I start, I wanted to extend a huge thank you to the fine folks behind the Lottie brand! Lottie and friends laid low for much of 2016, with promises of brand new dolls, and, guys, they delivered! I am very excited about the new Lottie, Finn and Friends dolls on the market for 2017 and think you will be, too! So, that being said, let’s get on with the review.

In July, I received samples of four of Lottie’s newest releases, plus two outfits. Up for review today is Wildlife Photographer Mia, one of Lottie’s new friends!

Wildlife Photographer Mia (Lottie's Friend)

Mia has dark skin and textured dark brown hair. I love how thick and crimped it is! It’s rooted in a way that you could still style it, if you wanted.

Wildlife Photographer Mia (Lottie's Friend)

As usual, Mia has an outfit that features a lot of separates. That’s one of the reasons I think Lottie dolls are totally worth their price. Mia wears a vinyl rain jacket, or a mack, as they’d say in England. It’s bright red. I love it! Beneath that is a long sleeve shirt with a ladybug graphic, jeans and, to finish the look, polka dotted boots (or wellies). Mia’s jacket has a real hood, meaning it fits her head, though it may be a struggle getting all her hair in it.

Wildlife Photographer Mia (Lottie's Friend)

Her face is super cute. Mia’s eyes are a mix between Lottie and Finn’s. She has a curious side glance to her brown almond eyes. One thing I really love about the face on Mia are the thick eyebrows. They look great!

Wildlife Photographer Mia (Lottie's Friend)

Mia wears a red cochlear implant in her ear. Cochlear Implants are “electronic medical device that replaces the function of the damaged inner ear. Unlike hearing aids, which make sounds louder, cochlear implants do the work of damaged parts of the inner ear (cochlea) to provide sound signals to the brain.” You may have gathered this by now, but she wears this because Lottie partnered with the #ToyLikeMe Campaign. I personally love that companies are striving to incorporate small details like this into their dolls and hope more companies will start surprising us with these additions.

Wildlife Photographer Mia (Lottie's Friend)

Mia has the same body as Lottie, so her posing is the same, as well. She stands solidly and has shoulder and hips joints that allow movement, both up and out. She has click knees, too. As we know from past releases, she does not have any elbow articulation.

Wildlife Photographer Mia (Lottie's Friend)

One thing the Lottie brand is really good at is accessorizing.  Mia comes with a blue hat, blue shoulder bag and, my favorite accessory, a camera. The camera is lacking a strap, so it’s hard for Mia to hold it without a rubber band around her hand and the camera. You can easily store the camera in the blue bag, though, as that has a velcro fastener on it. Mia also comes with her school paper, which features pictures from Lottie’s photo contest.

Wildlife Photographer Mia (Lottie's Friend)

Sold separately is the cute Bee Yourself outfit, which features dungarees, a shirt and wellies. This outfit is adorable, modeled here by Mia. The colors are really pretty together and the bee graphic on the overalls is too cute. The outfit’s separates, like Mia’s boxed look, are fastened with velcro.

Wildlife Photographer Mia (Lottie's Friend)

Wildlife Photographer Mia (Lottie's Friend)

Wildlife Photographer Mia (Lottie's Friend)

You can order these directly from the Lottie website, as well as at select brick and mortar stores. (If your favorite mom and pop toy store doesn’t stock Lottie yet, but you’d like them to, it never hurts to ask if that shop will consider adding Lottie to their store shelves. Maybe they just missed this amazing brand!) Since the Lottie brand takes pride in being inspired by real kids, they do a lot of fun competitions, like their Outfit Design Contest. Definitely something to suggest to the creative kiddo’s around you!


I’ll be back with more Lottie soon, but in the meantime, let me know what you think of these two releases! What’s your favorite thing about Mia? Share your thoughts in the comment area!


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  1. Line replied:

    I love them and Mia is very desirable.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Mia has a very cute face. Totally worth the price!

  2. wendydirks replied:

    Mia is super cute! I’m really pleased that Lottie is getting new dolls and more clothes. I do wish that doll companies would sell more independent clothing sets so it’s nice to see the Lottie brand continuing to do so.

    • wendydirks replied:

      And I should add that Lottie and friends are the perfect size to be children in my Barbie sized mini-world!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I have a few more dolls to review from Lottie, so stay tuned!

  3. Iphis of Scyros replied:

    What a cutie Mia is! I think I may need to add her to my collection! 🙂 I love how she has a different face, not just a different coloration.

  4. Beth replied:

    I LOooove that she has a cochlear implant!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Me, too. It was a surprise to me, as I didn’t notice that feature while she was in the box!

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  7. Holly replied:

    I don’t mean to hate on you or anything like that ☺But just to inform you .I have a cochlear implant myself and I noticed that the doll was wearing hers wrong . The small disland is supposed to be on her head like you will see if you visit lottie’s website. 😊By the way I loooove your doll reviews they are very informative and high quality.

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