Malibu Skipper Paper Dolls (Whitman 1973)

Here’s a peek inside another one of Skipper’s paper doll releases. This time, I’m showing you the uncut Malibu Skipper Paper doll made by Whitman in 1973. It features some pretty cool mod fashions!

Below is Skipper. Isn’t she cute? I love the graphics Whitman chose for the paper dolls. The expression on this paper doll is very pretty.


I would 100% try on all the fashions on the page below. The fringe vest, orange sweater, yellow bell bottoms and blue dress are so fun looking!

My favorite thing on this page has got to be the nurse’s outfit. The cape is adorable. The orange and blue dress is kind of fun, too. The orange and green pant suit, however, isn’t my taste so much!



What’s your favorite fashion from this set? Let us know in the comment area!

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One Comment

  1. crazydolllady333 replied:

    Wow! She looks great and those fashions are definitely indicative of the time. I’m loving the embroidered waistcoat and flowery trousers! Though I’d actually wear all of the clothes pictured 🙂 thanks for sharing!

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