Dolly Review: Shnooks by Zuru

Have you seenĀ Shnooks during your trips to the toy aisles? Zuru was kind enough to send us two Shnooks for review. Shnooks in their package are thin and flat. When you free your Shnook from the card and “pop” the bubble it’s in (ie: opening the vacuum sealed bag), all that’s left is to shake your Shnook to life. As you shake it, your Shnook will grow up to eight times larger than it started, going from bubble to best friend!



A lot of the growing has to do with the troll like hair that Shnooks have. For added fun, you get two hair clips and some rubber bands to style your Shnooks hair. Their soft plush bodies have nicely embroidered faces. As far as stuffed novelty toys go, I think these are cute! Because they’re small in size, they seem like they’d make great travel buddies. Around the bang area, there’s a small white loop, which allows you to attach a key chain (or whatever you’d like) so you can display them wherever you’d like.


In honor Valentine’s Day, Zuru offered to give one of you a pair of Shnooks. Whether you keep both for yourself or give one to your Valentine, you don’t want to miss this giveaway! You have until 2/14/2018 to fill out this google form (also embedded below). If you’re on a mobile device, you may need to go to a computer to fill this out. This contest is open to US residents only. (Sorry! I’ll try to host an international contest later this year!)

Contest is over. Thanks for entering!

You can enter the contest once a day for added entries! Feel free to share this with your friends. To keep up with Shnooks online, bookmark their website, like them on Facebook or watch them on YouTube! What do you think of Shnooks? Share your thoughts in the comment area! And good luck!!!!

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