Walking the Toy Aisle

This weekend, we decided to hit up Toys R Us for the first time in 2017! The doll aisles were pretty disappointing, but I managed to see a few exciting things while out and about!

Walking the Toy Aisles

I love Barbie’s Food Truck! It’s so graphic and a great size. I’m tempted to pick this up if it ever goes on sale. It would make a great prop for photos!

Walking the Toy Aisles

Walking the Toy Aisles

Walking the Toy Aisles

Walking the Toy Aisles

Walking the Toy Aisles

Continuing on a positive note, I also love that Mattel is continuing with the Made to Move Barbie‘s and even expanding on the line. The red-head is adorable. I would probably feel bad if I bought her just for body swapping. The standout doll here, though, is the skater who is packaged in an upside down skateboarding pose. I love it. They also expanded with a karate themed doll.

Walking the Toy Aisles

The first thing I thought when I saw this Journey Girls box? Oh! She must be cosplaying as Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time. The red jacket, white tank, jeans and the boots? The photographer/doll dresser must have been thinking about my favorite show when crafting this look!

Walking the Toy Aisles

Walking the Toy Aisles

Beauty and the Beast dolls have hit stores! Some may think Mrs. Potts is creepy, but of all the merch, this was the best, in my opinion. This toddler doll of Belle was also pretty darn cute. Instead of the green-ish eyes of the previous release, this doll has rich brown eyes, more like Emma Watson, the actress playing Belle in Disney’s new live action remake. (This doll’s look also reminds me of Ursala in The Little Mermaid disguised as a human, which may be a good or bad thing– I’m not sure!)

Walking the Toy Aisles

Walking the Toy Aisles

Walking the Toy Aisles

The actual fashion doll, on the other hand, I’m not so sure about. I’m on the fence as to if this Belle doll is pretty. I see the resemblance to Emma Watson, but the doll has a very strange vibe to her. What do you think?

Walking the Toy Aisles

We bought one of these while shopping. This ball contains a doll and six other accessories– all a mystery until you peel the layers back. Actually, opening our LOL was pretty fun. You’ll see a post on it soon.

Walking the Toy Aisles

So far, the trailers for the Video Game Hero Barbie movie haven’t made me very excited. However, the dolls are pretty neat looking. The mini’s above are very cute. They may not do anything, but they’d look good on a desk!

Walking the Toy Aisles

It looks like Mattel got the memo about the popularity of STEM merch. This Barbie is packaged with a few STEM activities for a child to work on. I like the idea and think they could easily expand on this.

Walking the Toy Aisles

If you like Littlest Pet Shop, you’ll want to check Animal Jam out. They’re on the small side, so they’d make great pets for your dolls!

Walking the Toy Aisles

I’m including a Project Mc2 doll in this post, because, to be honest, I’m surprised they’re still around. I wasn’t sure how kids would take to them, seeing this is a Netflix show, but they’re still around, so they must be doing okay! This doll is one of the cutest they’ve made so far. I like the bodies and their unique faces with inset eyes. They can come off a little strange-looking at times, but overall, I like their look.

So, that ends another Walking the Toy Aisle. What have you seen recently while shopping? What do you think of these dolls? Share your thoughts in the comment area!

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Loot Crate’s Dream Crate Challenge

I’ve had a fondness for mystery boxes and surprise bags ever since I was a child. Our local Sanrio store would have mystery boxes filled with mystery Hello Kitty and friends merchandise all the time. Unfortunately, they were too expensive for people to buy for me, so I never got to rip open the brown paper wrapped goodies. By the time I was old enough to get a paycheck and buy one on my own, the store had long stopped doing mystery bags and eventually the store went out of business.  To this day, I blame Sanrio for my mystery box buying impulses!

Recently, Loot Crate, a popular monthly subscription box service, reached out to me and asked me this intriguing question, “What’s your dream crate?” They asked if I would be interested in setting up a post describing what would be inside my dream crate and why. Thinking of my love affair with mystery boxes and my want to break things up a bit, I thought, why not? (Editor’s note: Loot Crate asked me to clarify that this Dream Crate themed post is open to everyone! If you have a blog, YouTube channel, Instagram, etc, feel free share your Dream Crate, too!)

My problem with most mystery boxes is that they cover way too much. A pop culture box could have items from popular 80’s TV shows, to anime, to current day trends. Because of that, I decided to theme my box around one central topic that I know readers will enjoy, everyone’s favorite fashion doll, Barbie!

Dream Crate: Everyone’s Favorite Fashion Doll, Barbie

Item 1: Funko/Rock Candy Vinyl Barbie Figures

There are currently 8 different kinds of Rock Candy Vinyl figures released, highlighting important dolls in the Barbie series. These 5″ stylized figures, which include 1959’s Swimsuit Barbie, 1965’s Astronaut Barbie, 1971’s Hippie Barbie, 1973’s Surgeon Barbie, 1977’s Superstar Barbie, 1980’s Afro Barbie, 1984’s Gym Barbie and my personal favorite, 1986’s Rocker Barbie. I really like the design choices Funko/Rock Candy made with these figures. They’re cute and stylish.

Dream Crate Images

Item 2: Funko Mystery Mini Blind Boxes

Continuing along on the Funko bandwagon, my dream crate would include not 1, not 2, but 3 Barbie Mystery Mini Blind Boxes. I pretty much adore every single 3″ Mystery Mini made so far. The series includes sixteen vinyl figures from all era’s in Barbie history, including Solo in the Spotlight, Malibu Barbie and the adorable Totally Hair Barbie! Why would I include 3 blind boxes and not just one? They say that once you have three or more of something, you have a collection and what better way to get a collection started than having three blind boxes from the same series on display.

Dream Crate Images

Item 3: Skipper “Little Sisters Have More Fun” T-Shirt

Because this is my Dream Crate, I would definitely need it to include this shirt. I’m a Skipper collector, as some of you know. Skipper is Barbie’s little sister and has been tagging around with her big sister Barbie since 1964. This shirt has an adorable graphic of Skipper with text that reads “Little Sisters Have More Fun”. So cute! (This Barbie Tee is pretty cute, too! This is worth a peek, as well!)

Dream Crate Images

Item 4: Barbie Cell Phone Pouch

At first glance, you wonder, why would anyone need a cell phone pouch? While I don’t carry these things around on an every day basis, they do come in handy when attending conventions or going out of town. Plus, this cell phone pouch, which will hold money, credit cards or other flat things, has a classic vintage Barbie illustration on the front. You can’t get better than that! (Well, unless it had Skipper on it, but alas, that doesn’t exist.)

Dream Crate Images

Item 5: ReMent

I’m a sucker for the (mostly) 1/6 scale food ReMent offers. It makes for great props when doing a photoshoot. There’s a variety of ReMent to choose from. Usually ReMent comes in blind boxes. I think this Dream Crate should have 3 (yes, again) ReMent boxes for any food series produced.

Re-Ment Cutness!

Item 6: Places To Go, Dolls To See Mug

If you’re like me, you probably own 1,000’s of mugs. But who cares? It’s time to make room for this one. Sold through Zazzle, the Place To Go, Dolls to See mug is eye catching and pretty. (This mug is a cute second! Oh, but then there’s this mug!) See full Zazzle store here.

Dream Crate Images

Item 7: Cool Barbie Fabric With An Easy To Make Outfit Pattern

Sewing is not my strong suit, but a fun, DIY project with all the necessary ingredients would be a great way to complete this dream crate! There’s a ton of cute Barbie fabric on the internet that would make adorable outfits for dolls in need of a little makeover!

So, that’s it. That’s my dream crate. It doesn’t include a Barbie, because I have a ton of those already! I love sharing my hobby with things like t-shirts and mugs (real utilitarian things that can be used in daily life, rather than just sit on a shelf). And the other items are just too cute not to include! Oh, and one more thing, this dream crate would be in a pink box, a nod to the term collectors use for Barbie’s from the 90’s.

Huge shout out to Loot Crate for posing this question! Now, I’m going to pass it on to you, readers! What would you put in YOUR dream crate? What do you think of my dream crate? Were Loot Crate going to create a Barbie mystery box, what would YOU put in it? Let me know in the comment area!

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Collection Close Up: All American Barbie, Christie (1991)

Months back, I won a lot of Pink Box Barbie’s.  This is Christie from the All American Barbie line. This series came out around 1991.  Besides Christie, this line featured Barbie, Ken, Kira and Teresa. A unique characteristic of this line is that Mattel had partnered with Reebok, a popular shoe brand. Christie, for examples, came with two pairs of colorful hi-top sneakers!

All American Barbie, Christie

90’s pink box Barbie’s are essentially my youth. I love everything about them, like their crimped hair, large bangs and high ponytails, cool makeup and bright outfits. They remind me of the popular trends that I lived through in the 1990’s.

All American Barbie, Christie

In Christie’s case, she has some fantastic eye colors– brown and green. I also love the big baggy jean jacket that covers the crop top/short skirt outfit underneath.

All American Barbie, Christie

The Reeboks are neat, as well. The actual Reebok branding is fabric that slips over a white plastic shoes. You get two pairs with Christie. Christie also wears fluorescent tie-dye socks. They’re so 90’s!

All American Barbie, Christie

See the video here:

So that’s a quick look at All American Barbie, Christie.  Do you remember when this line hit store shelves? What’s your favorite pink box Barbie? Let me know in the comment area!

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Made To Move Barbie and Pullips

If you’re like me, you’ve dabbled in replacing your Pullip‘s stock body with an obitsu body. You’ve probably also wanted to rip your hair out, because of the crazy wobbly head (and/or torso) some Pullips have once you do re-body them. There are other options, like Liv bodies, but they’re not very easy to come by these days.  Now, there’s an option you can find in your local retail store!  Pullip communities over the internet have been buzzing over Mattel‘s new Made To Move Barbie line. The Made To Move line is basic in look and outfit, but offers more articulation than ever before, even double jointed knees and elbows.

Made to Move Barbie

The Barbie herself is a bit plain. She has a pretty, clean face. Her workout outfit includes black leggings and a stretchy short sleeve top that is bright pink and blue. Her joints are on full display in the box, where she sits in a yoga-esc position.

Now, I have to admit, I didn’t buy this Barbie for the actual doll. I only bought her for her body! If there’s any way to get my Pullips into better, less wobbly bodies, I am willing to try! After taking out the insanely long neck knob (which I neglected to take a photo off, but rest assured, it’s over-kill for sure), it was relatively simple to tweak it into something Pullip friendly. Usually, I’m sanding for hours, but, in this case, it took less than 30 minutes. Here’s the result of my little experiment.

Made to Move Barbie on Pullip

I love the proportions of the Made To Move body way more than the obitsu’s, to be quite honest. The size of obitsu’s can be odd sometimes and most of what I dress my Pullips in are Barbie clothes anyways! Using this kind of body might help the clothing fit better! And better still, the head isn’t wobbly! It actually fits really sturdily on the body and doesn’t pull back on the torso joint, either!

Made to Move Barbie on Pullip

Video Tutorial Here:

The color matching isn’t perfect, but I’ll take it! Have you tried to switch out your Pullip stock bodies or obitsu bodies with a Made To Move Barbie body? What do you think of this easy to find replacement body? Share your thoughts in the comment area!

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Christmas Goodies 2015

It’s a little late, I know, but Merry Christmas everyone! I hope your dolly dreams came true this December 25th! I thought I’d take a moment to share a few of the items that were under my Christmas tree with you!

Perfume Puff Princess Custom Ponies

I received four My Little Ponies.  Two were customs by Perfume Puff Princess. I picked up a few Perfume Puff Princess customs at the My Little Pony Fair, this year and now have a total of four! I love the wild hair these ponies have!

My Little Pony Friend

G2 My Little Pony

I also received a G1 My Little Pony Friend named Creamsicle and a mint on card G2 Berry Bright from 1997’s Secret Surprise Friends.

Groovy Kewpie

Also under the tree was a Kewpie doll themed around the 60’s.  She’s groovy! I like her dark eyes.  Her outfit, especially her fringe jacket and head band, are super cute.

Itty Bitty's from Hallmark

Equally adorable were the three Hallmark Itty Bitty’sRainbow Brite, her Sprite and a fun C3P0 decked out in a Christmas scarf. I think I may need to pick up some more of Rainbow Brites friends now to try to complete the set.

Christmas C3P0 Haul!

With Star Wars in full swing, my C3P0 collection grew a lot! One of the coolest new C3P0 items was the Wind Up Tin C3P0. There was also a neat Star Tours bank that featured C3P0 and R2D2. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention the huge light up art deco head! (See my C3PO collection here.)

Wind Up Tim C3P0

This next item was actually a birthday gift– a straight leg Skipper with a sample head! Sample Skipper’s usually have a resin body with a wider stance than the vinyl bodies.  This Skipper was either rebodied by a collector or possibly was boxed this way from the get go. It’s really hard to tell! She has very pretty light brown hair and a double row of bangs. Another interesting feature on this Sample Skipper is the length of her bangs– they’re shorter than your normal straight leg Skipper head.

Sample Skipper (head)

I saved the best for last! My baby Sasha now has two new brothers– Trendon Gregor and Caleb.  I knew about Caleb, but Gregor was a complete shock. I’m not sure about when exactly they were made, but each are different heights, which I find interesting!

Trandon Caleb and Gregor

Caleb is shorter than Gregor.  My mom also pointed out that the Gregor has a shorter blue sweater on than some of the other sweater boys that were produced. What drew me to Caleb was his dark skin.  There is a lighter skin Caleb, as well, but this guy has super dark skin. I like it, though I’m still figuring out how to photograph him properly.

Christmas 2015

My mother, Barbee0913 on YouTube, received a few nice dolly, if I do say so myself! She is now the proud owner of the Impression of China Kurhn, Maru from Maru and Friends and a Trendon Prince Gregor. She also got a few pink box Barbie’s.

Watch the video here:

What did Santa (and friends) bring you this holiday season? Let me know in the comment area! See you in 2016!

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