Introducing: Kruselings by Käthe Kruse

New for 2018 are Kruselings by Käthe Kruse. These 9″ dolls are crafted from soft vinyl, with movable limbs and lifelike glass eyes. There are six dolls in the line. There is a ‘girl power’ vibe to this line, which was designed in collaboration with renowned doll maker Sonja Hartmann (designer of Kidz N Cats) and Donaji Ayala Hernandez. The six dolls include Michael, Luna, Vera, Sofia, Joy and Chloe.


Here’s a bit of the back story behind Kruselings! The Kruselings are five girls, all age 10, who live on different continents. But when Luna, Vera, Sofia, Joy and Chloe are summoned by the ‘Fire Opal’, a mysterious power turns them into the Kruselings, the Guardians of Dreamland. Their role is to end nightmares and make sure sweet dreams can be had by all, and they can do this because they are such good friends and work so well together as a team, where their individual strengths and magical abilities are so much more powerful when used together.













The dolls will be sold in Deluxe Sets ($44.99) with their magic outfits and everyday outfit, Casual Sets ($27.99) as a doll and casual outfit and with Magic Outfits ($17.99) and Magic Tool Set ($11.99).


I wish I was going to New York Toy Fair to see them in person, but that isn’t happening this year. (My goal is to go back 2019.) You can follow Kruselings on Facebook and YouTube. What do you think of Kruselings? Which is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comment area!


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  1. Teresa F. replied:

    These are really cute! Glad to see smaller dolls with quality articulation being made. If the big company that purchased Makies isn’t going to do anything with the idea & technology, then other companies should fill the void.

  2. Nealie Jean replied:

    Love the articulation and the size is nice too. I’d love to get a Sofia and Joy.
    After reading this I looked around to see where they could be found and it looks like ebay or amazon if I’m willing to spend $50 (including the shipping from the UK) for just one basic doll. So the impression I have is that they haven’t hit any US stores yet. Any idea when they might?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I sent a note off to the company to ask. I couldn’t find that out by googling. I’ll let you know if they get back to me!

      • Nealie Jean replied:

        Thanks for following up with them! I did keep looking and found a place in the state of Washington that has them already, and basic casual dolls even appear to be slightly cheaper than you mentioned. I would still have to pay for shipping but they combine it so that is cheaper too.
        I don’t know how you feel about sharing the store info here and I’ve no prior experience with them myself, but the place is called Fairhaven Toy Garden.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      They’re still working on the US market.

  3. Anonym replied:

    Way to expensive for such small and basic dolls, not to mention how dull and unoriginal their designs….sigh, I guess is another of only collecting Licca-chan.

    • Anonym replied:

      another year

    • kewpie83 replied:

      If it was a brand that had no backing behind it, I would agree with you, but since it’s Kathe Kruse, I’ll cut them some slack with pricing, since I know they’ll be quality.

  4. Freja replied:

    My favorite is Sophia. then Chloe

    I have a have a hard time resisting these dolls, I think they have a ncie size, it is great to see them having articulation, and they are quite cute. They would fill a void in my collection, since I would like to collec some fantasy themed dolls. But it looks like they woulden’t really work with how I collect an dplay, since they are very set ion their chracters, and I prefer to come up with my own characters.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I think you could still make them your own characters. They’re a great size!

  5. Stephanie replied:

    I bought the deluxe Sofia from Petalina. She is just lovely. The clothes are well made too

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I look forward to seeing these in more stores. Hopefully, they get wide distribution! Did you hear Petalina is going out of business?

      • Stephanie A Jones replied:

        I ordered two of the remaining dolls from Petalina. I want them all!

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    […] of you may remember that I recently wrote a post on a new 9″ doll line by Käthe Kruse called Kruselings. Shortly after, a review sample of one of the deluxe doll sets came my way! Meet Joy! Joy […]

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