Living Dead Dolls Resurrection Maggot

Living Dead Dolls is a line that I have rarely, if ever, talked about here on the  blog. I don’t dislike the line, but for the most part, but the dolls don’t appeal to me. There are, however, on occasion some dolls that do catch my eye. The 2018 Mezco summer exclusive is one of those. Exclusive to the Mezco website and New York Comic Con 2018, Resurrection Maggot is 10” tall and features 5 points of articulation.

Her description is as follows, ““Blistering boils and oozing pus, her cankerous soul now damned.” Maggot has escaped quarantine! The diseased damsel comes complete with a bloodied eye-patch, a glass-like eye that’s always watching, and a frilled dress with button detailing.” Even with a gory, bloody eye and sores, this doll has quite the face! I love her glass eye– so very anime! I also am a fan of her black curly pigtails! Resurrection Maggot retails for $60.00.

She has a strange sweetness about her that I love! What do you think of Resurrection Maggot?  Do you collect Living Dead Dolls? Who’s your favorite doll in the series? Let us know in the comment area!


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  1. Debbie Miller replied:

    Every doll collection should consider at least one Living Dead Doll. I have Jinx, she has the orange cat eyes that totally capture yr attention. Ms Maggot ain’t so bad herself.

  2. Blackkitty replied:

    She’s cute! Probably the prettiest I’ve seen, and the least babyish. If only LDD were adults, I’d be all over them!

  3. RagingMoon1987 replied:

    I have five Living Dead Dolls in my little dolly family and I love them. Maggot here is adorable!

  4. Momma Cat replied:

    She is sort of weirdly cute! I also love her eye. I don’t and probably won’t collect these dolls, but they’re fun to hear about.

  5. Beatrix replied:

    I agree. She has something oddly beautiful, even alluring about her, but I don’t think I would add a doll like this to my collection. I actually really like a bjd by Doll Zone called Benjamin–he has a hammer arm that reminds me of a toy soldier/Pinocchio/Scarecrow, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to get him. Don’t laugh but the faceup they gave him really has an evil look and I almost superstitiously wouldn’t want to do that to all my sweet beautiful dollies. Who knows what they are up to when we fall asleep, and all, right? (Smile). Maybe he’d be less intimidating if I painted him differently. I do have two Tonner Maudlynne Macabres one of which I plan to make into her ghostly friend (like Tonner had shown at a toy show some years back but I think never released) but thankfully she’s not too intimidating. I also have an Evangeline Ghastly but she’s more depressed than deadly so I guess my other dolls are safe. I’m not surprised you got the Living Dead doll though. She definitely has something special about her.

    • Beatrix replied:

      Oh another one is the Twilight Zone Talking Tina, but I never did decide to buy her.

  6. DeeDee replied:

    I’d don’t always love the adult themes or looks on a doll sculpt that is clearly a little girl. But I have one that is a ghost girl with white eyes in a nightgown (I think). She’s sweet and creepy. I keep her in my Halloween decor box and display her at Halloween. So she is ready to come out to haunt very soon!

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