Spotlight: Rolling Rock Dolls

Rolling Rock Dolls is an eBay/Etsy shop run by Celeste, a mom whose passion for designing affordable clothing for her daughter’s dolls turned into a business. All ready to ship, Celeste makes clothing for dolls of various shapes and sizes, though it seems the most popular looks are for 18″ American Girl style dolls and the smaller Wellie Wishers.

Celeste reached out to me a few weeks ago asking if I would be interested in reviewing an outfit from her Etsy shop. Noticing the variety of outfits available and the affordable pricing, I agreed. For review, Celeste sent a strapless dress in royal purple satin. Along with the outfit came a crown and purple boa for added effect. While the outfit for review is very dressy, Rolling Rock Dolls offers outfits of all styles, casual to dressy to princess’y!

rolling rock dolls (etsy clothing seller)

rolling rock dolls (etsy clothing seller)

rolling rock dolls (etsy clothing seller)

While the dress didn’t fit my Pleasant Company Molly, it fit my mom’s Mattel American Girl just fine. I was surprised that the top fit as well as it did, being strapless. The outfit is sewn well and looks very pretty on this American Girl. My dolls usually are in more casual attire, but for an imaginary evening out, this dress looks great!

To give you a little more insight into Rolling Rock Dolls, I asked Celeste a few questions about how she got started.

Question: How long have you been creating outfits for dolls? What got you started?
I have been making doll clothes for about 4.5 years now. I got started when I got my daughter an 18 inch doll from a flea market and found out that their clothes are pricey. I did not know how to sew at that time and I initially just wanted to learn how to sew. This business has been “accidental”, but I am glad I continued on with it. I love when I get feedback that I made little girls/kids happy with their doll clothes.

Question: Do you collect dolls yourself or just make outfits for them?
I collect dolls myself but I did not use to. I was influenced by my own business to keep collecting dolls and still have so many dolls I want to purchase for my collection.

Question: I see you make clothing to fit the Disney Animator dolls, what made you start making outfits for them? I don’t see that very often!
I saw a Disney Animator doll online and I thought they were the cutest. I love the facial expressions and their toddler form.

Question: What makes your Etsy store different from others? 
Checking at other Etsy sellers, my prices are usually way down than the competition. I also offer doll clothes for various types of dolls like American Girl, Baby Doll, Corolle Les Cheries, Wellie Wishers and others. I constantly offer promo codes and I keep updating my inventory. Also, my items are ready to ship, I ship 6 days a week except for Sundays and holidays.

Question: Where can people find your sites?

I encourage you to check out Rolling Rock Dolls online. Maybe you’ll find an outfit that’s perfect for your favorite doll! What’s your favorite outfit from Rolling Rock Dolls? Let me know in the comment area!

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