Dolly Review: Little House Covered Wagon/Horses (The Queen’s Treasures)

The Queen’s Treasures has always been kind to my blog and channel. They’ve sent many awesome things to show off on the blog. This last item, though, takes the cake for being the biggest item sent for review. Today, I’m going to show you the Little House on the Prairie inspired Covered Wagon, complete with two of the plush horses (sold separately from the wagon). The Covered Wagon/Hitch comes with a conversion kit that allows you to make your wagon into a sleigh.


The wagon and hitch measure just over 4 ft long, which makes this a huge statement piece! Made of real wood, this 18″ doll accessory requires a bit of set up. Instructions are included, but, truth be told, they are a little wordy!


Eventually, we got this together. However, we decided to not change it into the sleigh, because we didn’t want to risk not getting it back together. (To make this a sleigh, you remove the wheels and replace them with sleigh pieces.) Watch the video review, linked below, to learn a bit more about putting this together, as well as to really see the scale of this piece. It’s hard to tell how big it is in photographs!

The Queen’s Treasures Covered Wagon is large enough to fit two 18″ dolls in the front seating area. There’s also room for dolls to lay down in the back half. I’d imagine this could hold at least three 18″ dolls, if not four, which makes it a great display piece!


On top of that, the wheels actually move, so you can pull the hitch or push the wagon for active play. I love the colors of the wheels. They look great against the grainy color of the wood used for the rest of the wagon.


The wood is a little rougher than I expected. That being said, at least this isn’t made of plastic. The use of real wood makes this piece stand out among other 18″ doll accessories, which doesn’t surprise me, as The Queen’s Treasures is known for their quality!


I love, love, love the little trunk included in this set. To not take up needed doll space, there is a special spot to store the trunk, just outside the seating area of the wagon. The trunk opens and closes and has enough space to hold small accessories.


While the hitch is included with this wagon, the horses are not. Those are sold separately. They’re plush with no articulation. The horses and wagon aren’t exactly scaled to the 18″ Laura Ingalls doll, also sold by The Queen’s Treasures, but for this set to truly be scaled for the doll, it would have had to be much larger.


Besides sending these awesome products for review, The Queen’s Treasures also set up a coupon code! Use “CONFESSIONS” while checking out on their website to receive 10% off of any item, even sale items! (So, if an item is already 35% off, you’ll get an additional 10% off of the sale price!) I encourage you to check out the site and do a little holiday shopping! The winter holidays are coming up fast!

You can follow The Queen’s Treasures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I love the Covered Wagon and think it will make a great display piece my dolls. I love that it fits multiple 18″ dolls, too, and that it has the ability to be converted into a sleigh fit for winter. Photographers, this is a great prop to have on hand for your dolly adventures. It’s also a wonderful accessory to have under the Christmas tree for the Laura Ingalls fan in your life. Alongside this release, there’s a whole slew of other Little House on the Prairie merchandise on their website.


Definitely check out the video review to see the massive size of the Covered Wagon/Hitch and two horses. And don’t forget to use the coupon code “CONFESSIONS” to get a little extra bang for your buck for a limited time on The Queen’s Treasures website.

What do you think of the Little House inspired Covered Wagon/Hitch set from The Queen’s Treasures? What are you picking up with the provided coupon code? Share your thoughts in the comment area!

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