Who’s Your Favorite Draculaura?

Voting on your favorite Ghoulia is over.  Head over to the original post to see the winner!

With the V-Day special come and gone, it seems only fitting to post the Draculaura poll next.  Here’s your chance to tell the world who your favorite Draculaura is!  Draculaura isn’t my favorite of the Monster High gang, but she could be far worse a character.  The Draculaura’s released so far have been hit or miss for me.  I think it has something to do with her baby pink skintone or maybe the lack of thought put into her (uneven) highlights.

Who’s Your Favorite Draculaura?

My Favorites:

Dead Tired Draculaura- Draculaura looks great with this ‘fresh’ look.

Skull Shores Draculaura- She has one of my favorite make up jobs.

Fearleading 3 Pack Draculaura- The thing I like most about this doll is her hair. I love the styling!

And here are images of the rest…

Basic Draculaura

Dawn of the Dance Draculaura- I like this doll, but  refuse to buy two dolls I already own in order to get her.  It was a silly decisions on Mattel’s part to pair her with two factory dolls they already released.  We’re not all made of money!!!)

Gloom Beach Draculaura (redressed)

Draculaura/Clawd Date Night (possibly also known as her ‘School’s Out’ doll)- This is my least favorite Draculaura.  Her face looks too round and I don’t find her outfit very pretty.  The nice thing about this set was that I didn’t actually have to buy it at full price– I ordered a Cleo/Deuce set from the Black Friday Target online sale for $10 and the warehouses sent me the Draculaura/Clawd set by mistake.  That was a happy day, let me tell you!

Sweet 1600 Draculaura- I really like this girls hair and outfit!

Killer Style Draculaura- Unless this doll falls into my lap, I don’t think I’ll be purchasing her.  Mattel plan, releasing the outfits separately and on a doll, just struck me as odd.  Plus, I hardly ever saw these dolls on store shelves…

You know the players, now it’s time to choose your favorite Draculaura!

The Results:


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Who’s Your Favorite Ghoulia?

It’s that time again! After 507 votes and nearly 30 days of voting, I’ve closed the Frankie poll.  Check out the original post for the winning doll!

You are being called to action once again– this time to vote for your favorite Ghoulia!  Ghoulia is one of my favorite Monster High dolls.  I love her style and her funky glasses!  I ask you now, who’s your favorite Ghoulia?

My Favorites:

Basic Ghoulia

Dawn of the Dance Ghoulia

Dead Tired Ghoulia

Here are close ups of the other Ghoulia’s in the running…

Classroom Assortment Ghoulia  (wearing her extra outfit instead of her gym outfit)

Fearleading 3 pack Ghoulia

Skull Shores Ghoulia

SDCC 2011 Ghoulia

Gloom Beach 5 pack Ghoulia  (She is my least favorite of the bunch.  I don’t even care to own her!)

The results are in!  Voting is now closed!  Here are the results!

Thanks to all the participants and congrats to SDCC ’11 Ghoulia!

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Readers Poll— Who’s Your Favorite Frankie?

I’m trying something new today– a poll!  I thought, with so many Monster High dolls out in such a short period of time, why not see which doll people seem to like best!  With so many characters in the Monster High line, I am separating the polls by character and who better to start with than Frankie, the catalyst of the whole line.

Will you choose: Dawn of the Dance, B/W SDCC Frankie, Basic 1, Gloom Beach, Dead Tired, Classroom, School’s Out (Basic 2), Sweet 1600, or the not pictured Day at the Maul?  Let your voice be heard with this poll!

This poll is closed!  See the results below!!!   

My favorite’s are:

B/W SDCC Exclusive

Schools Out (Basic 2)


Here are close ups of the others you can choose from…

Dawn of the Dance

Gloom Beach

Dead Tired

Sweet 1600


I look forward to seeing your answers to this poll! Feel free to share a comment or two saying why you love that particular Frankie!

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