Re-Root: Ideal Giggles

Recently, I re-rooted another Ideal Giggles doll for my mother. Even though these large dolls take a lot of hair, I love re-rooting them.  The end results of these re-roots are always fantastic and make for quite a sense of accomplishment!

Giggles started life looking like this:

Ready for the unveiling?  Da Da Da DAAAAAAAA.

Giggles was re-rooted with Old Bubblegum Nylon hair from Dollyhair.  I purchased a total of six hanks of hair to root this Giggles.  The owner of Dollyhair probably thought I was crazy, always coming back to order the same color I had ordered just weeks before.  Let’s just say, I’m not very good at estimating how much hair I’ll need for a re-root…  :p

I love this bubblegum pink color on Giggles.  It makes her look like a young Jem (from Jem and the Holograms).  Her outfit was purchased from a vender at the Kane County Doll and Toy Show.  It was originally made for American Girl dolls, but fits Giggles well enough.

The color looks great on Giggles.  It definitely sets her apart from the pack, not to mention my earlier re-root!  Overall, I’m very pleased with how this re-root turned out!

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  1. barbielea replied:

    She looks great, bet your Mum was pleased! And do does your earlier re-root – you’ve obviously put a lot of work in as my Sindy and Barbie re-roots have used half that much hair (though yes, I’ve got a big history of estimating my hair requirements wrong too). I plan to use a similar colour to this myself soon, I think this shade of punk looks really good on all kinds of dolls. Best wishes

  2. barbielea replied:

    Er, that should have read shade of pink!! But it’s sort of appropriate I suppose 🙂

  3. Catherine replied:

    Giggles looks amazing! Congrats!

  4. Dolly Re-Root: Ideal Giggles | Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter replied:

    […] Doll and Toy Show at the Kane County Fairgrounds, I picked up an Ideal Giggles.  I had rerooted a Giggles in the past for my mom and decided it was time to purchase my own. This Giggles was a steal at […]

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