Collection Close Up: Polly Pocket, Part 1

Polly Pockets made their debut on toy shelves in 1989. The idea came about six years prior, in 1983, when inventor Chris Wiggs sought out to create a pocket friendly doll house for his daughter. He took a compact and created a tiny little doll house inside, complete with a doll. The idea eventually found its way to Bluebird Toys, who produced them until 1998.  I was the perfect age to really embrace the world of Polly Pocket and because of that, I have quite a few. This post is one of a few I’ll be doing showcasing my Polly Pocket collection.

Calling all riders! The Wayback Machine is ready to go! Where to, you ask? 1989! We’ll start our look back at Polly Pocket with Polly’s Flat. Polly’s Flat is housed in a circular purple compact. In later years, Polly’s compacts changed from being shapes to more realistic looking houses. However, in 1989, all of the Polly Pocket buildings were hidden within colorful compacts. Polly’s Flat included two figures: Polly and Tina (blonde with pig-tails).

 photo IMG_8791.jpg

 photo IMG_8792.jpg

Polly’s Flat includes a kitchen, living room, bedroom, balcony and bathroom.

 photo IMG_8788.jpg

 photo IMG_8783.jpg

Next on our tour is Midge’s Play School. Midge’s Play School is in a square yellow compact. This was also released in an orange compact with different interior colors. This set comes with two figures: Midge and a baby.

 photo IMG_8811.jpg

 photo IMG_8809.jpg

Midge’s Play School has a front yard filled with playground equipment, like a slide and sand area, a classroom,nursery, bedroom and bathroom.

 photo IMG_8807.jpg

 photo IMG_8803.jpg

Before we head back to 2017, we have one more stop, Buttons’ Animal Hospital. Buttons’ Animal Hospital comes with three figures: Buttons, a dog and a cat.

 photo IMG_8760.jpg

 photo IMG_8765.jpg

Buttons’ Animal Hospital has waiting room, kennel, front desk, exam room and a living space for Buttons.

 photo IMG_8762.jpg

 photo IMG_8768.jpg

Watch the video here:

Keep your arms and legs in the machine as we depart 1989 and return to the present! It may be a little bumpy, since we’re going forward over 20 years. (Yes, Polly Pocket is that old.) And we’re back!

The Wayback Machine needs a bit of a rest before our next trip into Polly Pocket history, so in the meantime, why not share some of your own Polly Pocket memories! Do you have a favorite of the three sets shown in this post or a favorite in general? Let me know!

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Dolly Report: Polly Pocket (G1)

Originally created by Bluebird Toys, G1 Polly Pockets debuted in 1989 and ran for ten successful years.  Seen as the girls answer to ‘Mighty Max’, the concept of Polly Pocket was simple and super cute.  Polly came in a compact case that when opened looked like a house, diner, safari home, pet shop, vet– you name it, Polly had it… Polly and her friends, hard plastic figures less than an inch tall,  fit perfectly in the tiny environment!  The compacts came in all shapes and sizes, just like the Polly and her friends came in different outfits, colors, and hair styles.

While not exactly a ‘doll’, I grew up on Polly Pockets.  How can you not adore them?  The miniature environments and figures are just too cute. Plus, they’re easy to store.  Mine currently reside in a bag hiding by my dresser, waiting until I get a shelf to display them.

In 1990, Bluebird was bought by Mattel, who changed Polly a lot.  Mattel began making her out of a more pliable plastic, made her a bit taller, and gave her rooted hair in some cases. My personal preference will always lean towards liking the originals more than the current re-incarnation (G3).  While the current line is cute (and I do own a few), the mini’s have charm that the large ones just don’t have.  Plus, they have the added benefit of being easy to store/display!!! (Can I stress that enough?!)

I took my Polly’s out for a bit today for a few quick photoshoots.  Here’s what came out of it!

Encore! Polly
This is one of my favorite sets!  It’s stage area is really well done and I love the piano player!


Painter Polly
I like this hat shop playset, as well! The Polly is really cute!  The detail is great, too!  Notice the paint brushes and paint on the base by Pollys’ feet!(At least, I think it’s the hat shop playset!)

Time to Swim! Polly

This set was swimming themed. Notice the bathing suits and the beach ball!


Polly playsets even included fun moving pieces and differently shaped figures, like these kids!

A few more photo’s are posted on my Flickr account (link on sidebar). Are you a Polly Collector? Do you have a fun Polly memory? Share it below! As always, thanks for checking out the blog! Subscribe via e-mail for fantastic auto updates!

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