Kurhn Goes Disney

The doll market has been pretty dry recently, so I thought I would talk a bit about one of my favorite doll brands, Kurhn. Specifically, I want to showcase some of the adorable Kurhn/Disney collaborations. The Disney releases are usually found on sites like AliExpress or eBay. They aren’t typically found at Walt Disney World or at China Sprout, who carry some non-licensed dolls. (Australians, you can find a few at Red Q Panda!) For those who don’t know, Kurhn is the Barbie of China. The popular fashion doll is sold all over China at stores like Wal-Mart, Trust Mart and Toys R Us. They also can be found at Shanghai Disney Resort.

I wish we had Kurhn at our toy stores! To see this many together– I’m jealous! Maybe it’s a good thing, though, because I don’t know if I could resist leaving without one (or all of them)!

With summer (and summer vacations) nearly upon us, I thought it would be a great time to showcase some of the dolls under the Kurhn/Disney collaboration! This post will mostly feature photos, since there’s no good reference for Kurhn dolls online.

This picture is of two different two sets, each with a Kurhn and a child. The outfits are a bit casual, but you can tell right away that they’re Minnie and Mickey themed! How adorable are the Mickey ears? These four are ready for a day at the park, for sure!

Kurhn’s also come in fancier outfits, like this Minnie themed ball gown. I would love to have this doll in my collection.


This Kurhn is ready to party in her Minnie dress! It’s a cute, simple look!

Another Kurhn set I’d love to add to my collection. Modern Minnie gives you one doll and two outfits that are very different in style.

This bathing suit Kurhn is a bit more basic than the others listed before her with the common bob haircut and non articulated limbs, but her bathing suit and accessories are super cute.

Kurhn playsets come with some really cute pieces. In this case, the doll comes with a whole Minnie themed room with a dresser and shelving unit!

Sometimes, you’ll see Kurhn’s with different style faces. I don’t know if they’re different characters or if it’s just something they change on a whim to not become stale, but Minnie Style Sweet Outfits uses a different face paint style than the other dolls featured in this post. It’s not my favorite face, but still cute.

If the doll isn’t your taste, but you love the ouftits, have no fear! There are outfit packs, too! Because Kurhn is 1/6th scale, like Barbie, the outfits should fit many other dolls. One of these outfits would be perfect for your dolly traveling companion next time you go to the Disney parks!

Sold without a doll is this cute coffee table and chair set. Perfect for a doll house!

The Shanghai Disney Resort Exclusive Minnie Kurhn doll is super pretty! If anyone vacations at Shanghai Disney Resort this summer, please let me know! The teal and orange look so pretty together!

Here’s another cute playset. The doll is similar to the one in the playset mentioned earlier. The souvenir stand is a fun prop, though!

Kurhn dolls usually feature some fun fashions and the one above and below are no exception! I especially love the doll with the braids!


By no means does this post feature all the dolls in the Kurhn/Disney collaboration. There are more that I’m sure are floating around the internet, so consider this a small sampling! Which Disney Kurhn is your favorite? Do you own any of these? Where do you usually find your Kurhn dolls? Let us know in the comment area!


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New From Mattel- Wild Hearts Crew

Finally, something new is hitting the doll market! From Mattel, creators of the iconic Barbie doll, comes a brand new line of dolls- the Wild Hearts Crew. With a release date of July 2019, the Wild Hearts Crew will be exclusive to Walmart stores. From Mattel, the line is all about “celebrating those that wear their heart on their sleeves, the Wild Hearts Crew is a sisterhood of girls challenging everyone, everywhere to #DareToBeDifferent. Join the crew this July at Walmart stores across the US! #WildHeartsCrew”.

Characters include musician Cori Cruize, photographer Kenna Roswell, skater Jacy Masters, dreamer Rallee Radmore, and rocker Charlie Lake.
The five uniquely articulated dolls feature new body types, as you can see from the promo photo. Mattel is definitely playing on the ‘curvy’ body type, but on a shorter doll. Judging by the promo photos, Mattel decided to take the cool styling of old school Monster High dolls and bring it into the real world with these fun punk looks.

Interestingly, some say that these dolls look like a take off of the recent Jem and the Holograms comics.  I can see where they’re coming from! Customizers could easily create their own versions of the comic characters using these dolls as a base, at least for Aja, Shana and Kimber.

I’m excited about the Wild Hearts Crew. It looks like a fun line that could replicate or even rival the success of Monster High and Ever After High. What do you think of the Wild Hearts Crew? Are you excited to add them to your collection? Let us know in the comment area!

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Adora 20″ Toddler Time Woof

I have admired the high-end Adora dolls ever since I saw them at New York Toy Fair many years ago. Recently, I received my first one! This Toddler Time Doll is under the name Woof. There’s a boy doll with this theme, as well. She’s brunette with blue eyes and peach skin. Woof, as I’ll call her in this review, is made of “Cuddle Me Vinyl”. Her vinyl limbs are soft and kind of squishy to the touch. They smell lightly of baby powder. Adora describes their new vinyl as “soft, silky, gentle and feels more like a real baby, making these toddlers perfect for play!” I wholeheartedly agree! It has a really nice texture to it. Woof’s torso is stuffed, but weighted. Woof doesn’t sit very well for me, but maybe that’s something I’ll have to work in a bit.

Woof is 20″ tall, which makes for a nice size for a realistic baby doll like this one. She comes dressed in a removable onesie and a diaper. Her outfit is very well made and looks adorable. It’s baby pink with a black and white dog motif on the onesie and bib. Woof is wigged. I didn’t actually take her hat off, but it seems like Adora used a quality wig for her.

What I really love about Woof is her face! Adora is wonderful at capturing honest expressions on their baby dolls and Woof is no exception. Her face is so pretty with her hand painted face paint, hand set eyes/lashes and nicely crafted features. I think it’s one of the best baby doll faces out there. Her hands and feet are also molded really, really well.

Price-wise, I was never sure if Adora was worth it– until now. I can totally see why these dolls are as expensive as they are. You can feel the care Adora puts into their baby dolls. The quality is exactly what I’d expect for their price point. I would definitely recommend adding one of these cuties to your collection.

Here are some Adora dolls I also love:

Toddler Time Jolie– Look at that smile!

Toddler Time Snow White– A must have for any Disney collector.

Toddler Time Work Out Chic– Her smile is contagious!

Do you collect Adora dolls? Do you have a favorite? What do you think of Woof? Let us know in the comments!

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Malibu Skipper Paper Dolls (Whitman 1973)

Here’s a peek inside another one of Skipper’s paper doll releases. This time, I’m showing you the uncut Malibu Skipper Paper doll made by Whitman in 1973. It features some pretty cool mod fashions!

Below is Skipper. Isn’t she cute? I love the graphics Whitman chose for the paper dolls. The expression on this paper doll is very pretty.


I would 100% try on all the fashions on the page below. The fringe vest, orange sweater, yellow bell bottoms and blue dress are so fun looking!

My favorite thing on this page has got to be the nurse’s outfit. The cape is adorable. The orange and blue dress is kind of fun, too. The orange and green pant suit, however, isn’t my taste so much!



What’s your favorite fashion from this set? Let us know in the comment area!

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Skipper Paper Dolls (Whitman, 1976)

Today, I wanted to show you one of my favorite Skipper paper doll sets. Made by Whitman in 1976, this set features an adorable Skipper doll designed to wear some stylish fashions.

I love how innocent Skipper looks in this box art. It reminds me of what Quick Curl Skipper would look like drawn. The paper doll packaged with this set, however, reminds me more of a Living Skipper. The freckles on her face are probably my favorite thing about this design. Below are some of the fashions Skipper comes with. (My set is missing a tutu outfit.)


Super casual, but super cute! Mattel, can you make Skipper’s orange shirt in my size?




I love this red baby doll outfit!



The orange alphabet outfit is another favorite of mine!



Such a fun bathing suit and cover!



The coat and skirt above is totally something I’d try on!

Which is your favorite fashion? Let us know in the comment area!

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