Doll Show Haul/Loot, April 2018

April was a pretty busy month! With two doll shows, a Once Upon a Time Convention (where a friend and I had our photos taken with some cast members) and a trip into Chicago to see Jesus Christ Superstar, it’s been a busy few weeks! Because of all these fun things happening, I didn’t have much money to play with at the April doll shows. As it turned out, I didn’t actually see much at the shows that really ‘called to me’, so my small budget didn’t work against me! Of course, as it’s me, I didn’t leave empty handed.

Bendable Leg Skooter

Recently, I realized I didn’t have a bendable leg Skooter in my Skipper collection. All my Skooter dolls are straight leg. At the Chicago Toy Show, I noticed a pretty brunette pink skinned Skooter with working knees and a good face. She was priced at $45, but I was able to get her for $40, which was a good price for her, since Skooter was in such good shape and didn’t have any pale spots on her skin. Plus, she was being sold with her original top and a best buy skirt.
The second thing I picked up was a My Little Pony, Sweet Note, from year 9’s Rockin’ Beat Ponies. She’s from 1990 and has an awesome fluorescent color scheme. One of my favorite things about Sweet Note has to be her crimped hair!

Believe it or not, that was it! That was all I picked up at the Chicago Toy Show. April also brought me a few other cool things, thanks to the internet, though. You may have seen these in a recent Haul video posted to my YouTube channel, but in case you didn’t, here you go!

TNT Skipper

Skipper’s from the Mod era are lacking in my collection, so I decided that this year, I would try to add a few more to it! I saw this Twist N Turn beauty on eBay. She’s not perfect, but she looks great to me! Her face hasn’t faded, her coloring is bright and her hair is very pretty! I love the color of her hair! The only small issue with this Skipper is that her lashes on one eye are either gone or pulled into her head. It’s hard to tell, though, unless you are really looking for that. Eventually, I’ll try to fix the lashes, but for now, I think she looks great as is! More on him later!

Lifesize Baby Groot

The Hot Toys Lifesize Baby Groot was an impulse buy, but come on– how could I not?! Baby Groot is fully articulated, comes with three face plates and extra hands and best of all, comes with a cute little Ravengers outfit! For me, buying Baby Groot was like adding to my ball jointed doll collection, in a way. There are so many things I can do with him!

A week after the Chicago Toy Show was the Kane County Doll Show. Again, we didn’t leave with much. Instead of finding good deals on many small things, both my mom and I ended up splurging on one big thing (and picked up a few smaller things). My mom ended up with the big win at the show, a Patti Playpal in great shape! How adorable is she?

Patti Playpal

My big purchase was a hard plastic Arrenbee from the 1950’s. She’s 21″ tall and super pretty!

Arranbee Hard Plastic

Coming home with us was this interesting doll from the 1980’s. This fabric doll was created by artist Mary Vasquez. She called to my mom and we were able to get her at a good price. She’s very unique looking, don’t you think?


Those are some of the items we brought home– below are some of the dolls we saw, but couldn’t afford!  You can see more photos in the Haul video linked in this post.

Kane County Doll Show Highlights

Kane County Doll Show Highlights

Kane County Doll Show Highlights

Kane County Doll Show Highlights

Kane County Doll Show Highlights

Kane County Doll Show Highlights

Kane County Doll Show Highlights

Kane County Doll Show Highlights

Did you find any additions to your collection recently? Share them in the comment area! And don’t forget, now until November 2018, we have a mailbox open for fan mail (for myself and Barbee0913) and doll donations! Check out the World Doll Day Doll/Toy Drive post for the address!

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