Review: Instant Glam Styling Head Dolls

As mentioned in the most recent ChiTAG report, at the show, I met the creator of a new and innovative styling head doll called Instant Glam. With three styling heads available in different skin tones and looks, there’s bound to be an Instant Glam doll for you or for the children in your life. Usually styling heads are pretty simple. Hair is permanently attached, whether it’s rooted or wigged, allowing you to style the hair.

Instant Glam takes that concept one step further by allowing you to change the color and texture of the hair whenever you’d like through the use of an innovative fastening technology. The styling heads essentially have velcro strips lining the head. The strips are secured well to the dolls head and don’t come off as you apply and remove hair to them.

They come with hair that’s cut in short strips of varying lengths that you can fasten to the velcro. After adding a few strips of hair, mixing and matching however you’d like to, you’ve got your very own 100% unique look.

I like the concept of this styling head and see imaginative kids and collectors of styling heads finding Instant Glam dolls fun! The variety of hair colors and textures is nice, as well. Now, I know what some of you are going to say– and I agree– one of the faces looks very similar to another doll brand. We asked about this. While there is a striking resemblance between a certain popular doll line and Instant Glam’s Fashionista styling head, it’s just a coincidence.

Watch the video review below!

You can purchase an Instant Glam Doll for yourself online. I would recommend picking up some extra hair packets, because the basic doll comes with limited styling options. What do you think of Instant Glam Dolls? Let us know in the comment area!

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One Comment

  1. Елисабеч Влуе replied:

    No negativity intended but the resemblance to Bratz dolls cannot be a coincidence, it looks identical to the point that I thought they must have partnered with MGA to make an Instant Glam Bratz head at first. The other heads look a bit Barbie-ish, but it’s not as glaringly obvious as the Bratz comparison. They may have a copyright/legal issue on their hands and I hate to see that happen to small businesses.

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