Hairdorables by Just Play

At Sweet Suite 2018, Just Play debuted their new line Hairdorables. Available for pre-orders now and in store starting August 1st, Hairdorables are mystery dolls with the tag line ‘big hair, don’t care!’ There are 12 characters in the line and 36 fun, unique dolls to collect. As with any other blind bag sort of toy, you don’t know what doll you’ve gotten until you open a number of different compartments inside the box.


Packaging-wise, I like the design of the box. It turns into a cute back drop/carrier for your Hairdorables to use after you’ve freed your doll from the box. Each doll comes with 11 mystery accessories, including stickers, hair accessories, shoes and more. There are two rare and one ultra rare dolls to find in series 1. My mom and I had a lot of fun opening our Hairdorables that was sent for review from Just Play! See the box opening below!

As the video shows, our Hairdorables turned out to be Super Neila, one of two rare dolls! Super Neila has funky aqua skin, which looks super cute! Her hair is in a high ponytail. Her accessories included a tiara and sunglasses. Another interesting thing to point out is that her hands are shaped in a way that makes it look like she’s making a heart with her fingers.

Hairdorables by Just Play

Super Neila has a well designed face with a big smile, even bigger eyes and cute round ears.

Hairdorables by Just Play

As far as articulation is concerned, the dolls arms do your standard up and down movement. Her legs, however, have a little more articulation with hip joints that allow you to widen her stance.

Hairdorables by Just Play

To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what all the hype was about Hairdorables at Sweet Suite. I thought they were cute and all, but wasn’t sure why everyone was going gaa-gaa over them. Now, though, I kind of understand! The actual experience of discovering your Hairdorables doll is fun and having handled Super Neila, I think they are pretty cute. In an odd way, they remind me of Moon Dreamers, if you remember that line from back in the day! What do you think of Hairdorables? Let me know in the comment area!

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  1. kenaiqueen replied:

    Well, I liked your video so much, I went to Amazon and pre-ordered 2!

  2. thedollcrafter replied:

    I recently got one (willow wings) and have now crazy over them!

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