Spotlight: Rolling Rock Dolls

Rolling Rock Dolls is an eBay/Etsy shop run by Celeste, a mom whose passion for designing affordable clothing for her daughter’s dolls turned into a business. All ready to ship, Celeste makes clothing for dolls of various shapes and sizes, though it seems the most popular looks are for 18″ American Girl style dolls and the smaller Wellie Wishers.

Celeste reached out to me a few weeks ago asking if I would be interested in reviewing an outfit from her Etsy shop. Noticing the variety of outfits available and the affordable pricing, I agreed. For review, Celeste sent a strapless dress in royal purple satin. Along with the outfit came a crown and purple boa for added effect. While the outfit for review is very dressy, Rolling Rock Dolls offers outfits of all styles, casual to dressy to princess’y!

rolling rock dolls (etsy clothing seller)

rolling rock dolls (etsy clothing seller)

rolling rock dolls (etsy clothing seller)

While the dress didn’t fit my Pleasant Company Molly, it fit my mom’s Mattel American Girl just fine. I was surprised that the top fit as well as it did, being strapless. The outfit is sewn well and looks very pretty on this American Girl. My dolls usually are in more casual attire, but for an imaginary evening out, this dress looks great!

To give you a little more insight into Rolling Rock Dolls, I asked Celeste a few questions about how she got started.

Question: How long have you been creating outfits for dolls? What got you started?
I have been making doll clothes for about 4.5 years now. I got started when I got my daughter an 18 inch doll from a flea market and found out that their clothes are pricey. I did not know how to sew at that time and I initially just wanted to learn how to sew. This business has been “accidental”, but I am glad I continued on with it. I love when I get feedback that I made little girls/kids happy with their doll clothes.

Question: Do you collect dolls yourself or just make outfits for them?
I collect dolls myself but I did not use to. I was influenced by my own business to keep collecting dolls and still have so many dolls I want to purchase for my collection.

Question: I see you make clothing to fit the Disney Animator dolls, what made you start making outfits for them? I don’t see that very often!
I saw a Disney Animator doll online and I thought they were the cutest. I love the facial expressions and their toddler form.

Question: What makes your Etsy store different from others? 
Checking at other Etsy sellers, my prices are usually way down than the competition. I also offer doll clothes for various types of dolls like American Girl, Baby Doll, Corolle Les Cheries, Wellie Wishers and others. I constantly offer promo codes and I keep updating my inventory. Also, my items are ready to ship, I ship 6 days a week except for Sundays and holidays.

Question: Where can people find your sites?

I encourage you to check out Rolling Rock Dolls online. Maybe you’ll find an outfit that’s perfect for your favorite doll! What’s your favorite outfit from Rolling Rock Dolls? Let me know in the comment area!


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Skipper Highlight Reel: Dressin’ with Mickey, Minnie and Donald Set

At the Chicago Toy Show, I was lucky enough to score the Dressin’ with Mickey, Minnie and Donald special edition gift set. Sold exclusively at Toys R Us around 1991, this set features Barbie, Ken and Skipper decked out in Disney, complete with Mickey ears!

Dressin like Mickey Minnie and Donald

The Skipper in this set has her classic blonde hair done up in curly waves. Unlike most of the Skipper’s released, she has purple eyes. It’s not totally unheard of for Skipper to have purple eyes, but it isn’t common, either.

dressin like mickey minnie and donald

Skipper wears a fun shirt with a graphic of Donald Duck. It’s paired with red shorts and flats. The look is my favorite of the three dolls. It’s totally what we’d wear in the early 90’s. No Disney themed outfit is complete without a plastic Mickey balloon (which attaches to her wrist) and, of course, Mickey ears!

dressin like mickey minnie and donald

Tagging along to enjoy the Disney fun are Barbie and Ken. Both dolls have bright, colorful outfits and classic ‘pink box’ faces.

dressin like mickey minnie and donald

I think the Skipper in this set is super cute and am happy to have scored this great deal at the Chicago Toy Show!

If only it was so easy to find other multi doll sets from the 90’s for decent prices! What do you think of these dolls? Share your thoughts in the comment area!

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Smooshy Mushy: Blind Bags, Bento Boxes and More!

I recently received a surprise box filled with Smooshy Mushy‘s, the next big squishy slow rise toy to hit the market. After opening various Smooshy Mushy’s, I thought I would share them here on the blog, as well, because we can never have too many doll sized pets or ‘food friends’, right? Watch our box opening video below to see all the different kinds of Smooshy Mushy products available.

Smooshy Mushy’s are squishy toys. They feel a lot like a soft stress ball. When you squeeze the animal or food friends (dubbed ‘besties’), they take their time getting back into their shape. In our blind bag heavy toy market, these guys fit right in! They’d also make a pretty sweet stocking stuffer for the holidays!

Smooshy Mushy’s have a scent to them, which I don’t find unpleasant. (I can’t exactly tell what it is, though, either!) Besides coming in cute little themed containers, there are blind bags, too. Blind bags contain a mystery bestie for your collection.

Smooshy Mushy

Smooshy Mushy

Smooshy Mushy

All Smooshy Mushy’s have a ball in chain key chain that fits into a molded hole on their side. We found many of the holes to be not cut properly, so it took a minute to push the ball in chain through. I like the fact that these guys can easily turn into a key chain.

Sqooshy Mushy

Sqooshy Mushy

Sqooshy Mushy

Sqooshy Mushy

Seems like these may make fun dolly friends/pets for you dolls or cute party favors if you host a dolly get together! What do you think of the ‘squishy’ trend and Smooshy Mushy’s? Share your thoughts in the comment area!

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ChiTAG Returns Nov 18th (Ticket Giveaway)!

For the past few years, my mom and I have attended the Chicago Toy and Game Fair at Navy Pier in Chicago, IL. Also known as ChiTAG, the Chicago Toy and Game Fair is a fun weekend of play. Unlike big toy events themed to buyers, this one is themed around consumers. Instead of getting a lot of talk about the toys on display, you get to actually play with them!

This year’s event is taking place November 18-19th and is sponsored by: Mattel, Spin Master, Goliath, Target, Pressman, Hasbro, Play Monster and LEGO, among others. Also cause for celebration is that 2017 marks the 15th year of the fair!

I'm Going to Chicago Toy and Game (ChiTAG) Week this November!

If you’re in the Chicagoland area, we’re pleased to give you a chance to WIN a family pass to the show! A Free Family pass is good for 2 adults + 4 kids (max) for a family of 6. To enter, fill out the form below! (Note: the form may not appear on mobile devices.) I’ll pull the winners on/around Nov. 8th, so you have time to prepare for the weekend!

Like the Chicago Toy and Game Fair on Facebook for photos and video during the event. You can also find them on Instagram and Twitter. Good luck and we hope to see you there!

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Dolly Review: Luvabella, Spin Master’s Interactive Baby Doll

Luvabella is a battery operated, interactive baby doll by Spin Master. She comes in three versions: blonde hair/light skin, brown hair/tan skin, and dark brown hair/AA skin. A boy doll, LuvaBeau, is currently being marketed as a Toys R Us exclusive.


Luvabella takes 4 C batteries. Once installed, turn her on and she comes to life! This robotic baby doll makes lifelike sounds and movement. Her head, arms and facial features (eyes, cheeks and lips) move on their own. The movements are quite realistic looking, in my opinion. There’s a slight motor sound that you hear when she’s turned on, but Luvabella’s cute babbling easily drowns that out.

Luvabella says over 100 words and phrases. When you first take her out of the box, Luvabella babbles, laughs and cries. As you play with her, she learns more unique words and phrases, like “spooky” or “food, please.” Luvabella also loves to play games. If you hold your hands over her round, blinking eyes, she’ll start to mumble and eventually shout “peek-a-boo”! It’s actually quite adorable!

Luvabella has sensors that allow her to know when you’re touching or tickling her. Her laugh is contagious and really does make you smile. You can hear Luvabella’s heartbeat if you hold your hand over her chest.


For Luvabella’s cheeks and mouth to work properly, her face needs to allow for movement. To do this, Spin Master chose to use a rubbery material. This material picks up hair, sparkles and other foreign objects really easily. Our doll very quickly found herself covered in dog and cat hair, for example. To wash her face, they suggest using a damp washcloth. While her vinyl limbs feel as you’d expect, her head is definitely best described as tacky or rubbery. But, I’ll take that, because the movements Luvabella makes are so cool and really well done. See her in action in the video below.

Luvabella comes with a bottle, pacifier, spoon and sheep toy. If you put the sheep toy to Luvabella’s mouth, she’ll interact with it. If she’s getting fussy, she’ll take a bottle or some food from her spoon (pretend food, of course). When she’s ready for a nap, just lay her down or begin to rock her and she’ll start to fall asleep. If Luvabella has trouble falling asleep, give her the provided pacifier to calm her.

We actually tested out two Luvabella’s. The first, the brunette hair/tan skin version, didn’t work properly, which was sad, because she was so adorable and we had truly bonded with her. After contacting Spin Master, they sent a new one, the blonde hair/pale skin version. Both my mom and I agree that the brunette Luvabella’s are much cuter than the blonde one. Blonde dolls are just so common. But, it was nice getting to play with one that worked properly. We discuss the malfunction in the video review, just in case it happens to any other Luvabella dolls.


Luvabella does have an off switch to conserve battery power. Another plus is that besides English, Luvabella can also babble and speak in French, if you so choose. The biggest plus, though, is that you can change Luvabella’s ‘mama’ to ‘dada’, for the boys who may want one of these robotic, interactive baby dolls to play with and parent. You can also revert her back to babble mode easily, in case you gift this to a sibling down the line.

Watch the video review, embedded above, to see both the brown haired doll and the blonde. What do you think of Luvabella? Share your thoughts in the comment area.

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