Collector Spotlight: Doll Angel

You’ll remember Doll Angel from my last post spotlighting the amazing Abnegation custom she did for me. Learn more about her in the video linked below!

Collector Spotlight Badge

Collector Spotlight Badge

I highly recommend giving it a watch, even if you’re more of a blog reader than a YouTube watcher. In the video, Doll Angel (aka Nicole) talks about her Pullip customizing journey, her favorite things about the hobby and gives a few tips for those who are looking to start customizing their own doll!

Since Doll Angel was awesome enough to shoot and edit this spotlight for the channel, I encourage you to leave her some kudo’s in the comment area here, on YouTube or via her sites, Flickr, Etsy or Dolly Market.

Blog Badge

Blog Badge

If you want to be in a Collector Spotlight post, let me know and I can give you details! Thanks for checking out Doll Angel’s story and don’t forget to send some kudo’s her way!

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Collector Spotlight: Alexandria from The Doll Vault

Happy April, everyone!  With a new month comes a new Collector Spotlight (occasionally, that is)! Meet Alexandria, a collector and blogger.

Collector Spotlight Badge

Collector Spotlight Badge

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.

A: I have just recently discovered doll collecting, and much enjoy the modern brands. My favourite, by far, is Ever After High. I find them to be so stylish, fun, and beautiful dolls. There’s nothing better than to come home from a day of long work to find all my Ever After High dolls sitting on the shelf, greeting me!

Briar Beauty

Briar Beauty

Q: Spotlight a few of your favorite pieces in your collection.  What are they?

A: My favourite Doll is my Briar Beauty doll. I’m SUCH a sucker for pink dolls, including Draculaura, Pinkie Pie, Sleeping beauty, etc. I’m also really “close” to my original G3 pinkie pie! (I always have had a thing for My Little Pony…)

Q: Why do you collect? What is the most fun aspect of collecting?

A:I love doll collecting because it opens so many doors. Photography, Journalism, Writing, Reviewing, or even just for fun! I’ve always really loved Photography, but I never really wanted to do it for a career.



Q: Give me 3 tips (in general) on how to cultivate a great doll collection.

A: The main points of a good doll collection are:
3. Don’t be afraid to leave them in the box for a while! I loved my Monster High and Ever After High boxes so much I left them in there for about 2 weeks each!

2. Make sure they are put up correctly. You don’t want them to fall, get messy hair, or get chewed by a pet!

1. Showcase! It’s always a great conversation starter if people walk into my room. What’s the point of having a great collection if you’re going to hide them away in a closet?



Q: Tell us about your blog!

A: My website, , has just been published. I’ve been having trouble promoting it, so feel free to check it out! I love reviewing my dolls, I get such an awesome feeling when I just hit “post” on a review.

Screenshot of The Doll Vault

Screenshot of The Doll Vault

Q: What are your tips for new collectors?

A: If you’re new to collecting, don’t feel embarrassed! If you love it, you should share it with the world! No one is going to judge you. Between us doll collectors, it’s actually really cool, not many people have the ability to think like a kid, so let’s just embrace it!

Blog Badge

Blog Badge

I’d like to extend a HUGE  thank you to Alexandria.  She was very patient with me!!!! (Alexandria, feel free to add the badge above to your website!) I very much agree with her tips for a great doll collection, especially her last tip about showcasing what you own.

Check out her blog, The Doll Vault, and give her some kudos! If you’d like to be the next spotlight, let me know!  You can check out details on this series on my Facebook page.

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Dolly Review: Liddle Kiddle Doll Houses

Barbee0913 has been hard at work this past month working on a series of Liddle Kiddle doll house videos.  If you follow me on Facebook, I have linked to them in the past.  However, I know some of you only subscribe here, so I wanted to pass them along via blog post, too!  E-mail subscribers, click into the blog post to see the video links.  In the videos, you’ll see some nice examples of the doll houses released by Mattel for their Liddle Kiddle line, which debuted in 1966 at Toy Fair.

This last video is brand new.  It features my mom’s collection in more detail.

Do you have a Liddle Kiddle collection? Do you have any of these pieces? What’s your favorite Kiddle or Kiddle playset? Share your thoughts below!


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Collection Close Up: My Little Pony, G1

I talk about my My Little Pony collection a lot, but it occurred to me that I haven’t actually showcased it here.  To fix that, I put together a little video that features all of my G1 My Little Ponies!  I don’t have a very large collection and truth be told, they are nearly all in played with condition, but I love them to pieces! Most of them are my childhood ponies and I did play with them.  (None were ever touched with markers or scissors, though! Oh, the horror!)

This short video spotlight was also a bit of homework for me!  I’m trying to teach myself Adobe Premiere Pro.  Up until now, I’ve been editing my videos in iMovie, but that has some limitations that Premiere doesn’t.  This was a bit of an impromptu idea, so I didn’t have time to clean my ponies up prior to taking these shots.  They are all in the same shape they were when I took them out of my bin. I do plan on giving them all a proper cleaning soon!

So, without further ado, here’s a quick video featuring all of my G1 My Little Ponies (Bubbles not included).

What is your favorite My Little Pony?  Do you have any childhood memories of My Little Pony you’d like to share?  Leave a comment down below!

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Collector Spotlight: Kyla from Kyla Monster High&Toys Reviewer

Collector Spotlight Badge

Collector Spotlight Badge

It’s that time again!  Meet Kyla.  Kyla is a 15 year old Monster High collector. She shares her hobby with the world through her YouTube Channel, Kyla Monster High&Toys Reviewer.  Kyla gets excited when thinking about introducing others to Monster High and mentions in the video that she is looking forward to the day her young cousin begins her own Monster High collection. Not alone in her hobby, Kyla collects with her friends (both in real life and online)! Her favorite dolls in her collection are Sweet Screams Draculaura and Abbey.  (That line is one of my favorites, too!)

For collectors, Kyla has these three tips.  One, keep diaries and paper/cardboard accessories in plastic covers to keep them looking nice. Two, keep your dolls neat by playing with them gently and displaying them when you aren’t actively using them.  And third? Be patient!  If you don’t have space for a doll you own, keep it in its box until you do.

I invite you all to take a look at Kyla’s video spotlight to learn more about her and her collection!

I want to give a huge thank you to Kyla for shooting this video!  It was great getting to know a little bit more about why you collect Monster High! Grab the badge below for your site!

Blog Badge

Blog Badge (small)

In the comment area, why not leave Kyla some kudo’s?  Also, since I haven’t asked this recently, who’s your favorite Monster High doll?  Share it in the comment area, too!

And, if you’d like to be the next Collector Spotlight guest, let me know!

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