Lalaloopsy Littles– In Stores Now!

Recently, I stumbled upon this presentation video for Lalaloopsy Littles.  Lalaloopsy Littles are the kid sisters of the already popular Lalaloopsy’s.  I foresee these being *big* this holiday season, so I suggest picking these up early if you want them under the Christmas tree!!!!

Here’s the promo video:

Bundles Snuggle N’ Stuff is the younger sibling of Mittens Fluff N’ Stuff.  Specs Reads a Lot belongs to older sister Bea Spells a Lot.  My favorite Little is Sprinkle Spice Cookie.  Her older sister is Crumbs Sugar Cookie.  And finally, we have Squirt Little Top, younger sister of Peanut Big Top.


Three out of the four are sold out on, but keep an eye out on store shelves and you might be able to snag one or two for yourself!

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My Twinn Dolls

Years ago, I received a MyTwinn doll as a present.  My Twinn dolls are dolls designed to look like you.  They are 23″ tall and have a total of 18 joints for possibility and balance.  They are wigged and similar to American Girl dolls have stuffed torso with vinyl limbs.  When ordering a My Twinn doll, you have a good deal of control over the look of the doll.  My Twinn specialists will choose a head mold closest to the photo you send in with your order and design the doll with the proper skin-tone, eye color, and even style the hair to really look like the ‘subject’ of the doll.  It’s really quite neat!  My Twinn also sells clothing that will fit both the dolls and their child-sized human owners (and me, apparently!).  For a more in depth look at the creation process, watch this Youtube video.  It shows the care that goes into a My Twinn doll.

Those in the doll community will probably remember a few years back when My Twinn was having a bit of trouble financially and because of that, was not keeping up with their orders or taking the time they should on the dolls that did go out.  By all accounts, they seem to be back on track now.  The quality isn’t as superb as when I got mine back in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, but they still make great gifts for both the young and old.  A detailed history of My Twinn can be found on Logan’s Ladies.

Recently, I ordered a few outfits for my own My Twinn doll.  I thought I’d share a few of those shots with you!

Meet Ashley.  She actually does look like me!  In this shot, she’s wearing her original denim outfit that I received her in.  She’s been wearing it for years! That’s one of the reasons I jumped at getting a few affordable outfits for her!

This is Patty.  She’s my mom’s doll.  She’s designed to look like my mom as a kid.  Originally, they were supposed to come out with more fashions that could be used for decade dolls like these, but they never really did that. Now, Patty is wearing an adorable riding jacket found on sale on the website.  Seriously, this outfit is so adorable!  (Patty is modeling on a FurReal S’mores.)

One of the new outfits, this is the Vampire Princess outfit.  It’s adorable.  The hat is adorned with a bow in the back (not pictured).  It comes with purple shoes, too!

And here’s a close up of Ashley’s face.  Adorable, isn’t it?  For those who are looking at ordering a My Twinn, remember they can put in freckles, birthmarks, etc, so let them know!

I’ll be sharing more fun My Twinn photo’s eventually, but for now, I’ll leave you with this.  I would have loved to model for the My Twinn catalogue and these girls actually got a chance to do it AND keep the doll.  It’s a little disconcerting that the girl with straight hair had to have her hair curled to make it match the doll, but this is a fun little behind the scene’s look!  More videos on YT.

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Petworks Usaggie

Oh no….  It’s happened again!  I’ve found another doll I have decided needs to be in my collection based on the sheer cuteness of it– Petworks Usaggie.

Petworks, makers of Momoko’s, have another hit on their hands with this little bunny, Usaggie. Usaggie stand at 8 inches tall and is made of “non PVC”.  I’m assuming that’s engrish for some fancy plastic. This cute little bunny comes naked, but has a whole line of outfits, as shown in the picture below.  (Where they sell said outfits, haven’t been able to find that out, but I figure get the doll first, then worry about clothes!)

So far, I’ve only seen these guys on websites coming out of Japan and ebay sellers from Hong Kong.  Anyone have any leads on stores in the States that might have these pretty little bunnies?  Do you own one?  How do you like it?  Were you able to find outfits that fit it? Let me know!

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