Flower Fairies Secret Garden: Miniature Garden Fairies

We were first introduced to Flower Fairies Secret Garden last year at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair (ChiTAG). The miniature fairies were the stand out booth at the show. After ChiTAG I reached out to the company to see if they were interested in sending any samples for review. They were kind enough to send quite a few items to show off to all of you! And, guys, these miniature fairy figures are as adorable now as they were when I saw them in October!

Let’s start with a little background. Flower Fairies Secret Garden figures were inspired by Cicely Mary Barker’s gorgeous illustrations from the 1920’s. These illustrations have a wonderful charm to them and they’ve inspired some adorable recreations in the Flower Fairies Secret Garden series by Ultimate Source. There are 23 pieces to Series 1 of the Flower Fairies Secret Garden brand, including a planter kit, 8 flower fairies and multiple accessories. At the moment, you’ll need to use the store locator on the Flower Fairy website to find a store near you that carries these miniature garden fairies, as they currently don’t have a web store on their site. It’s worth the hunt, though!

While made of plastic, these beautifully painted figures feel durable. Sent for review was a planter kit, faux moss and flowers, a variety of fairies and, finally, a few accessory packs.


This is the Strawberry Fairy. The Strawberry Fairy is adorable! I love the curly hair and strawberry themed outfit. The Strawberry Fairy comes with a strawberry patch, which can be used in your fairy garden.


Scilla Fairy is my favorite of the whole bunch! In fact, she was my favorite way back in October when we first saw these! I love Scilla’s blue cape like outfit and her down turned wings. Plus,  her flower umbrella is too cute!


The Lilac Fairy sits perfectly on the little tree trunk she comes with. Do you see the light purple coloring on her wings? All the fairies wings glow light purple when in sunlight! In the same respect, they glow dark blue when under a black light!


This is Buttercup Fairy. She comes with a basket of berries that she can hold or you can use elsewhere in your garden. The yellow in her dress is very pretty!

Baby Apple Blossom loves to see what surprises lie within the wishing well! Apple Blossom has the most adorable baby wings!

Besides fairies, we were also sent some accessories to really make our village stand out! This fairy door is gorgeous! It stands well on its own, too! I love the design, the colors, the details– everything!

The planter can be used to create a real or imaginary flower fairy garden. To create our garden, we used the Flower Fairy Secret Garden faux moss (9.25 diameter, round) and faux flower packs. The moss fits right into the planter! I may have to invest in their faux moss landscape, which is longer, to expand my village! Another larger accessory is the bridge, which would look great on the landscape I just mentioned. The planters kit includes a planter, stone sidewalk and lamp post. They also sell accessory packs, which include an adorable mailbox (with letters wrapped in leaves), fairy food and a sign post! (Watch the video to see the small accessories we received for review!)

I really, really like the Flower Fairies Secret Garden series! The figures are highly detailed, made of a durable plastic and look so pretty, whether they are displayed in a planter or just sitting on a desk! Flower Fairies Secret Garden are colorful high quality miniatures that I would feel fine giving to a fairy loving youngster or a youngster at heart! There’s a good chance that I’ll be revising this brand come Christmas, as I think they’d make wonderful gifts!

Want to follow the brand online? Check out their website, “like” them on Facebook or follow them on Instagram or Twitter. What do you think of Flower Fairies Secret Garden? Which fairy is your favorite? Let us know in the comment area!

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