Dolly Review: Silvi Timberwolf

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve reviewed a Monster High doll here on the blog. Last week, my mom and I visited the Mattel outlet. They had quite a few Monster High dolls deeply discounted. I picked up Silvi Timberwolf from the Electrified: Hair Raising Ghouls line. As one of the few dolls of quality produced this year (in my opinion), she was on my wish list. Silvi does not light up or have any of the gimmicks seen with some of the more deluxe Electrified dolls.

Silvi Timberwolf, MH

Silvi Timberwolf, MH

While her multicolored dress is lackluster, I like everything else about Silvi. First off, she comes on an articulated body, which can’t be said about most of the 2017 Monster High releases. She even has some molded fur around her wrists, ankles and ears! On top of that, her wolf shaped ears are pierced, a detail that used to be pretty standard, but has gone by the wayside over the years.

Silvi Timberwolf, MH

Silvi’s coloring reminds me a lot of Ghoulia. She has grey skin and light blue hair with highlights of green, pink and white. The 90’s kid in me loves, loves, loves the crimped hair Mattel chose for Silvi (and the other girls in this series). I’m not ashamed to say that I rocked my fair share of crimped hair as a kid/teenager! I think they styled Silvi’s hair really well. The pony tail and side part make an impact and fit with the Electrified theme well.

Silvi Timberwolf, MH

Unlike the other reboot dolls, Electrified features Silvi’s debut doll. This works in her favor, as we have no pre-reboot doll to compare her to. I think Silvi has a pretty face that is reminiscent of Rochelle. Her large eyes are filled with pastel blue/pink tones. Around her heavy black painted lashes, there are deeper shades of blue and pink.

Silvi Timberwolf, MH

Her lips are done with a pretty pastel pink and, of course, she has painted fangs! While not dark and gothic, like the early Monster High faces, this one has a cutesy element to it that I, personally, like!

Silvi Timberwolf, MH

One of my favorite things about Silvi’s face, though, has to be her nose! I love how delicate it is! I also like the textured ears. It’s a feature that’s easy to miss and could probably have been done a little better, but overall, they look good!

Silvi Timberwolf, MH

Silvi wears neon jelly-esc yellow ankle high heels. They may not be as detailed as they would have been years ago, but the neon heels work well with the grey skin and light hair color. They look pretty neat and remind me of the ‘good old days’ of Monster High.

Silvi Timberwolf, MH

Overall, I’m happy to have Silvi in my Monster High collection. She’s one of the cuter dolls to hit the market since the reboot of the Monster High line. What do you think of Silvi? Share your thoughts in the comment area!


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  1. Wanda Richardson replied:

    Hi, I find that Silvi, brings hope to the re-boot of Monster high, she brings a breath of sunshine and hope to the Monster High world, and the Monster High dolls should remain posable. Again, I am happy with Silva, thanks for sharing!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      She is a ray of Sunshine compared to the others.

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