Savannah and Jamie from Maru and Friends

Meet Savannah from Maru and Friends! Savannah is 20″ tall and has a body made completely of vinyl. Her beautiful sculpt was done by doll designer Dianna Effner for this Florida based doll company. I’ve talked about Maru and Friends before here on the blog, reviewing both Maru and Tanya. Today, we’re going to talk about the 20″ Savannah and 13″ Mini Pal Jamie.

Savannah has the most gorgeous face in the Maru and Friends line! Her pale skin paired with the beautiful coppery hair and delicately painted features make Savannah one of my favorites in the series. She has inset blue eyes that sparkle and quality lashes.

Her freckles are adorable and her face shape is perfect! Savannah really does stand out on a doll shelf, even among other dolls in the series.

Savannah wears a cute tan outfit with colorful collars and sleeves. The outfit utilizes velcro, which is a bummer, but it looks great on her. It also allows her joints to move well. I love, love, love her boots! They look great!

As far as articulation is concerned, these dolls do have their limitations. A huge perk of their body is that, because they’re totally vinyl, they stand well. They have good movement in their necks, shoulders and hips. They do not have elbow or knee joints. That being said, the lack of some articulation is fine with me, as these dolls have so much quality in them that I can forgive the exclusion of elbows and knees.

Compared to Savannah, Mini Pal Jamie seems very small. That being said, she’s still 13″, so Jamie is big in her own right! Made of the same quality vinyl as the big dolls and sculpted again by Dianna Effner, the mini dolls are fantastic options for doll collectors who may not have space for a doll as large as Savannah or the other Maru and Friends dolls. Unlike the 20″ line, besides the girls, you can also pick up some male dolls, as well!

Jamie has the same articulation as a 20″ doll. Her skin is paler than Savannah’s– almost too pale for my taste. It’s definitely the most porcelain looking doll in the line, skin tone-wise. Jamie has beautiful tiger eye colored inset eyes and blonde hair that is done up with cute curls in the front. She wears a blue dress that is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland.

While I like the idea of the Mini Pals, I think I prefer the 20″ dolls. But, these mini dolls are great for those who don’t have the space for the large dolls (not that I have the space, at the moment) or prefer smaller sized dolls.  Either way, I think Maru and Friends are very well made dolls. I love them! What do you think of Savannah and Jamie? What size do your prefer? Let us know in the comment area!

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  1. Beatrix replied:

    Yes, these are gorgeous dolls.Dianna Effner being the artist behind the sculpt it couldn’t be otherwise. Last I heard her little darlings line was backlogged with orders by 2 years so she stopped taking requests. My sister has all four of the larger Maru and Friends dolls–all Christmas gifts I gave her over the years together with our elder sister. So difficult to pick a favorite, even though I have always been partial to red haired dolls. If I had to pick, Savannah would probably be first with Maru a very close second. I agree with you that Savannah stands out from the crowd. I have never seen one of the minis in person so I really appreciate your post. I don’t think they should call these dolls minis though because at 13 inches they aren’t mini- sized at all. It gives the wrong impression. After all they are only $25 less than the larger ones. I have dolls of all sizes and have some 14 inch compos. They have charm in their own right–but I guess I find charm in all my dolls, regardless of height. 🙂

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I agree that Mini is the wrong term for them. They’re mini compared to the 20″ dolls, but not compared to most others!

  2. MIRIAM ELASRI replied:

    They are both absolutely stunning! I cant imagine a single person that wouldn’t love to have this beautiful doll.

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