AZIAM Girlz (pronounced “As I Am”) were also on display at Toy Fair. They initially caught my eye because of their articulated bodies. AZIAM Girlz is advertised as the worlds first Yoga doll. The dolls are inspired by the 8-Limbed (Ashtanga) Path of Yoga by Patanjali. Having never heard of the line before, I decided to cover them in my NYTF coverage! Meet the Dolly Allana, Asana, Dara, Pratya, Yama and  Prana. Not pictured here are Sama, Dyana and Niyama. Each doll comes with a yoga mat that doubles as a slap bracelet. (I saw a few slap bracelets around Toy Fair. Hello 90’s! Welcome back!)

NYTF16- AZIAM Girlz (Yoga doll)

NYTF16- AZIAM Girlz (Yoga doll)

As far as posing goes, it looks like they pose really well. I don’t know of many stock doll bodies that could get into the positions these dolls were displayed in!

NYTF16- AZIAM Girlz (Yoga doll)

NYTF16- AZIAM Girlz (Yoga doll)

NYTF16- AZIAM Girlz (Yoga doll)

NYTF16- AZIAM Girlz (Yoga doll)

These cute 1/6th scale dolls are available online. A portion of the sale of each doll is donated to a charity or cause that is related to the doll’s theme. For example, proceeds from the sale of Asana (the doll with curly blonde hair decked out in workout gear) are donated to the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

What do you think of the AZIAM Girlz? Share your thoughts in the comment area!

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  1. Blackkitty replied:

    Their eye whites are weird but with a little paint they could be pretty cool. Prana’s dress in the shop is really lame. I like Dyana and Dara.

  2. Carrie H replied:

    Love these dolls! They are gorgeous and so much fun to pose. I couldn’t believe how poseable they really were. Love that they give some of their proceeds to charitable causes.

  3. Cali replied:

    The black one with the afro hair particularly grabbed my attention, she’s so expressive… some of the others look a bit plain, but in general I think they’re pretty -and I love the charity project around them 🙂

  4. AZIAM Yoga Doll Niyama – Comparison and (sort of) Review – Crazy Doll Lady replied:

    […] meditating cat.  I think I may need that.)  I’ve been keeping tabs on the prices since reading about their Toy Fair 2016 appearance at Confessions of a Doll Collector’s […]

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