Dolly Review: Prettie Girls Tween Scene

A few weeks ago, my mom and I went to Walmart. Usually, we miss all the big sales, but this time, we stumbled upon a treasure trove of toys at super cheap prices. Within those aisles, we found three Prettie Girls Tween Scene dolls, Lena, Valencia and Kimani. In total, we paid $5.00 for all three. (What a deal!)

Prettie Girls Tween Scene are articulated 16″ vinyl dolls. Sold at Walmart, they made their debut in 2016 and were made in collaboration with the Tonner Doll Company. They use the same body that Tonner Toys used for their Maudlynne Macabre and Little Miss Matched Girl line. For the most part, the articulated body is done really well. She has shoulder, elbow, hip and knee joints. The one point of articulation I feel is missing is a wrist joint. There are so many times I want to just move the dolls wrist, but can’t, because none of these dolls have one.

 photo IMG_8715.jpg

All three Prettie Girls are nicely rooted. I love the variation of hairstyles on Lena, Valencia and Kimani. Lena has super straight black hair. It’s soft to the touch. The same goes for the other two girls. Kimani has dark brown hair with lots of curl. Finally, Valencia has a light brown/caramel blonde sort of hair color that is styled in two pig tails. Were this line to grow, I’d love to see a more natural sort of hairstyle or a short cut on one of these dolls. Pictured below is Kimani.

 photo IMG_8701.jpg

To me, Lena and Kimani have very similar faces. I almost assumed they were the same character, just different waves. I peg that on their eye makeup. Both Lena and Kimani have the same color above their eyes and similar paint around their eyes. Even their lip color is very similar. I wish they would have switched up the face paint a little more, so each character could stand out more. Valencia, with a lighter skin tone and more sporty look, has more natural colors on her face, where the other two girls, both with darker complexions have cool, bright colored make up. Don’t get me wrong. I love the make up on them and think the faces look great as designed, I just think they could have done more to separate their unique characters. Pictured below is Lena.

 photo IMG_8725.jpg

If you’re looking specifically for a black/AA doll, then this is a line to look into. Lena and Kimani have different complexions, which is great and not always something doll lines do. Kimani is definitely darker than Lena when it comes to skin tone. I tend to like dolls with really dark skin tones, because, let’s be honest, they’re pretty rare when it comes to play line dolls. Valencia, who is Hispanic, has tan-colored skin.

All three dolls have super cool outfits! I’m torn between liking Lena’s red/orange dress or Kimani’s crop top/flower pants combo the most. Both outfits are just too cute. The sporty track suit on Valencia is my least favorite of the three and maybe of the entire line. Each doll came with an extra top. Strangely, though, I don’t think the tops they came with match very well with the outfits they are currently wearing, but maybe they expected to sell more fashion packs? Pictured below is Valencia.

 photo IMG_8707.jpg

To be honest, I’m not sure what the status of Prettie Girls: Tween Scene is. Last year, One World, the creative team behind this line, merged with Tonner, creating Tonner One World.  However, nothing has really come out of that partnership yet, nor have we seen any new waves of Tween Scene. Their website teases a new line, Prettie Girls NYC, which features new girls who “are diverse in cultures & personalities, from the Chic, rocker Stone; to the sophisticated, classy Knox; the fun, funky Kiyo; the performing, princess Mayla; to finally the sporty, spunky Anja.” The image from the site, who I assume is Stone, is pretty awesome. I hope we eventually see this line one day!

 photo IMG_8722.jpg

Even a new wave of Prettie Girls: Tween Scene would be appreciated. This line really is a great size and one you don’t see very often on play line dolls. Not to mention, there’s quality to this doll line. They are well put together dolls. (They photograph really well, too!)  And of course, we can’t forget the diversity factor. This line prides itself on having dolls from varying ethnicities. Not pictured in this review, for example, are Dhara, Alexi and Hana, who all come from different ethnic backgrounds.

 photo IMG_8716.jpg

What do you think of Prettie Girls: Tween Scene? Do you own any? Were they on clearance at your local Walmart? Share your thoughts in the comment area!

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 photo IMG_8404.jpg

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Dolly Review: BU-tiful and Springfield Collection from Fibre-Craft

Late December, I received an e-mail from the fine folks at Fibre-Craft asking if I wanted to review their two 18″ doll lines, BU-tiful and the Springfield Collection. Having never handled their doll line before, I said, sure! Besides sending two dolls, they also sent a plethora of outfits to try out!

 photo IMG_8054.jpg

Let’s start with the Springfield Collection. Springfield Collection dolls are 18″ tall with vinyl limbs and a fully cloth body. There are four different dolls in this line: Olivia, Madison, Maria and Emma. For review, I received Emma. The stuffing in the torso is light, bouncy and huggable. Because of this, Emma doesn’t stand on her own.

Emma comes dressed in a simple pink dress.  It’s nice, but the outfits they sell are much better, in my opinion. Admittedly, I forgot to take a photo of her wearing this basic outfit, but you can see it in the video linked below. Below, Emma is wearing one of the outfits sent for review, the Blazer and Dress. I love the blazer!

 photo IMG_8058.jpg

Emma has sleep eyes that move fluidly up and down. As far as Emma’s face goes, it’s cute. She has a cheerful expression to her that I like. I don’t think everyone will be won over by her sculpt, but overall, it’s nice and friendly looking. Emma is modeling the Winter Set below, which comes with the vest, scarf, gloves, earmuffs and boots. (Shirt and Pants not included in this set.)

 photo IMG_8066.jpg

BU-tiful have a very similar, if not the same, face sculpt to Springfield Dolls. The main difference between the two lines? Their bodies. BU-tiful dolls have a mostly vinyl body. She has a chest plate that is connected to a small bit of cloth body. The cloth portion of the BU-tiful’s body has very heavy, dense padding, different from the Springfield Collection. Even though both are 18″ dolls, BU-tiful dolls, when standing next to Springfield Dolls, look taller and leaner. Sent for review was Gabriella. Below she is pictured wearing a Winter Outfit. I love the boots that came with this outfit and the cat graphic is so cute!

 photo IMG_8035.jpg

Again, I was so excited to try on the extra outfits that I forgot to take a photo of her with her original outfit on– a daisy themed dress. I prefer the vinyl body of the BU-tiful line. This body type allows the doll to stand on her own, which is great for those looking for a sturdy and poseable doll. BU-tiful dolls are articulated in the shoulder and hip areas.

One of my favorite of the included outfits has to be this Galaxy Dress. It came with neat galaxy colored converse-like shoes. The dress is well made and the colors look great on Gabriella’s tan complexion.

 photo video 1 14.jpg

The nice thing about Springfield Dolls and BU-tiful is that their outfits are interchangeable. Even though the torso’s of the dolls are different,  the outfits do, in fact, fit both types of dolls. In fact, they fit a variety of 18″ dolls. I tested these outfits on both an American Girl and The Queen’s Treasures Laura Ingalls. While the outfits were a little tight on my Pleasant Company Molly, they fit Laura Ingalls pretty well. (She’s wearing one right now, in fact!) There’s a variety of outfits to choose from and none arrived poorly constructed. (Below, Gabriella is wearing the Sequin Jacket Outfit. Not my favorite of the looks, but sill a nice outfit to have on your doll’s clothing rack.)

 photo IMG_8042.jpg

One issue I have with the outfits is the fact that they use velcro instead of snaps. Since one of their dolls is cloth bodied, it would make more sense to start using snaps, as to not snag the fabric of the body. However, the fact that many of the outfits include multiple pieces and accessories (and best of all shoes) is a huge positive.

You can buy BU-tiful and the Springfield Collection online. What do you think of these two lines and the outfits? Share your thoughts below.

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Dolly Review: The Queen’s Treasures Laura Ingalls 18″ Doll

Last year, The Queen’s Treasures debuted their first 18″ doll. Known mostly for furniture and accessories, this was a new direction for them. They paired their first foray into the 18″ doll market with one of their big licenses, “Little House on the Prairie”. The Queen’s Treasures was kind enough to send a Laura Ingalls doll out to me for review. I was unsure of exactly how I felt about her, based on promo photos and what I had seen at Toy Fairs the past two years, but now that I’ve seen her and played around with her a bit, I’m happily surprised by how much I am enjoying this doll!

The Queen's Treasures Laura Ingalls Doll (and Outfit Tests

Let’s start off with the basics. Laura is 18″ tall with a mostly vinyl body. She has vinyl limbs and a chest plate. There’s still some stuffing in her torso, but far less than in some 18″ doll lines. Because she’s mostly vinyl, she should balance well. I say should, because, unfortunately, my doll has a wonky leg. One of her legs tilts in, which hinders her from standing easily. However, I have been able to prop her up, even with the leg problem, so I imagine a doll with two perfect legs would stand easily.

The Queen's Treasures Laura Ingalls Doll (and Outfit Tests

She has shoulder and hip joints, but no elbow or knee joints. For the most part, her shoulder joints are pretty basic, going up and down with some tilt out. Her hip joints move up and down, so she sits like your traditional plush bodied 18″ doll, in a V. Laura’s head has the best articulation, though, moving in all directions easily.

The Queen's Treasures Laura Ingalls Doll (and Outfit Tests

The stand out feature of this doll is her adorable face. At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked her face, but after doing a bit of testing with other more contemporary outfits, I’ve settled on liking the quirky expression Laura has. Laura has blue sleep eyes. They move up and down fluidly. Her face is heart shaped, or close to it, with a pointy chin, round cheeks and a large forehead. Freckles are small and light on her cheeks and she has a long, thin grin. This isn’t a face everyone will fall head over heels for, even I had doubts, but it did eventually grow on me.

The Queen's Treasures Laura Ingalls Doll (and Outfit Tests

The Queen's Treasures Laura Ingalls Doll (and Outfit Tests

She’s wigged with a brown wig, done down in two braids. The wigged hair feels nice, but be warned that the braids can easily become undone. The hair is almost too fine to stay in the style. I had to redo them midway through taking photos, because of the braids accidentally getting stuck on the velcro of the outfits I was changing her into. (And if this happens to me, it will definitely happen to young’ins who might be playing out their prairie dreams!)

The Queen's Treasures Laura Ingalls Doll (and Outfit Tests

Laura arrives in her night dress, long and white with a cap. There’s nothing fancy about it. If you’d like her green smock, you’ll have to buy that separately. I kept Laura in her nightgown for a few hours, but then ran to the box of 18″ doll clothing to see if anything else fit her. I tried on both outfits I have from The Queen’s Treasures and found that one fit, while the other didn’t! The vintage Doughnut Girls Dress fit well and looked cute on Laura. It fit a little large, but still didn’t look too big, in my opinion. The vintage Salvation Army Uniform, though, didn’t fit at all. It was very big in the waist and large in the top. (I still love this hat, though!)

The Queen's Treasures Laura Ingalls Doll (and Outfit Tests

The Queen's Treasures Laura Ingalls Doll (and Outfit Tests

For a more contemporary look, I tried on some FibreCraft BUtiful/Springfield Collection outfits made for 18″ dolls. They fit Laura nicely and gave her a push into the modern days. The black skirt was a little tight, but not too tight. The red outfit is American Girl. It is a little long, length wise, but also isn’t a bad fit. (Though, keep in mind, I’ve found most AG outfits to all fit differently, so all outfits may not work.) To be honest, I prefer this face mold with the more contemporary outfits than the nightdress. It wasn’t until I saw her in the modern clothing that I was 100% happy with the look! One quick thing I need to point out. Since Laura arrives in her nightgown, don’t expect any shoes. You’ll need to buy those separately.

The Queen's Treasures Laura Ingalls Doll (and Outfit Tests

The Queen's Treasures Laura Ingalls Doll (and Outfit Tests

The Queen's Treasures Laura Ingalls Doll (and Outfit Tests

The Queen’s Treasures always seems to go an extra step and with Laura that extra bit of pizzazz went into her box design. Laura arrives in a box with a window, so you can see her pretty face. It’s strong and sturdy. Why? Because it can easily be made into a bed for your doll! The bottom of the box is designed to look like a bed and the top, a window. To complete the look and feel, packaged with Laura is a blanket and a pillow. That’s a lot of extra’s when you consider this company is known for selling furniture and accessories. To finish it off, Laura was given a stuffed dolly to sleep with.

Overall, I’m happy with The Queen’s Treasures Laura Ingalls doll. As I mentioned, she may not have a face that will please everyone, but I personally think it’s cute in a quirky sort of way! The only thing I might change is her wig. It was way too easy to snag her braids on the velcro clothing fixtures and I’m usually really careful about that sort of thing.

The Queen's Treasures Laura Ingalls Doll (and Outfit Tests

It was easy to put back into the braids, but I caught the snags early into the photo shoot, so I wonder how easy it would be to fix after a long day of play? It is a soft wig, though, which is nice, so it’s hard to say if the wig is the problem. Ignoring the leg issue with my doll, I also believe the body is pretty well done and you should be able to find some cute outfits for her if you decide to take her out of the prairie days!

The Queen's Treasures Laura Ingalls Doll (and Outfit Tests

You can order The Queen’s Treasures Laura Ingalls doll on their website. Don’t forget to ‘like’ them on Facebook and Twitter, too, for information on new products, sales, etc! What do you think of Laura? Share your thoughts and questions in the comment area!

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Dolly Review: LOL- Lil Outrageous Littles

Recently at Toys R Us, my mom and I decided to pick up one of MGA‘s LOL blind bag/box dolls. The idea around LOL is that there are seven layers of stuff that you can unwrap and open, the grand finale being your very own doll.


The first and second layers of the LOL experience are pretty lackluster. The first layer is a secret message and the second is a small sheet of stickers. The third layer is where it gets a little more exciting. From there, you’ll open, step by step, a unique bottle, a pair of shoes, an outfit, an accessory and finally your Lil’ Outrageous Little. There are 45 different LOL’s in Series 1.






The LOL doll itself reminds me of childlike Bratz. Our LOL has lilac hair molded in small braids. Her arms and legs move up and down. So, in outfits that don’t constrict her movement, she should be able to sit on her own. It turns out this particular LOL is from the Theater Club ‘set’ and is pretending to be a mermaid. A little confusing to us at first was that our LOL lacked shoes and instead came with two accessories. Once we saw the picture in the ‘collect them all’ booklet, we realized it was because she’s the mermaid that she didn’t need shoes.


LOL’s packaging also acts as the dolls home. One half of her circular home is her hangout, while the other half is her bathtub. Why a bathtub, you ask? Well, there’s one more element of this doll that I haven’t mentioned yet. The bottle holds water. After your LOL drinks, she may cry, blow bubbles or tinkle. The instructions were not very good at explaining that each LOL has a different talent, in my opinion, so it took us a while to figure that bit out. (If you watch the video, you’ll notice we fumble through that part!)



So, that’s a little bit about LOL: Lil Outrageous Littles. They’re one of the more interesting ‘blind’ products to hit shelves in a while and will probably appeal to a few of you! What do you think of LOL? Share your thoughts below.

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