Adora 20″ Toddler Time Woof

I have admired the high-end Adora dolls ever since I saw them at New York Toy Fair many years ago. Recently, I received my first one! This Toddler Time Doll is under the name Woof. There’s a boy doll with this theme, as well. She’s brunette with blue eyes and peach skin. Woof, as I’ll call her in this review, is made of “Cuddle Me Vinyl”. Her vinyl limbs are soft and kind of squishy to the touch. They smell lightly of baby powder. Adora describes their new vinyl as “soft, silky, gentle and feels more like a real baby, making these toddlers perfect for play!” I wholeheartedly agree! It has a really nice texture to it. Woof’s torso is stuffed, but weighted. Woof doesn’t sit very well for me, but maybe that’s something I’ll have to work in a bit.

Woof is 20″ tall, which makes for a nice size for a realistic baby doll like this one. She comes dressed in a removable onesie and a diaper. Her outfit is very well made and looks adorable. It’s baby pink with a black and white dog motif on the onesie and bib. Woof is wigged. I didn’t actually take her hat off, but it seems like Adora used a quality wig for her.

What I really love about Woof is her face! Adora is wonderful at capturing honest expressions on their baby dolls and Woof is no exception. Her face is so pretty with her hand painted face paint, hand set eyes/lashes and nicely crafted features. I think it’s one of the best baby doll faces out there. Her hands and feet are also molded really, really well.

Price-wise, I was never sure if Adora was worth it– until now. I can totally see why these dolls are as expensive as they are. You can feel the care Adora puts into their baby dolls. The quality is exactly what I’d expect for their price point. I would definitely recommend adding one of these cuties to your collection.

Here are some Adora dolls I also love:

Toddler Time Jolie– Look at that smile!

Toddler Time Snow White– A must have for any Disney collector.

Toddler Time Work Out Chic– Her smile is contagious!

Do you collect Adora dolls? Do you have a favorite? What do you think of Woof? Let us know in the comments!

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