Skipper Highlight Reel: Courtney, Skipper’s Best Friend

Courtney is my favorite of Skipper’s friends. Introduced in 1988 along with Teen Time Skipper, Courtney was Skipper’s first new female friend since Ginger came and went a few years earlier. Teen Time Courtney made a huge impact on the doll scene when she debuted as “Skipper’s best friend”.

Courtney Skipper dolls

Teen Time Skipper, who’s “school look changes for slumber party fun”, has a head of dark brown curls with a half ponytail. Unlike Skipper, Courtney has round brown eyes. (Courtney’s eyes would go between brown, green and blue throughout her releases.) Teen Time wears a striped white and red long sleeve shirt with a paint brush decal, a jean vest and a white skirt with red polka dots, which is really a nighty for when she and Skipper have their slumber party.

Courtney Skipper dolls

One of my favorite Courtney’s was 1989’s Cool Tops Courtney (center in photo above). Her mix and match outfit could be worked into 8 different looks. She had big, wavy dark brown hair with 4 half ponytails. This dolls look has always stood out to me. I love the bold red and yellow fabrics Mattel chose to bring this dolls outfit to life.

Courtney Skipper dolls

Courtney would be released pretty steadily through 2000, making it through the transition from the 90’s pre-teen anime eye face mold to the slightly older looking Pizza Party mold (seen below) and finally the more grown up Teen Skipper.

Courtney Skipper dolls

The final Courtney releases were unique to the rest, because Mattel decided to swap her dark brown hair with ginger. I don’t have any Teen Courtney’s from this era– yet! Unlike Skipper’s of this era, Courtney was only produced in the Caucasian skin tone.

Courtney Skipper dolls

If you’re looking to solely collect Courtney dolls, you’re in luck. It shouldn’t be too hard to find them all! Courtney was released in the following lines:

  • Teen Time Courtney (1988)
  • Cool Tops Courtney (1989)
  • Babysitting Courtney (1990)
  • Pet Pals Courtney (1991)
  • Cheerleading Courtney (1992)
  • Totally Hair Courtney (1992, Toys R Us exclusive)
  • Cool Crimp Courtney (1993)
  • Pizza Party Courtney (1994)
  • Phone Fun Courtney (1995)
  • Teen Courtney (1996)
  • Totally YoYo Courtney (1998)
  • Pajama Fun Courtney (1999)
  • Fashion Party Teen Skipper (2000)

Courtney Skipper dolls

In this Skipper Highlight Reel video, I go over all the Courtney’s in my collection so far in a little more detail!

Courtney will always be my favorite of Skipper’s friends. I just love her look! Do you have any fond memories of Skipper’s friend, Courtney? Which one(s) do you own? Do you have a favorite? Leave your thoughts in the comment area!

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  1. Holly replied:

    The Pizza Party one has the best face, if you ask me. She looks so sweet in all variations though!

  2. Barbara Williamson replied:

    Thank you for this review of Skipper’s friends. Because of this, I got Teen time Courtney. She is wonderful. Her face is adorable and Mattel does great doll hair. I found her nrfb and right away deboxed her so she could put her arm down after 30 years. Now I am getting her some other outfits. Really enjoyed this review and also others you have done.

  3. Brandon replied:

    Courtney is one of my favorite Barbie friends or Skipper in this case. My favorite Courtney I own is probably Cheerleading. I love her teal eyes and purple/blue outfit. I really want the Pizza Hut one to match my Skipper. I’m also on the lookout for Totally Hair.

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