Skipper Paper Dolls (Whitman, 1976)

Today, I wanted to show you one of my favorite Skipper paper doll sets. Made by Whitman in 1976, this set features an adorable Skipper doll designed to wear some stylish fashions.

I love how innocent Skipper looks in this box art. It reminds me of what Quick Curl Skipper would look like drawn. The paper doll packaged with this set, however, reminds me more of a Living Skipper. The freckles on her face are probably my favorite thing about this design. Below are some of the fashions Skipper comes with. (My set is missing a tutu outfit.)


Super casual, but super cute! Mattel, can you make Skipper’s orange shirt in my size?




I love this red baby doll outfit!



The orange alphabet outfit is another favorite of mine!



Such a fun bathing suit and cover!



The coat and skirt above is totally something I’d try on!

Which is your favorite fashion? Let us know in the comment area!

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Kane County Doll Show Haul/Loot

Earlier this month, we went to our second doll show of the year– the Kane County Doll Show at the Kane County Fairgrounds in St. Charles, Illinois. Many of the show exhibitors also attend the Naperville Doll Show (see our haul/loot from January here). This show had around 70 vendors, all in one room! Admission was $6.50 for anyone over 12 years old. Kids younger than 12 were free.

This is an interesting show, because the themes you see change show to show! This weekend, the big theme was bisque. There were so many vendors with beautiful bisque dolls for sale. There were a few modern doll vendors, but not enough to impress a collector who only collects newer dolls.  However, if you were in the market for antique bisque and composition dolls, the Kane County Doll Show was the place to be! They had more Barbie vendors than normal, in my opinion, but the Barbies they had were a bit pricey. The budget Barbie vendors skipped out on this show, it seems!

While both my mom and I both left with some fantastic buys, we also both felt like very few things were calling to us! For a good while there, I wasn’t even sure we’d have a haul/loot post or video! But, after two laps around the room, we eventually found a few things that we felt would be great in our collections!

Now, let’s get to our Kane County Doll Show Haul! For me, my first purchase was a beautiful R&B (Arrenbee) Cinderella. Technically, she’s not really an R&B Cinderella. She’s a 14 inch R&B Nancy Ann dressed in a Madame Alexander Cinderella dress with a replacement crown. The seller sold it to me under the guise that it was a Madame Alexander Cinderella, but the price was too good to pass up. Plus, at this point, I should have realized it was R&B when I saw it. Cinderella has an adorable Nancy Ann face. I love how round and innocent the Nancy Ann face is! She looks more innocent than the Madame Alexander Cinderella. Her hair is also in great shape and styled beautifully. Even though I thought she was one thing and she turned out to be another, I am very happy with this purchase.

At local doll shop Gigi’s booth, I ended up finding my final purchases of the day. When we first began exploring the hall, I noticed that Gigi had some adorable Fairyland BJD’s on display. Being a little pricey, I took the ‘wait and see’ approach and made a note to go back after we had walked the show floor. So, we reach the end of our second loop and head back to Gigi’s, where I suddenly notice two Kurhn dolls that had not been on display when I looked at the booth before. I immediately snatched up an adorable Kurhn in a cream dress with a blue sweater top. This particular Kurhn doll has been on my watch list on eBay for years now. Even at a slightly inflated price tag, she was sold. Her styling is amazing and I love this version of the Kurhn face. The second Kurhn on display was taken from the table less than a minute after I claimed my Kurhn doll. I don’t even remember which it was, to be honest, because the other buyer swooped in that quickly!

Staying at Gigi’s booth, I decided to look at the other Fairyland BJD’s she had in a box under her booth. Gigi’s had about 7 or 8 dolls for sale from the BJD maker. I ended up falling in love with a PukiFee Ante. Ante has the most adorable face with round eyes, a cute innocent look and freckles above her nose. And let’s not forget the adorable fairy ears. They are too cute for words!

Ante is about 15cm, bigger than a PukiPuki (11cm) and smaller than a LittleFee (25cm). A few things here– I’m surprised at how sturdy this doll feels for being so small! The Fairyland BJD PukiFee’s articulation is great. The joints move so fluidly! I also love that there are apparently magnets in the torso so you can buy wings for these little cuties. How cool is that? I understand now why people love their tiny BJD’s so much! I wish I could pick up more from Gigi’s, but unless I win the lottery, those will have to join other dolly families!

My mom walked away with some great buys, too! At the last doll show, she bought a very pretty bisque doll. That doll needed a new outfit and wig, so at this show, my mom went to work to find those two things! Her German bisque doll now looks much fresher than before.

Her last purchase of the day was a Wanda the Walking Doll. This hard plastic doll from the 50’s is super cool. You wind up the key in Wanda’s torso, turn her on and, boom, she starts walking! For being over 70 years old, this doll is in wonderful shape. You can watch her walk in the haul/loot video– fast forward to 11 minutes in.

So there you have it! Another doll show in the books! What do you think of the haul/loot we picked up at the Kane County Doll Show? Have you picked up any new additions to your collection at a show recently? Let us know in the comments!

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Barbie Meets BAPE

BAPE, short for A Bathing Ape, is a Japanese clothing company that specializes in Japanese street wear. Around since 1993, BAPE makes men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, along with accessories and lifestyle items. They’re an exclusive brand, from what I can tell. (So exclusive I had no idea they existed until yesterday!) Why am I writing about them today? Because they just announced a fun and exclusive collaboration with Mattel’s Barbie brand. Launched yesterday online and in BAPE stores, “Combining Barbie’s signature pink with BAPE’s infamous original designs, the BAPE x Barbie collection pays homage to the iconic insignia that extends to an apparel and accessory collection for women and children.”

Besides creating a line of people sized clothing, BAPE is also dressing Barbie in some of their iconic fashions. Each fashion is paired with a Made To Move Barbie and comes in an exclusive Barbie tote. From the BAPE site, “A limited edition BAPE x Barbie tote, available exclusively from BAPE stores in Japan, will be accompanied by one of three Barbie dolls with BAPE x Barbie fashion packs combine the beloved styles of both brands, where dolls can be dressed head to toe in iconic BAPE items, including the Shark Hoodie, the APE Head Tee, and the BAPE STA™, to create a unique look. Barbie™creates unique styles with shark hoodie, BAPE HEAD T-shirts, BAPE STA ™and other BAPE iconic items.”

I love the fashions, just not the fact that they’re paired with such basic Made To Move dolls.

As for people sized clothing, “BAPE x Barbie blends BAPEs’ signature camo with Barbie’s classic ponytail silhouette for a unique tribute to the brands’ globally recognized logos. Barbie-inspired pop colors and iconic logos are mixed with BAPE aesthetics for the 17-item collection for women and kids, including jackets, sweatshirts, pants, jewelry and more.” See more on BAPE’s website.

What do you think of this collab between Mattel’s Barbie and clothing brand BAPE? Let us know in the comment area.

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A Closer Look at Mattel’s BTS Dolls

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting excited about the release of Mattel’s BTS line. While I don’t follow the band, the prototype dolls are looking pretty cool! This seven member boy band from South Korea is all the rage in their home country and beyond. Members RM, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jung Kook, SUGA and V were brought to life by Mattel in the form of 11 inch dolls with rooted hair and 11 points of articulation. This first wave features the band members wearing suits inspired by the iconic fashion from their “Idol” music video (embedded below).

From left to right, we have V, SUGA, Jin, Jung Kook, RM, Jimin and J-Hope. I think my favorite is RM. SUGA, Jimin and J-Hope are tempting, too. RM’s doll has a cute face. I love his dimple! His doll reminds me of some of my favorite k-drama leads.  Regarding the face molds, I like how they all have a bit of uniqueness to them in the way the chins, eyes and mouths are done. I also love that Mattel went with rooted hair for these guys. Now, let’s just keep our fingers crossed the hairstyles look like they do below on the dolls shipped to stores!

If Mattel continues on releasing dolls based on Korean bands and actors, here’s a few I’d love to see: So Ji Sub (though he’d have to be on a manlier body), Rain, Lee Jong-Suk and Kong Hyo-Jin (my favorite k-drama actress). I love it when Mattel does dolls on international properties, because it always introduces me to something new. Plus, it adds much needed variety to the doll shelves.

Will you be picking the BTS dolls up when they’re released this summer? What celebrity dolls would you like to see Mattel do next? Let us know in the comment area!

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