Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Another year almost gone! This month may have been light on posts, but never fear, I’ll be back up and running in January! I always plan to do some big December event, like 12 Days of Dolls or something, but with the craziness of the month, which also includes my birthday, it never happens. Maybe next year! See you all in 2017!

Merry Christmas

From everyone here at Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (And in case you don’t know, I’m now on Instagram! You can find me at @Kewpie83.)

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A Girl For All Time Kickstarter UPDATE

I don’t usually post about crowd funding campaigns, but since I am a huge fan of A Girl for All Time, I want them to succeed with their Kickstarter!

Credit: A Girl for All Time

Credit: A Girl for All Time

A Girl for All Time’s Your Modern Girl project is nearly 60% funded, but time is running out to make Your Modern Girl’s Maya and Nisha a reality. If you haven’t made up your mind, you have three days left to help A Girl for All Time reach their goal of raising just over 28,000 US dollars.  To sweeten the deal, the company has added another great reward to the mix– Matilda at the record low price of (roughly) 60 US dollars (40 GBP).

Matilda, Your Tudor Girl

Matilda, Your Tudor Girl

If you’ve been looking for a Matilda, it is worthwhile to give a little– if the Kickstarter succeeds, you’ll be getting her at an amazing price. (Keep in mind that if the company doesn’t reach their goal, you will not be charged and get her at this price. Not to mention, it will take longer for the Your Modern Girl series to see the light of day! I may have to bump my pledge up to include Matilda. She’s been on my wish list for a while.) The Kickstarter ends Saturday, Apr 16 2016, 3:20 AM CDT, so if you are planning on helping them reach their goal, now is the time!

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World Doll Day- Word Art

I had an idea for World Doll Day, but it requires YOUR help! I was thinking of making a word art graphic that we could use on a t-shirt or other cool item for World Doll Day. There’s an example below that was created with my blog’s tags to show you what I mean.



What I want to know from you is this: If you had to describe doll collecting and what it means to you in ONE or TWO words, what word(s) would you choose? I want to use those words and see if we can make a cool graphic from them! Mixed in with your words, I want to put names of popular doll lines, like Monster High, Ever After High, Tonner, that sort of thing. Full disclosure, this may not work. It’s really all up to you guys to help me gather enough words to make a neat graphic.

If you’d like to submit a word or two for this little experiment, you can leave it here in the comment area, tweet me a reply @KewpieDoll83 or respond to my facebook post on the subject. Thank you!

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Heads Up- Sales at My Twinn

UPDATE 10/2016: While the company seemed to think they would have a comeback, those plans don’t look like they ever came to be. The company site is no longer active. Looks like, as expected, this was really the end of My Twinn.

Just a quick heads up to readers who might be on the look out for cheap 18″ to 23″ doll accessories– My Twinn is having a massive close out sale.  Now, at the moment, they’re not calling it a ‘closing forever’ sale, but it’s hard to not think that when you see the massively cut prices.  For those who don’t keep up with the line, they announced a while back that the 23″ custom My Twinn dolls were being discontinued. As of this posting, they aren’t offering any custom dolls, not even in the 18″ scale.

My Twinn

My Twinn

Now, I wouldn’t recommend ordering dolls from them.  I don’t think they’ve made quality dolls for a few years now.  However, if you’re looking for accessories, you’ll want to visit My Twinn ASAP. The furniture is nearly gone, but what is left is amazingly priced. The glasses are also quite handy to pick up! Happy shopping!

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Hi all!

I just wanted to give you a quick update on a few projects that are going on in the doll world! First off, I have launched (kind of) another website, this one themed around Disney Toys, for If you have a moment, check it out. I’m still writing here, of course, so don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.

Second, A Girl for All Time announced a new line recently, Your Modern Girl. This line “will be wonderfully unique and reflect the world that today’s girls live in – a world more ethnically, socially, and economically diverse than at any other time this century with girls who are strong, confident, and comfortable in their own skin.” They’re going to raise funds for this new line via a Kickstarter. A Girl for All Time is reaching out to fans ages 8-14 to voice their opinion on the Your Modern Girl range via video submission. I don’t know when the deadline for this is, but it was announced mid-October, so get your submissions in as soon as possible. Details on how fans ages 8-14 can share their opinion and have a chance to be featured on the kickstarter’s page can be found here.  (On the same note, check out the rest of Frances blog posts. They’re always fun to read!)

Third, you may have heard that Makies are going through a bit of a transformation at the moment. The bodies are no longer being 3D printed like they were before. The heads, though, are still being 3D printed. The biggest bit of news at the moment is that the boy dolls are being re-worked and will not be available to order from the website starting November 9th. That is a few days from now, so get your orders in now if you have a boy in your Makies account you can’t live without.

Fourth, my PO box is going way. It was a failed experiment, so please delete the PO box from your address books.  (Do people even keep address books anymore?  Am I showing my age?)

That’s about it, I think, for housekeeping at the moment.  Stay tuned for the usual reviews and a special Q and A with Christina from Makielabs. Cheers!

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