Walking the Toy Aisle

Since I missed out on the fun at New York Toy Fair, I thought I’d do a little sight-seeing at our local toy shops. Here are some of the highlights from the toy aisles!

 photo 75bd71d0-e76e-422b-aa8f-adb6ef0c2e89.jpg

When Wicked Cool Toys first mentioned that they were doing a limited release all vinyl 18″ Cabbage Patch Kid, I liked the idea a lot. That’s why seeing her on the clearance shelf makes me kind of sad. However, I can totally understand why she’s there. At $100.00 a pop, these weren’t exactly something a family on a budget could pick up for the holidays. Even now, at $79.99, she’s still too pricey for me to even consider buying.

 photo 20170215_125137.jpg

I love these backdrops! One of my main problems with photographing large dolls is that I have zero backdrops that are tall enough to fit them. This seems like something to keep an eye on!

 photo 20170215_124847.jpg

Club Chelsea is huge. I should have placed a normal Chelsea next to her for scale. She’s about the size of the Disney Princess Toddler dolls, I think. I love this and hope they release more in this large size.

 photo 20170215_124710.jpg

The 25th Anniversary of Totally Hair Barbie (yes, she’s 25 years old now) is nice, but something is off about her. Her head seems too small for her body, in my opinion. I’ll stick with the original.

 photo 20170215_124557.jpg

Having just watched the Barbie Video Game Hero movie, I love the heads on these three dolls. They have a huge problem, though– their bodies! They’re so plastic’y. They definitely need to be put on a new body. I wonder if they match any of the Made to Move Barbies.

 photo 20170215_124522.jpg

Oh, look. I found Spectra. Just kidding. I know this isn’t Spectra, but come on, Ari is practically her clone.

 photo 20170215_124440.jpg

Silvi is a pretty nice looking Monster High, though her coloring reminds me of Ghoulia.

 photo 20170215_124255.jpg

This is a strange Frankie. I like her, but something about her seems off.

 photo 20170215_124245.jpg

This is a nice little two set with Clawdeen and Clawd.

 photo 20170215_124153.jpg

I also like this Mattel product in the Ever After High line. She’s articulated, which is nice, though her elbow is a little weird. I wonder if that’s to give her enough oomph to shoot the arrow?

 photo 20170215_123806.jpg

This new Beauty and the Beast movie is cursed with really great toys and some really poorly made toys. The baby doll is super creepy to me. She’s not pretty.

 photo 20170215_123745.jpg

These toddler dolls, however, are super cute! I love them, even if they look more like Ursala’s human alter ego who tried to marry Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid than Belle.

 photo 20170215_123437.jpg

Lalaloopsy’s seem to be disappearing at an alarming rate. It looks like they’re changing a bit, as you can see in the picture. They’re smaller with real hair. In my opinion, MGA over produced their Lala line. They over saturated their own market.

So, there you have it! That’s what caught my eye while walking the toy aisle. What have you seen recently that caught your eye? Do you see anything in this post that you like or hate? Share your thoughts in the comment area.

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Dolly Review: Monster High Zomby Gaga

Zomby Gaga, made in collaboration with Lady Gaga’s Born This Way foundation and Mattel, is a pretty cool looking Monster High doll. She’s probably one of the last interesting and articulated Monster High’s we’ll see, in my opinion. Since the reboot (and even before the reboot), there haven’t been many thrilling Monster High releases. Some Electrified dolls look promising, but the excitement that I felt when shopping for, say, the original Dawn of the Dance wave, just isn’t there.

 photo IMG_8672.jpg

There’s a good chance that if you collect Monster High, you pre-ordered your Zomby Gaga ages ago and even got her open and out of the box already. My doll arrived a few weeks ago. I give Mattel kudo’s on her packaging. The doll is packaged in a cool triangular box. Her accessories are hidden on the bottom of the box. Zomby Gaga comes with a stand and extra outfit. Her stand is pretty horrible. It’s one of those poorly made stands that just doesn’t want to stay together.

 photo IMG_8666.jpg

The extra outfit, a shirt dress and fishnets, is cute. However, it’s very short. It’s more shirt than dress. A little extra length would have made this extra outfit perfect.

 photo IMG_8676.jpg

While Zomby Gaga is articulated, she has some major body issues. Similar to what others have experienced, my Zomby Gaga’s left elbow doesn’t work. When you try to bend it, the elbow joint pops out of the arm. Her outfit’s tight sleeves also hinder the shoulder joints from moving well. I’m disappointed in the poor construction of her arm joints. Mattel has been making articulated bodies for a while now and for such a huge tie-in release, they should have made sure they were putting the best product in consumers hands.

 photo IMG_8673.jpg

 photo IMG_8652.jpg

The suit she wears in the box is stylish, even though it hinders her movement a bit. I think the collar should have been lowered a bit, as to not hide the small neck detail painted on the doll, but besides that, the look is pretty neat. I love the flair pants. And her shoes? They’re awesome.

 photo IMG_8660.jpg

Zomby Gaga has long hair that is styled in a high ponytail. I like the combination of light pink and grey hair they used. It works really well with her zombie/skeleton like skin tone. Unfortunately, her hair has a tendency to fall out, at least on my doll.

 photo IMG_8683.jpg

What makes this doll super cool is her face design. The details are on par with early Monster High dolls. It has depth and dimension to it, like Monster High faces should. You can tell this doll was designed before the ‘sugary sweet’ reboot was really put into play. Zomby Gaga’s eyes aren’t the cutesy anime kind that the new dolls are getting. There’s something alien about them, again, much like early Monster High dolls.

 photo IMG_8653.jpg

Another nice touch are her hands, which say Lady Gaga (one word on each hand). Small details like that are getting rarer and rarer in the Monster High series. The bubble gum is a nice accessory, too.

 photo IMG_8645.jpg

 photo IMG_8644.jpg

Overall, I’m happy they made Zomby Gaga. It was nice seeing some excitement around the line again. However, they did a huge disservice to the doll by giving her a wonky body and weak hair. But, if you’re a fan of Lady Gaga or the golden age of Monster High, you may want to add one of these to your collection. What do you think of Zomby Gaga? Did your doll come with a bad elbow? Let me know in the comment area!

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Introducing Your Modern Girl Bex (A Girl for All Time)

Last year, A Girl for All Time launched their Your Modern Girl series with a Kickstarter featuring dolls Maya and Nisha. Unlike their historical dolls, who all belong to the same family tree, Your Modern Girls are unique contemporary dolls that come from all walks of life. In this sneak peek reveal, I’d like to introduce you to Bex. With a release date of late 2017, Bex is English with an Afro Caribbean background.

 photo Bex AGFAT.jpg

Bex met her best friend, Maya, while rollerblading and they are both members of their local hockey team. She loves reading and writing poetry (in secret). One day, she hopes to start a band with all of her friends.

AGFAT REVEAL photo Bex AGFAT 2.jpg

Bex has a new unique face mold. It looks like she has round features versus the long features that many of the other A Girl for All Time dolls have. Bex, also, has some pretty awesome hair. I love the curls! Her outfit is my favorite of the three girls in the Your Modern Girl line. Actually, of the three in the line, Bex might be my favorite doll so far.

Bex will be available to order later this year. Until then, keep an eye on A Girl for All Time via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And in the meantime, let me know what you think of Bex! Share your thoughts in the comment area.

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Introducing Cuddle Clones

Facebook seems to be a great place to find new and interesting companies. I discovered (the now discontinued) Makies there, then the recently discussed Dolls from Heaven and now this company– Cuddle Clones. With a vision of “Happy Pets, Happy People” and a mission “to capture the emotional connection between people and their pets”, Cuddle Clones creates one of a kind plush replica’s of your beloved four legged friends. Based on a provided photo and other facts, such as ear/tail position and distinguishing marks, Cuddle Clones can make a huggable, customized plush clone of your favorite pets, whether they’re cats, dogs, horses, guinea pigs, rabbits or other large and small animal creatures. (See examples here! Click ‘View By’ to see all their different kinds of creations– they’ve even made a chicken!) A portion of the cost of your Cuddle Clone is set aside for animal related charities.

 photo SpartacusTT_1.jpeg

If plush clones aren’t your thing, you can also order a customized figurines, slippers and more traditional memorials. (See examples here of Cuddle Clones Custom Figurines.) Being a pet parent myself, I love the story behind this company. The company was started by Jennifer Williams, who was inspired by her love for her Great Dane, Rufus. When he passed, she decided it was time to see if she could make an idea she had a few years prior, of immortalizing Rufus in plush form, into a reality. Shortly after, Cuddle Clones was born.

 photo SailorTT_1.jpeg

From the promo photos, it looks like Cuddle Clones is doing a great job and is definitely making special memories for pet owners. I did something similar with one of my pets, Sammi. Since she was a pure bred Golden Retriever, it was pretty simple for me to get a ‘clone’ of her from MyTwinn (before the company went downhill). Cuddle Clones seems to take that a step further by adding the element of customization.

 photo WinstonPolaroid.png

Besides cloning your four legged friends, they also sell plush creations of your own unique creatures (examples) or lost toys from the past with their Plush Replacement service. See all their products here.

 photo ZumiMikaKaiju.jpeg

If this is up your alley, check out Cuddle Clone‘s website and make sure to like them on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. What do you think of Cuddle Clones? Let us know in the comment area!

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More From Barbee0913

As some of you know, my mother, aka Barbee0913, also does doll and toy reviews. Her most recent video is of Shibajuku Girl Yoko! In the review, she compares Shibajuku Girl Yoko to her MIO Pullip.

 photo IMG_8404.jpg

We recently also collaborated on this video review of Barbie Video Game Hero Match Game Princess!

For those looking for tips on thrifty buying, you may want to consider this video on Shoestring Budget Doll Collecting!

For more videos, check out Barbee0913’s YouTube channel! And if you haven’t already, subscribe to her channel for instant updates (or so YouTube says) on her latest videos.

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