Alexander Doll Company Fan Girls

While browsing around Toys R Us recently, my mom and I stumbled upon Fan Girls by the Alexander Doll Company. Priced at $50.00, they are a bit more pricey than the typical Toys R Us fare. (Especially Black Panther, who is priced at $79.99!) However, I thought they were pretty interesting! Before you get too excited, I didn’t actually buy any of these. I’m waiting to see if they go down in price, but you can see photos from our shopping trip here.

There are five Fan Girls, all exclusive to Toys R Us. Each doll is inspired by a popular Marvel superhero. Fan Girls are vinyl and 13.5″ tall. Madame Alexander has transformed superhero classic to superhero chic with high fashion re-stylings¬†of the looks belonging to Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Spider-Gwen and Black Panther. The dolls look to be articulated, though it’s hard to tell how well their arms and legs would move with all the clothing elements.

fan girls Madame Alexander Doll Company

One thing I didn’t know until I looked these guys up online is that besides the regular releases, each doll has a limited edition variation. The way you know you have a variant is by the packaging. Variants are labeled with a ‘Fan Girl Find’ sticker. According to the website, “Black Widow’s “Find” is a red hat! Spider-Gwen’s “Find” is silver sunglasses. Captain America’s “Find” is a star-spangled headband. Iron Man’s “Find” is metallic buttons on her bodice. Black Panther’s “Find” is a gold-tone headdress and necklace.”

So, next time you’re at Toys R Us, look for Fan Girls. If your Toys R Us is like ours, they’ll be near the action figures and other Marvel/Pop Culture sorts of toys. What do you think of the Alexander Doll Company’s take on the Marvel fandom? Let us know in the comment area!

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