Mark Your Calendars: World Doll Day Toy Drive

It’s that time again! World Doll Day is Saturday, June 10th, 2017. Started by Mildred Seeley in 1986, the day is one of celebration for doll collectors. World Doll Day began with a letter, which is copied below. (Keep reading for information on our first ever World Doll Day Toy Drive!)

World Doll Day Logo

So, you have not heard of World Doll Day? This is not surprising as of an hour ago, I hadn’t conceived the idea. To make it happen. I need cooperation of every doll collector, every magazine editor, doll newsletter, doll shop, library, doll maker, mother, grand­mother, father, grandfather, and all the stray aunts and uncles. The first World Doll Day is the Second Saturday of June 1986. Give a doll to a grownup, child in the family or just a friend. If you don’t have a child to give a doll to – find one. There are many children with no dolls.

Think of it this way and ship a doll to another country. I have always felt that the common doll could be an instrument of world understanding. From the first time I started writing books on doll making, I had the hope that dolls would help make friends all over the world and develop a little love among all.

World Doll Day will also be a day for doll exhibits. It is my hope that all libraries will have a special doll exhibit. Museums will publicize their doll exhibits and have special doll exhibits at this time. Magazines will put out special editions. Doll stores will put on campaigns weeks ahead. Doll Makers will make special dolls for World Doll Day. There will be doll competitions with World Doll Day awards, plaques and trophies.

The logo is made from artist Boots Tyner’s doll representing a child. The child carries a German bisque doll to represent this doll collectors gift. Feel free to copy the logo or have one made.

Everyone can enjoy the fun as there are no fees, no permission needed, no obligations, nobody owns the day, no club, no company. It’s a free- for- all, take up the day, its ideas and fly with it. Lets do it now. World Doll Day.

If you think World Doll Day is a good idea, then appoint yourself a committee of one to do something about it–only then can it become a reality. Would you tell five people, ask them to tell five people, and each of them tell five people and so on. World Doll Day’s birthday is June 14, 1986.

Mil and Vernon Seeley

P.S. This letter may be copied and copied again and again until the world knows about World Doll Day.

I know it’s only the tail end of March and June seems quite far away, but trust me, World Doll Day likes to sneak up on you (or me, at least). In celebration of the day, Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter, in connection with the Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event (PUDDLE), will be celebrating by collecting new, in box dolls, toys or Amazon gift cards for the Marillac St. Vincent Christmas Store.

For over 60 years, Marillac St. Vincent has been opening its doors to families in need during the holidays with their annual Christmas Store. What is the Christmas Store, you ask? Every year Marillac St. Vincent Family Services invites parents, grandparents, and child guardians that they serve throughout the year, to sign up for the Christmas Store. On the Saturday before Christmas, registered families get to “shop” for toys, stocking stuffers, books, games, clothes, and stuffed animals for each of their children, have their gifts wrapped, and finally, leave with a full bag of food – enough to make a big meal on Christmas day complete with a turkey!

The Christmas Store is a fun shopping experience for parents and grandparents, giving them agency to choose the toys that best suit their children’s interests. Their Christmas sale serves over 250 families, which accounts for 800-1100 children, who may not have received holiday presents otherwise.

In honor of World Doll Day, I will be opening a special mailbox for the donation of dolls and toys for ages 0-12. Marillac St. Vincent Family Services has an wishlist to give you an idea of what they are looking for. However, any new doll or toy is fine! (Please stay away from ‘weapon’ type toys, per Marillac St. Vincent Family Services).

In an effort to give you time to find good prices and/or sales, the donation window is pretty long– May 1st thru June 30th. If you’d prefer to forgo shipping costs, you can also e-mail or snail mail me a gift card to Amazon. (I’ll use the gift cards to order toys directly from the site to my house for this cause.) Please leave your name and mailing address somewhere inside your package or e-mail. Donations are tax-deductible, so save those receipts!

But, wait, there’s more! Are you attending the Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event, aka PUDDLE? If so, you can donate directly at the event! Jane (of PUDDLE) has agreed to give one free raffle ticket to anyone who brings a doll or toy for donation! We’ll have a donation bin handy for you to drop your donation off in the main convention room. PUDDLE is a great day to donate, because it falls literally on World Doll Day! If you’re going to PUDDLE, but would rather send your donation off early, that’s fine, too, but please remember to let me know that you’re attending the show so we can get you a raffle ticket.

As this is my first time hosting a toy drive, I’m not sure of what kind of goal to set. If we can get at least 50 dolls and toys for this great cause, I’ll be happy. Keep your eyes peeled for another post with information on the mailing address and e-mail for online gift cards, which will be posted early April. Until then, keep this in the back of your mind and if you see an amazing deal (like a $3.00 Prettie Girls: Tween Scene), consider picking it up for Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter’s World Doll Day Toy Drive!

In the meantime, what plans are you concocting for World Doll Day? Share them in the comment area!


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World Doll Day- Word Art

I had an idea for World Doll Day, but it requires YOUR help! I was thinking of making a word art graphic that we could use on a t-shirt or other cool item for World Doll Day. There’s an example below that was created with my blog’s tags to show you what I mean.



What I want to know from you is this: If you had to describe doll collecting and what it means to you in ONE or TWO words, what word(s) would you choose? I want to use those words and see if we can make a cool graphic from them! Mixed in with your words, I want to put names of popular doll lines, like Monster High, Ever After High, Tonner, that sort of thing. Full disclosure, this may not work. It’s really all up to you guys to help me gather enough words to make a neat graphic.

If you’d like to submit a word or two for this little experiment, you can leave it here in the comment area, tweet me a reply @KewpieDoll83 or respond to my facebook post on the subject. Thank you!

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World Doll Day is June 11th, 2016

Just a quick heads up! World Doll Day is June 11th, 2016! That’s two months from now, which gives you more than enough time to plan your World Doll Day. Whether it’s a small party with friends or something more involved, World Doll Day is what we make it. (So make it great!)

World Doll Day Logo

World Doll Day Logo

Last year, I wrote up a post with a few ideas of how you could spend your World Doll Day. Instead of repeating myself, I thought I’d link to that post again. Maybe it will help you in planning your World Doll Day! I’ll be honest, I have no idea what I want to do this year. Last year, this blog was lucky enough to celebrate with Lottie and offer an amazing giveaway. I don’t have anything planned like that just yet, but keep your fingers crossed and maybe a giveaway for World Doll Day will happen once again in 2016.

Do any bloggers out there want to work together and try to do something across all our site? If so, contact me! I’m not sure what we can do, but let’s brainstorm! We have enough time that our options are quite open. Non-bloggers, what plans are you working on to celebrate World Doll Day? Let me know in the comment area!

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World Doll Day Tag– from Black Kitty of The Multicrafteral Lab

I was tagged in The Multicrafteral Lab‘s World Doll Day Tag!  In celebration of World Doll Day, BlackKitty asked those tagged to answer three things.

1: List 3 favourite dolls from the ones you got last year.
2: List 3 dolls currently on your wish list.
3: Tag 5 people to do the same thing! (Anyone with a home on the web, not just bloggers, can be tagged!)

And now, it begins!

1: List 3 favorite dolls from the ones you got last year

A Girl for All Time Lydia- Lydia is such a pretty, sturdy, well made doll. It’s hard finding something not to love about her!

A Girl for All Time Lydia

Gentle Lilia Bride Kurhn- As you know, I love Kurhn’s. This was one of those dolls I had been pining for for a long, long time. She didn’t disappoint me in the least!

Gentle Lilia Bride Kurhn

Gentle Lilia Bride Kurhn

Maru and Friends Maru- I love the face sculpts on the Maru and Friends line. This Maru doll pretty much solidified the idea of me adding more to my collection.

Maru and Friends

Maru and Friends

2: List 3 dolls currently on your wish list

Barbie and Skipper Let’s Drive! Student Driver Giftset- This is totally a grail item for me.  What kills me is I remember it in the stores, but never purchased it due to the price.  If only I had known the price would eventually double!

Let's Drive Giftset

Let’s Drive Giftset

Mystic Kids Lawrence BJD (SD, 62cm)- I’ve been eyeing this male SD BJD for a while now. I’ve always wanted to add a SD sized doll to my BJD collection, as well as a male doll.  This guy may be the one! I just have trouble with the price…  You can find a photo of this cool dude on The Junky Spot.

Last, but not least…

This Barbie Fashionista- How cool is this new Barbie Fashionista. Yes, the body is a total disappointment, but the prototype looks so cool!!!  I love the hair.

Toy Fair 2015- Mattel Booth (Barbie, MH, EAH)

3: Tag 5 people to do the same thing!

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls

Never Grow Up

The Doll Vault

The Barbie Blog

Of Dolls

I look forward to hearing your answers to BlackKitty’s questions! And if you’ve already been tagged or don’t have time, don’t worry. 🙂

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World Doll Day Coverage

Many bloggers posted about World Doll Day today!  Here’s some quick links so you can see their coverage.

The Barbie Blog– Teresa wrote a lovely piece about one of her most treasured dolls.

Monster Crafts– Monster Crafts used World Doll Day to update her readers on her collection.

Barbie Beauties– Barbielea answers fellow blogger The Multicrafteral Lab’s World Doll Day tag AND shares details about her Monster High doll giveaway!

The Crazy Doll Lady– The Crazy Doll Lady (who was featured in the last coverage post) has posted another World Doll Day themed article.

Andi B Goode– Here’s another World Doll Day post on this fun blog!

Lottie– Lottie did a wonderful piece on World Doll Day on their company blog. I’m honored to have worked with them on this blogs World Doll Day giveaway. (You have until the 15th to enter and, fitting for World Doll Day, it’s open to everyone, worldwide.)

The Multicrafteral Lab– Blackkitty started a World Doll Day Tag (in which I was tagged).  My answers will be posted today or tomorrow!  Great idea, Blackkitty!

People tweeted, as well!  If you missed our World Doll Day Spotlight, give it a look. I interviewed The Broken Doll.  You’ll want to check it out!

Like I said in my World Doll Day post today, I think Mrs. Seeley would be very pleased with the reception World Doll Day received in 2015.  Let’s aim to make it even bigger next year!

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