Cry Babies by ICM

For review today are Cry Babies by the spain-based toy company Imc Toys. While baby dolls aren’t usually my thing, Cry Babies are the exception. Their big, animated faces with large features definitely caught my eye! (In a weird way, they remind me of Baby Herman from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.) Cry Babies are new to me, but may not be to you, depending on where you live. From what I gathered at Sweet Suite 2018, these have been out in Spain and other countries for a while now and are just hitting the US market July 2018.

Cry Babies

Cry Babies are interactive baby dolls that coo and cry. And boy do they cry when you take the pacifier out of their mouth! The tears that come out of their enormous eyes are not little tiny dainty drops– they’re large and heavy! This is definitely a toy that delivers when it comes to water play with baby dolls! I personally think the crying gimmick works really well in Cry Babies, partly because the large droplets of water make sense for their large cartoon-ish eyes. As well as crying, the babies will also make happy baby sounds. (See Cry Babies in action in the video below!)

Cry Babies, in the US Market, are dressed in three different looks, all themed around animals. You will find a bunny(Coney), bear (Lea) and mouse (Lala), all dressed in an adorable one piece hooded outfit that soaks up the water that spills from the dolls eyes well. The outfits are super cute! I especially love the teal mouse’s look! It’s adorable!

Cry Babies

Cry Babies

While Cry Babies are big, they aren’t terribly heavy and should be easy for kids to take around. Just be careful where you play with your Cry Babies, because when they cry, they CRY! What do you think of Cry Babies? Share your thoughts in the comment area!


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  1. Bridget Ripberger replied:

    Super cute

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