Skipper Highlight Reel: Dressin’ with Mickey, Minnie and Donald Set

At the Chicago Toy Show, I was lucky enough to score the Dressin’ with Mickey, Minnie and Donald special edition gift set. Sold exclusively at Toys R Us around 1991, this set features Barbie, Ken and Skipper decked out in Disney, complete with Mickey ears!

Dressin like Mickey Minnie and Donald

The Skipper in this set has her classic blonde hair done up in curly waves. Unlike most of the Skipper’s released, she has purple eyes. It’s not totally unheard of for Skipper to have purple eyes, but it isn’t common, either.

dressin like mickey minnie and donald

Skipper wears a fun shirt with a graphic of Donald Duck. It’s paired with red shorts and flats. The look is my favorite of the three dolls. It’s totally what we’d wear in the early 90’s. No Disney themed outfit is complete without a plastic Mickey balloon (which attaches to her wrist) and, of course, Mickey ears!

dressin like mickey minnie and donald

Tagging along to enjoy the Disney fun are Barbie and Ken. Both dolls have bright, colorful outfits and classic ‘pink box’ faces.

dressin like mickey minnie and donald

I think the Skipper in this set is super cute and am happy to have scored this great deal at the Chicago Toy Show!

If only it was so easy to find other multi doll sets from the 90’s for decent prices! What do you think of these dolls? Share your thoughts in the comment area!

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  1. wendydirks replied:

    The dolls are super cute, especially Skipper! Great find!

  2. Vivi Kluppel replied:

    I loved this Skipper!!! Very cute!!!!

  3. Kathryn replied:

    This Skipper is so cute!

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