Dolly Review: City Girls Harper (New York Doll Collection)

From the New York Doll Collection comes the City Girls, a line of dolls themed around the boroughs of New York City. City Girls are 18″ tall dolls with stuffed torso’s and vinyl limbs. Sent for review was Harper, a girl made to represent the Bronx. Harper has the darkest skin tone of the dolls so far. She’s a little lighter in real life than in her promo photos.

NY Doll Collection City Girls Harper

Each doll in the line has their own unique background. Here’s a bit of Harper’s story, as written on the company’s website. “…I live in Riverdale with my Dad, Grandma Elaine, and younger sister Violet. My mom passed away when Violet and I were really young, so Grandma Elaine came to live with us. I love Art. I am a painter and love to sew. Grandma Elaine taught me how to sew dresses and accessories. I’ve gotten to be so good at it that I now design my own dresses, shirts, and accessories!… My favorite place in New York is the Metropolitan Museum of Art… My biggest dream is to have my own fashion line for girls and women who want to look artistic, unique, and express their creative sides through what they wear.”

NY Doll Collection City Girls Harper

One of the things I like about this line is the face mold. Harper has a round face with chubby cheeks. I think it’s rather cute! She has dark brown sleep eyes and long lashes.

NY Doll Collection City Girls Harper

Harper is wigged and has long silky dark brown hair. You can comb and style it. I’m very happy with the quality of the hair. Sometimes 18″ dolls like this can have course, rough hair, but Harper’s is the opposite.

NY Doll Collection City Girls Harper

As I mentioned earlier, Harper has a stuffed torso with vinyl limbs, like many other 18″ dolls. Because of this, I wasn’t sure if she would be able to stand on her own. Surprisingly, though, she stands like a trooper! This is because of her hard, densely stuffed torso. On a similar note, the cloth body is a good color match to the vinyl limbs, which isn’t always the case.

NY Doll Collection City Girls Harper

Since the character wants to be a fashion designer, it’s no surprise that she’s wearing a stylish outfit. I love the fur vest, long orange shirt and black leggings. The fur boots complete the look. Harper wears a Queen Elizabeth the Second pendant. I don’t know about you, but I’d totally try to rock a look like this! Per usual, velcro is used on the outfits, but the way they utilized it is a little better than other companies.

Overall, I like Harper. Having never seen these in person, I wasn’t sure what I was going to think, but I am happy about the quality that I see in the City Girls dolls.

NY Doll Collection City Girls Harper

You can order a City Girl for yourself via their website. Don’t forget to follow them on social media, too: Facebook, Instagram. What do you think of Harper? Who’s your favorite City Girl? Share your thoughts in the comment area!


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Dolly Review: Little House Covered Wagon/Horses (The Queen’s Treasures)

The Queen’s Treasures has always been kind to my blog and channel. They’ve sent many awesome things to show off on the blog. This last item, though, takes the cake for being the biggest item sent for review. Today, I’m going to show you the Little House on the Prairie inspired Covered Wagon, complete with two of the plush horses (sold separately from the wagon). The Covered Wagon/Hitch comes with a conversion kit that allows you to make your wagon into a sleigh.


The wagon and hitch measure just over 4 ft long, which makes this a huge statement piece! Made of real wood, this 18″ doll accessory requires a bit of set up. Instructions are included, but, truth be told, they are a little wordy!


Eventually, we got this together. However, we decided to not change it into the sleigh, because we didn’t want to risk not getting it back together. (To make this a sleigh, you remove the wheels and replace them with sleigh pieces.) Watch the video review, linked below, to learn a bit more about putting this together, as well as to really see the scale of this piece. It’s hard to tell how big it is in photographs!

The Queen’s Treasures Covered Wagon is large enough to fit two 18″ dolls in the front seating area. There’s also room for dolls to lay down in the back half. I’d imagine this could hold at least three 18″ dolls, if not four, which makes it a great display piece!


On top of that, the wheels actually move, so you can pull the hitch or push the wagon for active play. I love the colors of the wheels. They look great against the grainy color of the wood used for the rest of the wagon.


The wood is a little rougher than I expected. That being said, at least this isn’t made of plastic. The use of real wood makes this piece stand out among other 18″ doll accessories, which doesn’t surprise me, as The Queen’s Treasures is known for their quality!


I love, love, love the little trunk included in this set. To not take up needed doll space, there is a special spot to store the trunk, just outside the seating area of the wagon. The trunk opens and closes and has enough space to hold small accessories.


While the hitch is included with this wagon, the horses are not. Those are sold separately. They’re plush with no articulation. The horses and wagon aren’t exactly scaled to the 18″ Laura Ingalls doll, also sold by The Queen’s Treasures, but for this set to truly be scaled for the doll, it would have had to be much larger.


Besides sending these awesome products for review, The Queen’s Treasures also set up a coupon code! Use “CONFESSIONS” while checking out on their website to receive 10% off of any item, even sale items! (So, if an item is already 35% off, you’ll get an additional 10% off of the sale price!) I encourage you to check out the site and do a little holiday shopping! The winter holidays are coming up fast!

You can follow The Queen’s Treasures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I love the Covered Wagon and think it will make a great display piece my dolls. I love that it fits multiple 18″ dolls, too, and that it has the ability to be converted into a sleigh fit for winter. Photographers, this is a great prop to have on hand for your dolly adventures. It’s also a wonderful accessory to have under the Christmas tree for the Laura Ingalls fan in your life. Alongside this release, there’s a whole slew of other Little House on the Prairie merchandise on their website.


Definitely check out the video review to see the massive size of the Covered Wagon/Hitch and two horses. And don’t forget to use the coupon code “CONFESSIONS” to get a little extra bang for your buck for a limited time on The Queen’s Treasures website.

What do you think of the Little House inspired Covered Wagon/Hitch set from The Queen’s Treasures? What are you picking up with the provided coupon code? Share your thoughts in the comment area!

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Smooshy Mushy: Blind Bags, Bento Boxes and More!

I recently received a surprise box filled with Smooshy Mushy‘s, the next big squishy slow rise toy to hit the market. After opening various Smooshy Mushy’s, I thought I would share them here on the blog, as well, because we can never have too many doll sized pets or ‘food friends’, right? Watch our box opening video below to see all the different kinds of Smooshy Mushy products available.

Smooshy Mushy’s are squishy toys. They feel a lot like a soft stress ball. When you squeeze the animal or food friends (dubbed ‘besties’), they take their time getting back into their shape. In our blind bag heavy toy market, these guys fit right in! They’d also make a pretty sweet stocking stuffer for the holidays!

Smooshy Mushy’s have a scent to them, which I don’t find unpleasant. (I can’t exactly tell what it is, though, either!) Besides coming in cute little themed containers, there are blind bags, too. Blind bags contain a mystery bestie for your collection.

Smooshy Mushy

Smooshy Mushy

Smooshy Mushy

All Smooshy Mushy’s have a ball in chain key chain that fits into a molded hole on their side. We found many of the holes to be not cut properly, so it took a minute to push the ball in chain through. I like the fact that these guys can easily turn into a key chain.

Sqooshy Mushy

Sqooshy Mushy

Sqooshy Mushy

Sqooshy Mushy

Seems like these may make fun dolly friends/pets for you dolls or cute party favors if you host a dolly get together! What do you think of the ‘squishy’ trend and Smooshy Mushy’s? Share your thoughts in the comment area!

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Dolly Review: Luvabella, Spin Master’s Interactive Baby Doll

Luvabella is a battery operated, interactive baby doll by Spin Master. She comes in three versions: blonde hair/light skin, brown hair/tan skin, and dark brown hair/AA skin. A boy doll, LuvaBeau, is currently being marketed as a Toys R Us exclusive.


Luvabella takes 4 C batteries. Once installed, turn her on and she comes to life! This robotic baby doll makes lifelike sounds and movement. Her head, arms and facial features (eyes, cheeks and lips) move on their own. The movements are quite realistic looking, in my opinion. There’s a slight motor sound that you hear when she’s turned on, but Luvabella’s cute babbling easily drowns that out.

Luvabella says over 100 words and phrases. When you first take her out of the box, Luvabella babbles, laughs and cries. As you play with her, she learns more unique words and phrases, like “spooky” or “food, please.” Luvabella also loves to play games. If you hold your hands over her round, blinking eyes, she’ll start to mumble and eventually shout “peek-a-boo”! It’s actually quite adorable!

Luvabella has sensors that allow her to know when you’re touching or tickling her. Her laugh is contagious and really does make you smile. You can hear Luvabella’s heartbeat if you hold your hand over her chest.


For Luvabella’s cheeks and mouth to work properly, her face needs to allow for movement. To do this, Spin Master chose to use a rubbery material. This material picks up hair, sparkles and other foreign objects really easily. Our doll very quickly found herself covered in dog and cat hair, for example. To wash her face, they suggest using a damp washcloth. While her vinyl limbs feel as you’d expect, her head is definitely best described as tacky or rubbery. But, I’ll take that, because the movements Luvabella makes are so cool and really well done. See her in action in the video below.

Luvabella comes with a bottle, pacifier, spoon and sheep toy. If you put the sheep toy to Luvabella’s mouth, she’ll interact with it. If she’s getting fussy, she’ll take a bottle or some food from her spoon (pretend food, of course). When she’s ready for a nap, just lay her down or begin to rock her and she’ll start to fall asleep. If Luvabella has trouble falling asleep, give her the provided pacifier to calm her.

We actually tested out two Luvabella’s. The first, the brunette hair/tan skin version, didn’t work properly, which was sad, because she was so adorable and we had truly bonded with her. After contacting Spin Master, they sent a new one, the blonde hair/pale skin version. Both my mom and I agree that the brunette Luvabella’s are much cuter than the blonde one. Blonde dolls are just so common. But, it was nice getting to play with one that worked properly. We discuss the malfunction in the video review, just in case it happens to any other Luvabella dolls.


Luvabella does have an off switch to conserve battery power. Another plus is that besides English, Luvabella can also babble and speak in French, if you so choose. The biggest plus, though, is that you can change Luvabella’s ‘mama’ to ‘dada’, for the boys who may want one of these robotic, interactive baby dolls to play with and parent. You can also revert her back to babble mode easily, in case you gift this to a sibling down the line.

Watch the video review, embedded above, to see both the brown haired doll and the blonde. What do you think of Luvabella? Share your thoughts in the comment area.

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Dolly Review: My Sibling/My Pal Dolls (Outfit Review, Too!)

While at Blogger Bash‘s exclusive ‘Sweet Suite’, I had the pleasure of being introduced to Loretta Boronat and her My Sibling and My Pal dolls. This independent company has been producing high quality 18″ boy dolls with a message for a decade and, by the looks of it, will continue to do so for many years to come!

Let’s break the line down for you. First, we’ll talk about the My Sibling Dolls. This line has a grander cause behind it than just filling the ‘boy doll’ niche. The message of the line is one of awareness. Each doll represents a child who has a sibling with a disability, like Autism or Down Syndrome. To emphasize the point, each doll comes with a simply made booklet with a short story written by Loretta that lets you learn a little more about the doll, his sibling and how they relate to each other. Booklets also include a bit of information on the disability the sibling has and the company’s efforts to “help solve the autism puzzle“.

One thing I really love about this line is that the dolls are prepped and packaged by adult workers with various disabilities through a local US sheltered workshop. Finding a job without a disability can be hard nowadays, let alone finding one when you have a disability like Autism or Down Syndrome. These workers work on everything from dressing your doll, to preparing the booklet, to packaging your doll and prepping it for shipping. They offer training based on one’s skills and “strive to develop more opportunities for these adults, by optimizing their abilities and overlooking the stumbling blocks in the way we design the jobs.” I love this and wish more companies would consider doing this.

Also worth noting is that all the clothing these dolls are outfitted with is made in the USA.  Besides the dressed doll, My Siblings Dolls offers other outfits and accessories, sold separately, including onsie PJ’s, camo pants, basic playwear, sunglasses, shoes and even a doll sized sleeping bag! Not all the small accessories are made in the USA, but the outfits are. There are quite a lot of clothing options available, so if the doll isn’t for you, maybe you’ll see a cute outfit for your custom 18″ boy doll. For dolls, the company offers some customization services. (Learn more about that here.)

My Sibling/My Pal Dolls

For review, I received My Sibling Dolls Andy. Andy was one of the first dolls to be released. He has medium skin, wavy brown hair and brown eyes. As I said, he’s 18″ tall, partially vinyl, partially stuffed. His head, arms and legs are vinyl, while his torso is stuffed. Some dolls with stuffed torso’s are flopsy, but Andy is stuffed very densely. Because of this, he can stand really, really well with or without shoes! (An accomplishment, especially for a doll put together with a stuffed torso!)

My Sibling/My Pal Dolls

Andy has a nicely sculpted face with small details that some other brands might forego. His face looks uniquely ‘boy-ish’. The placement of the features is perfect. I especially love the small details on the lips.

My Sibling/My Pal Dolls

Andy’s hair is rooted and very soft! The style is super cute, too! I love the layered waves. Not all the dolls have this style, you can order dolls with less volume to their hair. So, if this isn’t your preferred style, they most likely have a doll with a hair style you like more.

My Sibling/My Pal Dolls

Andy’s outfit is simple (a two toned t-shirt and jeans) with a blue color scheme. It uses velcro closures for easy changing. Andy wears a hat, which fits well. And his shoes? I love them! I also especially like the Autism Awareness bracelet he wears. (You can order one in adult and children sizes on the website for yourself or your child.)

My Sibling/My Pal Dolls

The second doll sent for review was My Pal for Baseball. The My Pal line is a little more broad in theme. Each doll represents a hobby or cause. There are many to choose from, like World Peace, Autism Awareness, Tennis, School, Going Green, Hanukkah, Christmas, First Eucharist, Giving Thanks and Soccer. For those in a military family, you can also get a My Pal the Patriot doll, which comes in various skin tones/hair styles.

My Sibling/My Pal Dolls

My Pal for Baseball comes in two different ‘looks’. We chose to review the light skin version, with straight brown hair and blue eyes. The body and head are the same as Andy’s. The skin is much lighter than Andy’s medium skin. My Pal for Baseball stands as solidly as Andy does.

His hair is cut in a short boy cut. It arrived a little too perfect for my taste, but after messing with it a bit, it looked very nice. They did a good job on the cut. That can be one of the hardest things to get right on boy dolls.

My Sibling/My Pal Dolls

The baseball outfit is a nice piece, too. There’s a little bit of neck to stuffed body showing, but the color match is good enough that you barely notice.  Again, they use velcro, so it’s easy to take the outfit off/put it back on. Besides the blue uniform top and white pants, you also get a pair of white tennis shoes (not black cleats like the webpage says), a catcher’s mitt (made of fabric) and a cool baseball cap with the My Pal logo on it. It looks very authentic and super cute!

My Sibling/My Pal Dolls

Both dolls have trouble staying in a sitting position. Their hips joints allow them to sit in a straddle, but you’ll probably need to prop them up a bit for them to really stay in a sitting position. Just like the My Sibling line, you’ll get a booklet with various facts and tidbits about the theme of your My Pal doll. In My Pal for Baseball’s case, the booklet included information about the game and the current teams in the league.

My Sibling/My Pal Dolls

Also sent for review were two other items: a suit and doll sized sleeping bag. The suit comes in a variety of fabrics (five!).

My Sibling/My Pal Dolls

Each suit includes a white shirt with tie, suit pants and a suit jacket. The look, from head to toe, looks adorable. My Pal for Baseball looked like he stepped right out of Mad Men when wearing it. Shoes are not included in this outfit.

My Sibling/My Pal Dolls

The sleeping bag is colorful and soft. It’s big enough for at least one doll, if not two. It has an elastic band to fold and wrap the sleeping bag just like you would a normal sized one. The bright colors go hand in hand with the Autism awareness bracelets and other products sold in the online store.

My Sibling/My Pal Dolls

Check out the website to see all the products from this independent doll company. You can also find them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. As a thank you to the company, visit their website and let me know in the comments which doll is your favorite. What do you think of My Sibling and/or My Pal dolls? Share your thoughts in the comment area!

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