Netchie Dolls and Nata’s Knitted Friends

At the Chicago Toy Show, it’s pretty typical to see the same vendors show after show, which is I why I was happily surprised to see two new vendors! Both vendors were doll artists/creators, not dealers, which was another happy surprise. They also happened to be right next to each other in the room.

We’ll start with Netchie Dolls. Netchie Dolls are adorable cloth dolls! They stood out among the other vendors, who had more vintage pieces on display. Netchie Dolls are stuffed with a combination of sheep’s wool and polyester stuffing and are covered in a cotton knit fabric. The hair is composed of yarn attached to a crocheted wig cap that is firmly attached to the head so that it can stand up to hours of play time and a variety of hairstyles.

kane County dol show highlights

They’re cute online, but even more adorable in person! Being short on cash, I wasn’t able to pick one of these up this show, but I am very tempted to next time!

Kane County Doll Show Highlights

kane County dol show highlights

The second seller that stood out was Nata’s Knitted Friends. Nata had a table full of super cute crocheted creations! When I asked her about the dolls, she mentioned that she’s also open to making 100% unique creations based on a drawing. I can’t think of a better way of immortalizing a family members art than making their 2D image real!

kane County dol show highlights

So, check these guys out if you’re looking for a unique doll for yourself, a family member or a friend. What do you think of these? Share your thoughts in the comment area!

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  1. DoveCG replied:

    Some of the Netchie dolls look weird from certain angles because of the brow-line indention and I wish they had eyebrows stitched above their eyes. Otherwise, they’re amazingly cute considering most of them aren’t even smiling. I guess it makes me want to hug them more and it’s kind of nice to find a doll with a different expression. I want one and I don’t normally collect baby dolls. Sadly, this might be the sort of doll I’d have to see in person from multiple angles to make sure I like them enough first. :O

    The Nattas are awesome. I want one of those foxes! And it’s especially nice that they can make custom designs too. But Peppa’s wide-open mouth is kind of scary without a tongue… XD

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Yeah, I’m tempted to try Nattas custom doll service out… We shall see!

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