Christmas Tree Decorations- Dolls Galore!

It’s that time of the year again– the Christmas tree is up and decorated! Over the many Christmases I’ve been on this earth, I’ve gathered quite the collection of doll and toy themed ornaments. Here’s a few of the ones you’ll spot on the tree this year, including the 2018 Skipper doll limited release ornament from Hallmark.

Let’s talk about this limited release for a moment. Hallmark did a wonderful job on their 2018 Skipper Doll ornament, which was first made available at the 2018 Keepsake Ornament Premiere event held at Gold Crown stores. I adore it. They captured the innocence of the original 1964 Skipper doll so well. The ornament itself comes with the a (plastic) blonde reproduction Skipper doll and reproduction box. You can hang them together, with Skipper in her box as seen below, or separately. At 1.46″ (width) x 4.68″ (height), Skipper will not  be going back into the Christmas ornament box once the holiday season ends, but instead will be placed in my case, just in case I need a doll sized Skipper for a photo or two! Now, if only Hallmark had released her in brunette and titian, as well!

Many of my ornaments continue the doll theme. Did you know that Hallmark has been making Madame Alexander ornaments since 1996? I don’t have all of them, but over the years I have received or picked up quite a few!

There’s a certain charm to the Madame Alexander ornaments, don’t you think? Here’s just a few more ornaments that I put on the tree this year! If it wasn’t apparent that I was a product of the 80’s (who ‘grew up’ in the 90’s), well, it is now!

Do you have doll themed ornaments on your Christmas tree? Do you have a favorite ornament (doll or otherwise)? Share it in the comment area!

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Truly Outrageous Funko Pops!

If you didn’t guess from the title of this post, Funko has added two truly outrageous characters to their popular Funko Pop! line– Jem and Pizzazz from the classic 80’s cartoon and iconic Hasbro doll line Jem and the Holograms.

They are available now wherever Funko Pop’s are sold. You can also purchase a Jem Funko Pop signed by Samantha Newark, the speaking voice of Jem, via her website. These may make great stocking stuffers for the Jem and the Holograms fan in your life! What do you think of these new Funko Pops? Who’d you like to see produced next in Pop form from the Jem series? Let us know in the comment area!

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The Chicago Toy and Game Fair 2018 (ChiTAG)

Recently, my mom and I attended the Chicago Toy and Game Fair. Celebrating toys and games of all shapes and sizes, the game fair is unique among other toy shows. It is aimed at families and inventors, as opposed to industry buyers. Held at Navy Pier, ChiTAG has been going strong for over 10 years. It’s not a great place to see what’s new in the doll world, but it is a fun event to attend if you’re in the Chicagoland area, especially if you have young kids.

Welcome to the Chicago Toy and Game Fair at Navy Pier!

The best thing about ChiTAG this year for us was that our friend Frances brought her A Girl for All Time dolls to the show. As far as industry friends go, Frances is the best! Plus, it’s always fun seeing A Girl for All Time dolls and their accessories in person! (You can see plenty of reviews on this doll line on my YouTube channel or here on the blog!) Live video from their booth found here.

There was only one other doll company at the show and that was Instant Glam Dolls. Instant Glam Dolls is a line of styling heads with a unique twist! Instead of just being able to style their hair, Instant Glam Dolls use innovative fastening technology that allow you to switch out hair extensions or change the hair texture and color whenever you’d like. This line was invented by a grandmother who thought it would be a fun thing for her granddaughters. A few years ago, she brought it to market. There are three styling heads available and accessory packs with more hair extensions to expand your play options! You’ll be seeing them on my YouTube channel and here on the blog soon!

Besides these two doll lines, the other things I found cool were mostly game related. Golden Bell Studios brought some of their games. They’re working on two Once Upon a Time games (a card game and a board game) and a heart like the ones used on the show (which I assume is a plushie, but am not sure). They also had the adorable Marshfellows.

I-Top by Goliath was pretty neat, too. It’s a play on an old classic- spinning tops. These spinning tops are decked out with a counting system to tell you how many turns your top has spun. It also keeps the ‘high score’ so you know what you need to beat for a new personal best or to play alongside your friends!

Here’s a few more photos from the show!

ChiTAG, while it isn’t attended by many large toy companies and usually has very few dolls on display, is a fun event for those in the area. Visit the website to learn more about The Chicago Toy and Game Fair. Share your comments about the toys in this post below. Do you have a show like the Chicago Toy and Game Fair in your area? Share it in the comment area!

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Disney Animators’ Collection Origins Series

New from The Disney Store is the Disney Animators’ Collection Origins Series! This line reimagines our favorite Disney characters as infants. Currently, there are three dolls available: Mowgli, Belle and Aurora. These vinyl dolls are 12 inches long with rooted hair. Their features are inspired by the characters unique personalities, quirks and expressions.

Mowgli is my favorite of the three released so far. He’s adorable!

Belle is not my favorite. Her hair seems like a huge mess, though it’s hard to really judge without seeing the back of the hairdo.

Aurora is adorable, cuter than her Disney Animators’ Collection counterpart, in my opinion!

What do you think of the new Origins series? Which of the three is your favorite? What characters would you like to see added to it? Let us know in the comment area!

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