Collection Close Up: Custom Blythe by Doll Angel

A few months back, my mom bought a Blythe doll on eBay. It wasn’t in the best shape. The eye mech was broken, her face up was bland and she was in need of a wig. Thankfully, my mom was able to get the eye mech fixed, so Blythe could change her eye color and position with the tug of a string. She was also able to find the perfect wig for her mocha skinned girl, a dusty pink mohair wig from Natrume. Last order of business? Finding someone to work on the face! Thankfully, finding the perfect face up artist turned out to be amazingly simple.

If you recall, I debuted a Pullip crafted by the super talented Doll Angel last year here on the blog. She was able to capture a moment in my past, being an extra in Divergent. As expected, Doll Angel did an amazing job. At PUDDLE 2017, my mom decided to bring her Blythe along to see if Doll Angel might be willing to take on the challenge of creating a fantastic new face for her doll. She agreed to give it a shot.

After going back and forth with Doll Angel about the look and feel of the doll, colors, etc, this Blythe finally came alive! See the custom face up by Doll Angel below. Spoiler alert– It’s fantastic!

Custom Blythe

Custom Blythe

Custom Blythe

Just like on the Divergent custom she made for me, Doll Angel added a special surprise to this Blythe.

Custom Blythe

Doll Angel did an amazing job on this custom Blythe. She’s a totally different doll! The pastel colors look so good on the mocha skin. Doll Angel also did some carving, which was a new concept to me. I had no idea that people carved around the noses and lips of these dolls to make them more unique. The outcome of the carving, done around the lips, really makes this girl stand out when compared to what she looked like before. (Unfortunately, we have no before photo, so you’ll have to take my word for it!)

Custom Blythe

I’m jealous! Now, I want a Blythe for my collection! What do you think of this new and improved Blythe doll? Share your thoughts in the comment area!

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  1. RagingMoon1987 replied:

    I’m just entering the Blythe hobby myself, and yeah, carved faces are pretty common. I don’t usually like carved faces, but in this case I’ll make an exception. The paint job is very nice and the wig is perfect for her darker skin. I particularly like the eyebrows; they’re so delicate! Now all this girl needs is a name!

  2. Kathryn replied:

    She’s beautiful!! The paint is so delicate, I love it!

  3. April replied:

    She turned out lovely. I adore the rainbow theme to her makeup.

  4. Vivi Kluppel replied:

    So cute! I want a Blythe too!!!

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