My Big Chief 12″ Eleventh Doctor is here (finally)!

Months ago, I ordered a 12″ Eleventh Doctor figure from Big Chief. They currently hold the license to create Doctor Who related figures and, if you didn’t know, I’m a bit of a Whovian. I shot a box opening the moment this figure arrived.

12″ Eleventh Doctor by Big Chief

Isn’t he cool?  He’s fully articulated, dressed to impress, and comes with interchangeable hands so he can hold various accessories.  The best part of this figure is the sculpting of the face.  At certain angles, he looks exactly like Matt Smith, the actor who portrays the 11th Doctor.  You can view the box opening below.

As you’d expect with a high end figure like him, he wasn’t exactly cheap.  I am happy to say that Big Chief did a great job with the Eleventh Doctor and he is totally worth the price I paid!

Check out that likeness!!!!

Want more photospam of the Doctor?  Here ya go!

The Doctor, with his handkerchief and a bit of the TARDIS

The Doctor, checking his watch.

The Doctor, holding his invitation in the TARDIS blue envelope

This figure came with a ton of accessories that all pertain to Doctor Who.  Among those accessories were three sonic screwdrivers, a bit of the TARIDS, a handkerchief, his psychic paper, a Time Lord communication cube (or, I guess it could be a ‘cube’ from the most recent season), a wrist watch, and the ‘invitation’ in a TARDIS blue envelope.

The eyes are fantastically done!

The Doctor, with his psychic paper

The profile looks dead on.

It wouldn’t be right to NOT have a sonic screwdriver!

You can tell Big Chief put a lot of work into this amazing looking figure.  There were a lot of delays in his production, but in the end, they created a figure that stands out amongst 12″ figures.  I don’t even usually collect these sorts of figures, but this one, well, I’m so happy to have it in my collection!  (Now, if only they’d hurry on up and create the Ninth Doctor already!)

Are you a ‘whovian’?  What do you think of this Big Chief 12″ Eleventh Doctor?  Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Toy Fair 2012- Mattel, Big Chief, and Links

The toy industry gathered together in New York last week to show off their wares during this years annual ‘Toy Fair’. Although I didn’t attend (but plan on weaseling my way in next year!), attendee reports have been hitting the web at feverish rates. Here’s a quick run down of what we’ll be seeing from Mattel and some new Doctor Who tie in dolls from a UK based company.

Mattel: I think it’s safe to say that Monster High was the biggest draw in for the visitors to Mattel’s booth. Seen for the first time, con goers were treated to prototypes of new characters Robecca Steam, Venus McFlytrap, and Rochelle Goyle. Also on display were the Halloween dolls (Ghouls Rule) being released alongside Mattel’s first Monster High direct to DVD movie, a new male ‘Create a Monster’, basic Jackson, and the exciting ‘Create a Monster Lab‘ playset.

On the Barbie end, Mattel debuted the Photo Fashion Doll.  This doll is equipped with a digital camera that shows off the pictures you take on her graphic tee.  Pictures and a more detailed product description can be found here.

The last bit of news comes from MattyCollectors end– they days of hoverboarding are upon us! Everyone that has seen Back to the Future II will agree– if you take nothing away from the film but one thing, that one thing would be, ‘wow, I really need a hoverboard’.  Assuming Matty gets enough pre-orders, this 1:1 scale replica of the iconic hoverboard will be shipping out late 2012.  If I wasn’t sure this was going to be super expensive, I would so be on the list of recipients.  Unfortunately, I know MattyCollector  and don’t think this awesome prop will come cheap!

Links to Check Out:

YouTube video from Mattel Booth

ASM Toy Fair Coverage  (Mattel Folder -note: no Monster High shown)

Big Chief:  Big Chief is a company based out of the UK. They’re currently working on the Doctor Who Franchise.  I’m most excited about their 12″ Doctor, a limited release debuting sometime around April.  This action figured, modeled to look like the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) looks fantastic, comes with many extras, and will have expansion sets available so you can easily change your doctors look without having to buy a new doll.  The doctor will be around $200.00 US.

Also exciting is there anime style 10th Doctor, modeled to look like David Tennant.  This 9″ figure will retail around $99.00 US.  I’ve already pre-ordered the 11th Doctor’s figure, but if I find this statue of the 10th doctor reasonably priced, this is mine!

Links to Check Out:

Idle Hands– Information and lots of photos of the Big Chief figures

Big Chief’s main page

Here are a few more links that  might come in handy.  Hopefully, next year I’ll be able to go in person and give you a real Toy Fair post with my own pictures and vids.

BestToysGuide Youtube video

AF Collector- Tonner Doll Booth (check their main page for more vids!)

AtamiDolls- Winx Club Dolls (check their main page for more vids!)

Time to Play- Jakks Pacific Booth (check their main page for more vids!)

Pop Culture Network- My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (check their main page for more vids!)

Pop Culture Network/ MOTU Classics

PaulNomad’s Flickr set

What are you looking forward to picking up when these new toys hit store shelves?

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Dolly Report: Tonner’s Captain Jack Character Figure

Want to see pictures of Tonner’s Character Figure of Torchwood/Doctor Who’s Captain Jack? Here they are!

Jack stands at about 17″ tall and is limited to 2000 units.  He’s fully articulated and stands and holds poses really well.

The dolls likeness to actor John Borrowman is fantastic.  They  definitely got it right in the most important area– the eyes.  In my opinion that is the key to getting a characters likeness and Tonner did it.

Jack is dressed in his Torchwood attire and from what I can tell, the outfit is high quality.  I love the suspenders, even if they hide under the jacket.  When Jack arrives, his jacket will be tied up tight, like a robe.  Don’t leave it like that. It looks weird.  It might have been nice if they had a hidden snap inside the jacket so you could close the jacket and see the inside shirt, but odds are, like me, you’ll just want to keep the jacket open.

His only accessory is his watch.  This comes separate and needs to be put on him, which may take a minute or two, but it definitely completes the look. (No severed Doctor’s hand, I’m afraid!)

A quick sidenote– his hand are really big, even for his large size.  They could have made them a tinsy bit smaller.

A long shot, so you can see the ‘overall’ look.  I think it all goes together rather nicely.

To end this dolly report, here’s a shot of the box.  Look who’s also pictured with Jack and Gwen…  If Ianto ever does get made (which as of this writing has not been announced) and he looks as good as Jack does, well, I think I may just need to add him to my collection!

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Dolly Impulse Buy– Tonner’s Captain Jack

Impulse buying pretty much comes hand in hand with doll collecting…  My most recent impulse buy is Tonner’s Captain Jack doll made in the likeness of John Borrowman.  I know, I know, I made a whole big hoopla about waiting and waiting for The Doctor, but in all honestly, I think Captain Jacks ‘figure’ looks much more like the character than The Doctor’s.  The Doctor is still on my list, though!

Thankfully, this impulse buy came at a discounted price.  I had a coupon from C2E2 that I had vowed to use on something.  The Doctor Who/Torchwood line came out just in time.  (Can’t let a perfectly good coupon go to waste!) Another plus for picking up the good Captain was that I found The Doctor listed on another website for the price I would have paid with this C2E2 coupon, which was not the case with Jack.  (Research, Research, Research!)

Captain Jack should be arriving any day now.  I’ll update here with a ‘Dolly Report’ when he comes in!!!  I’m super excited!

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Finally! Doctor Who and Torchwood Dolls Are Here!!

So, as you know, I’m a huge ‘Whovian’ when it comes to Doctor Who and Torchwood.  Tonner Dolls announced last year that they were making a doll line based off those two fandoms and now FINALLY we have pictures!

The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)

Limited to 2000, $179.00, Duster jacket (not pictured here) sold separately.

Captain Jack (John Barrowman)

Limited to 2000, $199.00

Wow.  Okay, first off, I find it odd that Captain Jack is MORE expensive than The Doctor.  I would have thought it the other way around.

The look (based off Promo shots): The Tenth Doctor doesn’t look like David Tennant at all to me, but the outfit is practically perfect.  I expect many BJD collectors will be stripping this doll to put the outfit on their own Tenth Doctor!  The thing that makes this doll differ from David Tennant are the eyes, I think.  Unfortunately, if you get the eyes wrong, it makes the whole thing look off, which looks to be the case with his doll.

I think Captain Jack looks great!  The likeness is spot on.  And the outfit?  Perfect.

Gwen and Martha (not pictured here) look less like their actors and more like Tonner dolls to me, but overall, they did okay on them.  Gwen looks better than Martha, when it comes to likeness, though they made her more pretty than in the show, I think!

Overall: Overall, considering looks and prices, I think I’ll be looking out for Captain Jack and The Doctor.  A sale will be essential, though, as I don’t know if I can drop 200 bucks on each doll. *sigh*  I’ll be passing over the companions.  If they came out with a Rose, possibly, but I doubt that will ever happen.

What do you think about the dolls?

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