A Look Back at Barbie in 1990

Most of my favorite Barbie dolls were released in the 1990’s. I miss the ‘pink box’ days, when Barbies had cuter faces, more variety in releases and higher quality outfits. That’s why I wanted to share the videos below with you. They feature behind the scenes footage from the amazingly large Barbie Showroom at 1990’s New York Toy Fair. Why didn’t Barbie get this much spotlight when I went to Toy Fair a few years ago? It would have been a treat to see!

In the footage, you’ll see Generation Girls, Beyond Pink and other fun Barbie releases. Another fun thing to look at in the video are the fashions worn by the models/PR team. They are inspired by Barbie’s looks! Also, listen for some very 90’s lingo. So many things in this video are described as ‘hot’- so 90’s! It’s pretty hilarious to see how dated this video is.

What do you think of the offerings in the Barbie Showroom during Toy Fair so many years ago? Did you enjoy this blast from the past? Let us know in the comment area!

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  1. Taswegian1957 replied:

    It was fun to see the videos and I’m probably showing my age to say that I didn’t find them dated language wise at all. I still have trouble thinking of the nineties as being a long time ago.
    It was great to see the Generation Girls (I still have several of mine boxed). Also Hollywood Nails Barbie and some of the others. This was about the time I started to collect so I bought quite a lot of these.

    • Annett replied:

      Yes. It was mostly the CD-ROM thing that was dated.

  2. Annett Nyrud Vikstrand replied:

    Love the dolls in these videos. The technology was fun, for 1999. CD-ROM 😂 Mattel should reuse some of these ideas with the current dolls of Barbie’s friends and family. A new working gymnast Barbie should be able to change to normal hands/arms, though.
    And those cars – Lovely! Cool!

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