Re-Roots: Giggles and Pebbles

I have not spent as much time re-rooting this year as I should have. For me, I think it’s because I enjoy doing big dolls more than Barbie’s and those can be hard to come by sometimes! This week, my mom and I finished two re-root projects that I wanted to share with you all!

At the last doll show we attended, my mom brought home a Giggles doll (Ideal) that was in need of new hair. She requested a cool nylon blue fantasy color called After Midnight, which I ordered from Dollyhair. Dollyhair considers this to be ‘a gorgeous dark navy blue’. It’s a good description. I like this color, because while it is a bright blue in most light, it has a strange black tone to it at certain angles. Giggles took two hanks of Dollyhair’s Barbie Long hanks. It may take an extra hank if you tend to have a lot of waste when re-rooting. (It took me a while to figure out how to not overload my re-rooting tools needle!)

My mom had her own project on her hands– rerooting a Pebbles doll (Ideal) that had a lot of missing hair plugs. We didn’t get a perfect color match for Pebbles, unfortunately, with the nylon Carrot Cake hair we ordered. Carrot Cake is an interesting color described as ‘more muted than pumpkin spice, but it is still an auburn color. It is more red than amaretto’. I see a lot of light pink hues in Carrot Cake, to be honest. Pebbles also took 2 hanks of Barbie Long hair. We styled her hair differently than the original doll, because it seemed complicated to try to recreate her unique style. I think Pebbles turned up super cute!

Watch the video reveals below!

What do you think of our most recent projects? Let us know in the comment area!

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