Collection Close Up: Magic Nursery (Mattel)

One of my favorite doll brands from childhood is Magic Nursery. Magic Nursery dolls were produced by Mattel from 1989 through the mid 1990’s. To this day, mint in box dolls go for hundreds of dollars. Why? Because they had a super awesome gimmick. Magic Nursery dolls were packaged in a way that you didn’t know if you were getting a girl, boy or even twins! Their hair was covered up and they wore a robe that, when dropped in water, would dissolve and ‘magically transform’ into an outfit and gender reveal card (“It’s a Boy/Girl/Twins!”). They came in toddlers, babies and animals.

Magic Nursery

Between my mom and I, we have 17 Magic Nursery dolls. Most of them belong to my mom, actually! We took all our dolls out recently and shot a Collection Close Up video. It’s embedded below.

Here’s a small sampling of some of the dolls in our collection. Below are my twins!

Magic Nursery

The Christmas babies are some of our favorites, too.

Magic Nursery

And, of course, you can’t forget the animals. How cute is this bear!

Magic Nursery

Do you remember Magic Nursery dolls? Do you have any in your collection? Leave your thoughts below!

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  1. RagingMoon1987 replied:

    I’m too young to have remembered these, but they sure are cute. And that gimmick! Mattel should try to revive these, maybe; I’m willing to bet that modern-day kids would eat this up, given the dolls’ similarity to blind bag toys. Some of these Magic Nursery dolls can share clothes with My Child dolls, by the way. You may know that already, LOL.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I think kids would love this concept today, too!

  2. Mini Marj replied:

    Hi there what a gorgeous collection, I was collecting these dolls at one stage I had 55 of them, then we downsized and I sold a few, I still have the remainders packed away in a bag I don’t have the shelf space to display them. But when I was 7 (1991) I got my first doll it was a twin! it was a boy and I sent away for his ‘twin’ and I got a girl who didn’t look anything like the boy.. but to me they will always be the twins. I have been lucky enough to find some boxed unopened dolls I have 4 of them. It’s good to see other people who love these dolls 🙂 take care xx

    • Elisha replied:

      I also had twins. Santa brought me the girl and we sent off and got the boy after I found out I had twins. Felt like I won the lottery!! Both were blondes with blue eyes and I loved them so much. Think they are still at my parents house!

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