Skipper Hallmark Ornament (2018)

Sold exclusively at Hallmark Gold Crown stores is this adorable Skipper Doll Ornament! This ornament is considered 2 pieces, as you can hang Skipper, her box or Skipper in her box! She was released Saturday exclusively at the 2018 Keepsake Ornament Premiere events around the United States. This ornament was designed by Katrina Bricker to look like the original 1964 blonde Skipper in her iconic red and white bathing suit.


The Skipper box is made of a sturdy cardboard, while the doll is made of plastic. I’m impressed with the work that went into this ornament. The Skipper and box art look great!

If you’re interested in getting one of these for yourself, call your local Hallmark Gold Crown store and see if they still have any in stock. If not, check eBay. While the prices are inflated there, if you wait long enough, I’m sure they’ll go down closer to retail price, which was $17.99.  What do you think of this 2018 exclusive ornament? Share your thoughts in the comment area!

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  1. jsornber replied:

    Thanks so much! I’m a Skipper collector and must have this! I called around and only one store in my area has one. She’s 46 miles away, but she’s worth the drive!

  2. Lorraine replied:

    Oh I so wish you could get these in the UK. I’d love to have a Skipper to go on my Christmas Tree. It would remind me of when I got my first Skipper.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Keep an eye on eBay, maybe someone can ship one your way!

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