Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Another year almost gone! This month may have been light on posts, but never fear, I’ll be back up and running in January! I always plan to do some big December event, like 12 Days of Dolls or something, but with the craziness of the month, which also includes my birthday, it never happens. Maybe next year! See you all in 2017!

Merry Christmas

From everyone here at Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (And in case you don’t know, I’m now on Instagram! You can find me at @Kewpie83.)

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Christmas Goodies 2015

It’s a little late, I know, but Merry Christmas everyone! I hope your dolly dreams came true this December 25th! I thought I’d take a moment to share a few of the items that were under my Christmas tree with you!

Perfume Puff Princess Custom Ponies

I received four My Little Ponies.  Two were customs by Perfume Puff Princess. I picked up a few Perfume Puff Princess customs at the My Little Pony Fair, this year and now have a total of four! I love the wild hair these ponies have!

My Little Pony Friend

G2 My Little Pony

I also received a G1 My Little Pony Friend named Creamsicle and a mint on card G2 Berry Bright from 1997’s Secret Surprise Friends.

Groovy Kewpie

Also under the tree was a Kewpie doll themed around the 60’s.  She’s groovy! I like her dark eyes.  Her outfit, especially her fringe jacket and head band, are super cute.

Itty Bitty's from Hallmark

Equally adorable were the three Hallmark Itty Bitty’sRainbow Brite, her Sprite and a fun C3P0 decked out in a Christmas scarf. I think I may need to pick up some more of Rainbow Brites friends now to try to complete the set.

Christmas C3P0 Haul!

With Star Wars in full swing, my C3P0 collection grew a lot! One of the coolest new C3P0 items was the Wind Up Tin C3P0. There was also a neat Star Tours bank that featured C3P0 and R2D2. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention the huge light up art deco head! (See my C3PO collection here.)

Wind Up Tim C3P0

This next item was actually a birthday gift– a straight leg Skipper with a sample head! Sample Skipper’s usually have a resin body with a wider stance than the vinyl bodies.  This Skipper was either rebodied by a collector or possibly was boxed this way from the get go. It’s really hard to tell! She has very pretty light brown hair and a double row of bangs. Another interesting feature on this Sample Skipper is the length of her bangs– they’re shorter than your normal straight leg Skipper head.

Sample Skipper (head)

I saved the best for last! My baby Sasha now has two new brothers– Trendon Gregor and Caleb.  I knew about Caleb, but Gregor was a complete shock. I’m not sure about when exactly they were made, but each are different heights, which I find interesting!

Trandon Caleb and Gregor

Caleb is shorter than Gregor.  My mom also pointed out that the Gregor has a shorter blue sweater on than some of the other sweater boys that were produced. What drew me to Caleb was his dark skin.  There is a lighter skin Caleb, as well, but this guy has super dark skin. I like it, though I’m still figuring out how to photograph him properly.

Christmas 2015

My mother, Barbee0913 on YouTube, received a few nice dolly, if I do say so myself! She is now the proud owner of the Impression of China Kurhn, Maru from Maru and Friends and a Trendon Prince Gregor. She also got a few pink box Barbie’s.

Watch the video here:

What did Santa (and friends) bring you this holiday season? Let me know in the comment area! See you in 2016!

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My Holiday Haul

The holidays are for giving, not receiving, but I can’t help but want to show off a few of the fun things that came my way this holiday season from family and friends.

Some of the highlights are:

  • Belle and Ariel toddler dolls from Disney Animator Collection
  • A new vintage Skipper doll tray puzzle in nice condition
  • Danse (from Jem!)
  • Two Monster High Create a Monster starter sets and the Skeleton Girl expansion (a total shock and tons of fun!)
  • A Charlie Brown Skididdler (adding to my collection of Snoopy and Lucy from last Christmas)
  • A stuffed dog dressed as Santa built with love by my parents at Build-A-Bear
  • A Hello Kitty themed Re-Ment ‘bakery case’ (for my Re-Ment, which have been sitting homeless for a few years now!)

Did you find anything fun under your tree (dolly or non dolly alike!)?  Care to share?  Leave a comment!

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Walking the Toy Aisle: New TRU Muppet Whatnots

FAO’s ‘Muppet Whatnots’ have hit Toys R Us!  For those who don’t know what a ‘Whatnot’ is, take a peek at the video below…

Okay, maybe that didn’t help very much.  Watch this one instead…

FAO Schwartz ‘Whatnot’:

I picked up my very own ‘Whatnot’ three years ago while visiting FAO in New York City.  At FAO, trained ‘Whatnot’ makers help you create a unique Muppet all your own!  You have a choice of 3 different body types and a good selection of eyes, noses, hair, and outfits.  To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, here’s pictures from my trip to FAO where Vinny, my ‘Muppet Whatnot’, was born.

Ready to greet you are a plethora of ‘Muppet Whatnots’.  I don’t remember how many combinations of ‘Whatnots’ the lady said were possible, but it was a lot!

I chose a blue body for Vinny, green hair, a round nose, round blue eyes and a red hoodie.  Ironically enough, there was someone else who had almost exactly the same combo being made as me.  Great minds think alike.  🙂

Vinny gets a round orange nose hot glued on…

Dolled up with his fuzzy green hair, Vinny hangs out for a bit while drying.  It didn’t take that long at all for him to dry.

Dolls are packaged in their own ‘Whatnot’ bag and come with a arm rod so you can use them just like you would if you were a true puppeteer.

Here’s a picture of my NYC ‘Whatnot’ dubbed Vinny (on the left– not the right!).  As far as souvenirs go, he’s one of the best.  I highly recommend looking into a ‘Whatnot’ next time your at FAO in NYC.

New TRU ‘Whatnot’:

Now, for those who don’t have any plans to travel to NYC, good news– a new form of ‘Whatnots’ are now available at your local Toys R Us!  I spotted these while doing my usual ‘Monster High’ hunt.  These ‘Whatnots’ are slightly smaller than Vinny and are made from a more velcro-like material.

Each ‘Whatnot’ comes with a body and a selection of eyes, noses, and wigs.  While Vinny from FAO in New York has permanent features, these ‘Whatnots’ are designed so you can change them up whenever you’d like.

Priced at $59.99, these TRU ‘Whatnots’ are cheaper than the FAO counterparts, which are currently priced at $99 and are occasionally as much as $120.  The two body types come with unique pieces (ie: different eyes, different noses, different wigs).  To make Vinny, for example, you’d need to buy the blue set for the body and the orange set for the eyes and wig.

Unlike FAO, the TRU ‘Whatnots’ are packaged naked.  You can, however, buy clothing separately. The outfits are the same ones you can pick up for the FAO ‘Whatnots’, but are made for the smaller body found in these kits.  The kit also comes with a rod so you can start puppeteering right away!

My Thoughts:

I don’t yet own this TRU kit.  Do I want one?  I think so.  I am waiting till these are in more peoples hands before I make a decision.  I love Vinny from FAO and do want to make him a friend, but I want to see how well the pieces stay on this velcro version and more importantly, if the velcro pieces leave ‘fuzz’ on the body after multiple uses.  Also, I wish the ‘Whatnots’ in the TRU set were the same size as my FAO muppet.  I would have liked to be able to pick up outfits at TRU, as opposed to the FAO website.

I think these ‘Whatnot’ sets will be a huge Christmas item. If you are thinking of picking one of these up, pick it up before the Christmas rush!

What do you think of these new TRU ‘Muppet Whatnots’ or ‘Whatnots’ in general?  Do you own one?  What do you think of it?  Share your thoughts!

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Walking the Toy Aisle: Barbie: A Perfect Christmas Gift Set

I recently saw this gift set in my local Target and just had to snap a few photos. As you know, I’m a Skipper collector, so any new doll makes me happy. This musical set includes Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, and Kelly, er, Chelsea. They are decked out in their holiday best in outfits that mimic those worn in the new Barbie movie “Barbie: A Perfect Christmas”.

As far as the quality of these dolls, I can’t complain.  They look nicer than most of the basics I’ve seen recently and in terms of holiday dolls, they’re the best I’ve seen in years.  The base the girls stand on is musical and allows the sisters to sing ‘Deck the Halls’ in various harmonies.

Now, getting down the the nitty gritty– the Skipper doll!  Let me disclaimer this really quickly.  This next statement might be my imagination.  I won’t know for sure until I get my hands on this gift set, but it looks to me like Skippers head mold is getting more inflated (ie: like Barbie’s round, balloon like head mold).  I really hope that they keep Skippers head mold as is and don’t begin ‘tweaking’ it.

Again, Mattel has decided to use a body type where her arm is permanently bent, identical to the 2011 Skipper that came with the bathroom play set. Personally, I’d take a body with two straight arms over this mold any day, but alas, Mattel seems to like it.

I love that they switched up the hair do for this Skipper, loosing the side bang for a more ‘dressy’ style.  As a mater of preference, I do prefer bangs on her, but as I mentioned earlier on the blog, the 2010/2011 Skipper’s have been a bit redundant.  This is a welcome change!  I forgot to look at the highlight in her hair, so I’m not sure of what color it is.  It looks red in my close up shot, but I will have to confirm that when I see this set again.

I am not a fan of her outfit.  Of all four sisters, Skipper was given the worst dress.  In my opinion, this is the worst outfit they’ve released Skipper in so far this year. Skipper could have rocked a more trendy outfit– maybe something that didn’t include neon green/florescent yellow plaid!

What do you think of the set?  Do you think Skippers head is more inflated in this version than in the past 2011 releases?  Share your thoughts in the comment area!

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