Skipper Highlight Reel: Skipper’s Boyfriend Scott

Last time on the Skipper Highlight Reel, we covered Growing Up Skipper and her friend Ginger. This controversial line lead to the sudden disappearance of Skipper for a short period of time. Between 1975 and 1979, most Skipper releases were exclusive to the European market, like Deluxe Quick Curl Skipper and Funtime Skipper. It looks like a Malibu or two was released, but there wasn’t much more than that in the States, according to the internet. (Price guides like the Skipper: Barbie’s Little Sister stop at 1978. I’ve always played with the idea about trying to pitch a book that covers Skipper post 1978. It would be so helpful!)

In 1979, Skipper returned revitalized with a new ‘Super Teen Skipper‘ face mold and more active tagline. Super Teen Skipper was marketed as, “Glamorous one minute, a super sport the next.” Besides the new face, Super Teen Skipper’s body mold was changed from flat chested to having a small bust. To be 100% honest, the Super Teen Skipper is my least favorite of the Skipper’s manufactured. Personally, I find it to be just plain ugly. There’s not one thing that bugs me, it’s pretty much everything about her face that does.

In addition to tweaking Skipper’s sculpt and body, in 1980, she found herself her first ever boyfriend! Scott is an interesting character and definitely reflects the late 70’s/early 80’s! He has a head of curly hair and wears a sporty outfit with a tank top, jacket and pants. To complete the look? Four wheeled roller skates. Just imagine the folks in the skating movies of that time, like Xanadu, and you have Scott.

 photo IMG_6456.jpg

Interestingly enough, I always assumed that Scott’s body mold, which has one bent arm and one straight, had to do with the ‘active and sporty’ theme that surrounds him and Super Teen Skipper. Apparently, though, his body mold was also used earlier in 1978 for Mattel’s Jimmy Osmond doll. Those dolls were packaged with microphones and had bent arms so kids could pretend Jimmy was performing. So that’s why Scott has a bent arm.

 photo IMG_6462.jpg

Scott has a unique face mold that I don’t think has been used since this release, which only seems to have been produced for a year before disappearing. The whole Super Teen Skipper theme only lasted a few years (thank goodness) with a new face mold for Skipper being released in 1985 and then again in 1988.

 photo IMG_6459.jpg

Video review below!

Do you have Scott? What do you think of him? Share your thoughts in the comment area.

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Collection Close Up: Polly Pocket, Part 1

Polly Pockets made their debut on toy shelves in 1989. The idea came about six years prior, in 1983, when inventor Chris Wiggs sought out to create a pocket friendly doll house for his daughter. He took a compact and created a tiny little doll house inside, complete with a doll. The idea eventually found its way to Bluebird Toys, who produced them until 1998.  I was the perfect age to really embrace the world of Polly Pocket and because of that, I have quite a few. This post is one of a few I’ll be doing showcasing my Polly Pocket collection.

Calling all riders! The Wayback Machine is ready to go! Where to, you ask? 1989! We’ll start our look back at Polly Pocket with Polly’s Flat. Polly’s Flat is housed in a circular purple compact. In later years, Polly’s compacts changed from being shapes to more realistic looking houses. However, in 1989, all of the Polly Pocket buildings were hidden within colorful compacts. Polly’s Flat included two figures: Polly and Tina (blonde with pig-tails).

 photo IMG_8791.jpg

 photo IMG_8792.jpg

Polly’s Flat includes a kitchen, living room, bedroom, balcony and bathroom.

 photo IMG_8788.jpg

 photo IMG_8783.jpg

Next on our tour is Midge’s Play School. Midge’s Play School is in a square yellow compact. This was also released in an orange compact with different interior colors. This set comes with two figures: Midge and a baby.

 photo IMG_8811.jpg

 photo IMG_8809.jpg

Midge’s Play School has a front yard filled with playground equipment, like a slide and sand area, a classroom,nursery, bedroom and bathroom.

 photo IMG_8807.jpg

 photo IMG_8803.jpg

Before we head back to 2017, we have one more stop, Buttons’ Animal Hospital. Buttons’ Animal Hospital comes with three figures: Buttons, a dog and a cat.

 photo IMG_8760.jpg

 photo IMG_8765.jpg

Buttons’ Animal Hospital has waiting room, kennel, front desk, exam room and a living space for Buttons.

 photo IMG_8762.jpg

 photo IMG_8768.jpg

Watch the video here:

Keep your arms and legs in the machine as we depart 1989 and return to the present! It may be a little bumpy, since we’re going forward over 20 years. (Yes, Polly Pocket is that old.) And we’re back!

The Wayback Machine needs a bit of a rest before our next trip into Polly Pocket history, so in the meantime, why not share some of your own Polly Pocket memories! Do you have a favorite of the three sets shown in this post or a favorite in general? Let me know!

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Walking the Toy Aisle

With Christmas just a few months away, I expected to see more fun and exciting things on the shelves of Toys R Us. Alas, there isn’t much to cover at the moment, it seems! The most exciting thing in the aisles was probably the release of WellieWishers at Toys R Us stores.

Walkin' the Toy Aisle

WellieWishers are priced at $59.99, making them a little high (in my opinion) for the customers of Toys R Us. It is nice, though, to see these American Girl products in stores! I do think WellieWishers are pretty.

Walkin' the Toy Aisle

I was happily surprised to see a number of accessories already on shelves along with the dolls! Below are a few examples.

Walkin' the Toy Aisle

Walkin' the Toy Aisle

Walkin' the Toy Aisle

Walkin' the Toy Aisle

Another exciting addition to the toy aisles is Miraculous Ladybug. I hopped on the Miraculous Ladybug train a while ago. The CG superhero cartoon is beautifully animated and the stories, while formulaic, are really fun to watch! It took a while, but after a long wait, toys are finally making their way to the stores! There are other dolls out, too, besides this two pack. You can buy separate hero packs or buy Marinette and Adrian in their ‘every day look’, too. (If you haven’t watched Miraculous, you should! I recommend searching out the French language track with subtitles.)

Walkin' the Toy Aisle

Not much was super awe inspiring in the Barbie aisle. These two Ken’s are pretty cool looking, though! The molded shirt on the second Ken is disappointing, but both Kens are, dare I say, handsome? (That doesn’t always happen in Ken releases!)
Walkin' the Toy Aisle

Walkin' the Toy Aisle

My Little Pony Equestria Girl Mini‘s are adorable. Below is Flash. What a cutie! I don’t own any EQ Mini’s just yet, but want to pick up a few one day. They’d make great friends for my Pinky ST figures.
Walkin' the Toy Aisle

I reviewed a Berenguer Baby doll before. They are some of the cutest realistic baby dolls around. If you’re looking for one in a jiffy, you may want to check out Toys R Us!
Walkin' the Toy Aisle

Furreal’s Torch is adorable and I wouldn’t be shocked if it was on everyone’s (young or old) Christmas list! We saw Torch at Toy Fair (Hasbro coverage) and were blown away by his adorableness.
Walkin' the Toy Aisle

Here’s one for the 80’s cartoon gang! Look at these adorable Squinky sized Smurfs!!! So cute, right?
Walkin' the Toy Aisle

There were some Monster High on the shelves, but nothing super exciting. If anything, the thing I took away from the stock was the lack of Ghoulia. Poor Ghoulia is being left in the dust with this whole reboot, which is so sad. She’s my favorite character, next to Frankie and Holt. This was the only Ghoulia we saw. Ghoulia, we will never forget you.
Walkin' the Toy Aisle

So, there you have it! There are just a few of my takeaways from Walking the Toy Aisle. What have you seen recently that made you excited or disappointed? Share your thoughts in the comment area.

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Skipper Highlight Reel: Growing Up Skipper and Ginger

It’s time again for another Skipper Highlight Reel! You’ll be seeing more of these as this year continues. With Christmas on the way, I can’t buy many new dolls for myself! It’s far cheaper to highlight things I already own.

Growing up Skipper

This Skipper Highlight Reel is covering one of the more controversial Skipper releases, 1975’s Growing Up Skipper. Growing Up Skipper is a doll with a gimmick. Her box read, “Make her grow from a young girl to a teenager in seconds”. How, you ask? Well, by cracking her left arm in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise fashion! You turn her arm counter-clockwise to make Skipper “grow slim, tall and curvy” and clockwise to make her “cute and young again”.  (Quotes taken directly from the packaging.) Essentially what happens is when you turn Skipper’s arm counter clockwise, her torso grows in length and her bust grows slightly. Doing the reverse, will pull her torso down and make the bust disappear. (Watch the video review where I show this on a nude doll if you’re confused.)

Growing Up Skipper came with two different hair colors, pale blonde and strawberry blonde. Of the strawberry blonde dolls, there are two different hair styles. One release had long, shaggy layers in her hair, while another had a slightly shorter, more tame cut. The difference is slight, but noticeable if the two dolls are close together.

Growing Up Skipper

Above: Shaggy Strawberry Blonde, Pale Blonde, Shorter Cut Strawberry Blonde

Growing Up Skipper

Above: Pale Blonde, Shorter Cut Strawberry Blonde, Shaggy Strawberry Blonde

In 1976, Skipper made friends with Ginger. Ginger was only released in this Growing Up Skipper line. Ginger used the same face mold and body type as Skipper. My Ginger is not in her original outfit. Ginger’s original outfit was similar to Skipper’s, but had a teal color scheme. Her skirt is currently on one of my Skippers. (In case you’re wondering, my Ginger is wearing the Fun at McDonalds Fantasy Fashion.)

Growing Up Skipper

Of the two dolls, I think Ginger is the cutest. The brown hair and eyes  look much cuter on this face mold than Skipper’s strangely painted face.  It’s hard to tell from the grainy commercial above, but the prototype Skipper looks much cuter than what was on store shelves.

Growing Up Skipper

Because Skipper and Ginger grew in length when they changed from being a child to an adult, Mattel included a lot of accessories with this doll. You got a red unitard top, a long red and white skirt, short red and white skirt, white sandles, red flats and a scarf. My dolls aren’t mint and are missing certain pieces. Mattel released a handful of outfit sets for these dolls over the three years, as well.

Growing Up Skipper

Above: “Teenager” Skipper, “Child” Skipper

Do you remember Growing Up Skipper and Ginger? What do you think of these two unique dolls? Share your thoughts below!

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Skipper Hightlight Reel: Flying Wendy (1993)

Back when I had a PO Box for those that wanted to reach out via snail mail, I received a naked Flying Wendy doll from a reader/viewer. Thanks to a lucky find, Wendy now has an outfit! She was released back in 1993 when Mattel would use the Skipper face molds for some of the Disney Store exclusives and was released in conjunction with a Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. Like Flying Wendy, the Tink also used a Skipper mold.

Flying Wendy (Disney Exclusive)

Flying Wendy (Disney Exclusive)

Flying Wendy is unique when compared to Skipper dolls, because of her wavy light brown hair and blue eyes. I think she has a very pretty face! Her body is the same you’d see from any other Skipper doll released in the early 90’s. Flying Wendy is a great example of the other characters this face mold can play.

Flying Wendy (Disney Exclusive)

Flying Wendy (Disney Exclusive)

In 1997, Disney released another Peter Pan set, which featured another Skipper mold, the Teen Skipper mold that was used after this large anime eye face.

Flying Wendy (Disney Exclusive)

Both this set and the 1997 set go for some pretty high prices on eBay and would be great additions to any Skipper collection! Do you own this doll? What do you think of her? Share your thoughts in the comment area.

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