Disney Animators’ Collection Origins Series

New from The Disney Store is the Disney Animators’ Collection Origins Series! This line reimagines our favorite Disney characters as infants. Currently, there are three dolls available: Mowgli, Belle and Aurora. These vinyl dolls are 12 inches long with rooted hair. Their features are inspired by the characters unique personalities, quirks and expressions.

Mowgli is my favorite of the three released so far. He’s adorable!

Belle is not my favorite. Her hair seems like a huge mess, though it’s hard to really judge without seeing the back of the hairdo.

Aurora is adorable, cuter than her Disney Animators’ Collection counterpart, in my opinion!

What do you think of the new Origins series? Which of the three is your favorite? What characters would you like to see added to it? Let us know in the comment area!


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  1. Jean Miller replied:

    Rapunzel and Pocahontas would be nice to see in the future. If i had to choose out of the three it would be Aurora, I agree with you on the cuteness. This seems like a line of dolls where collecting each one wont be necessary.

    • DoveCG replied:

      Definitely. 😛 🙂

  2. DoveCG replied:

    I agree with your overall sentiments, especially about Belle’s hair, but none of them really tempt me. To be fair, I’m not sure which character would, I don’t feel like the characters lend themselves to being babies unless we’ve already sort of seen that in the movie (and even Aurora’s cute hair seems a bit much for a baby.) Making them kids is logical and adds an interesting thought experiment if we don’t know what they were like as children but babies are too young to have much of a personality. Even ignoring Belle’s weird hairdo, we sort of got to see Aurora and Mowgli as babies so it kind of makes sense (even though I realize none of this is about sense, it’s about expanding an already well-received toy-line and tapping into the untouched market of people who prefer baby dolls.)

    And after seeing how cute Mowgli is, Tarzan should be great too, although having him as a kid would be good enough. I’m kind of surprised there isn’t a Mowgli yet, he was already a kid in the Jungle Book movie, but I hadn’t thought about that until seeing the baby version. Then again his clothes seem more fitting for that age level, even though I think it’s basically just underwear on the original. 🙂

  3. Momma Cat replied:

    I think these dolls would be cute for little children. I don’t think I’d want to collect them, though. I would buy a Stitch doll though! Stitch is my favorite Disney Character!

    • DoveCG replied:

      I’d buy a Stich too! He’s also one of my favorites. XD

      I think I’d prefer a regular Animator’s Collection version, but the baby doll form would be a good intermediary: keep me from having to choose between him being a “puppy” and him standing up with nothing to hide. He’d be super cute either way. (Btw, I was tempted by Animator’s Collection Lilo until I realized she had the normal ankles… I hope someday they make a new version of her with Moana’s pudgy body. It’s a little detail but it makes a huge difference for her!)

  4. Line Line replied:

    These are cute and very childlike.

  5. DoveCG replied:

    I was just thinking about this too. I wish Belle had a blue dress. Giving her the yellow one is cute and she could wear any color as a baby but it’d harken back to her normal outfit which seems more fitting to me.

    And another sudden thought, I hope they do a version of Mulan with a really nice short hair-cut and a neutral-colored romper (or maybe red and white, that looked really good on the casual mini-doll.) I think that would be perfect! 🙂

  6. kenaiqueen replied:

    I have several of the Animators so I really don’t want to start a new collection. Plus not that big on baby dolls. However, Aurora is MY princess, so maybe.

  7. colin kingsland replied:

    i would love to see baby versions of

    hiro and tadashi
    honey lemon
    kenai, denahi and sitka in a gift set
    kristoff and anna and elsa and hans
    aladdin and jasmine
    wilbur and lewis

    that would be cool

  8. SABRINA ALCOCER replied:

    I would love to see Jasmine and Mulan in the infant collection or even Rapunzel.

  9. Anonymous replied:

    Would love to see Rapunzel before Christmas of 2019.

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