Dolly Review: LOL- Lil Outrageous Littles

Recently at Toys R Us, my mom and I decided to pick up one of MGA‘s LOL blind bag/box dolls. The idea around LOL is that there are seven layers of stuff that you can unwrap and open, the grand finale being your very own doll.


The first and second layers of the LOL experience are pretty lackluster. The first layer is a secret message and the second is a small sheet of stickers. The third layer is where it gets a little more exciting. From there, you’ll open, step by step, a unique bottle, a pair of shoes, an outfit, an accessory and finally your Lil’ Outrageous Little. There are 45 different LOL’s in Series 1.






The LOL doll itself reminds me of childlike Bratz. Our LOL has lilac hair molded in small braids. Her arms and legs move up and down. So, in outfits that don’t constrict her movement, she should be able to sit on her own. It turns out this particular LOL is from the Theater Club ‘set’ and is pretending to be a mermaid. A little confusing to us at first was that our LOL lacked shoes and instead came with two accessories. Once we saw the picture in the ‘collect them all’ booklet, we realized it was because she’s the mermaid that she didn’t need shoes.


LOL’s packaging also acts as the dolls home. One half of her circular home is her hangout, while the other half is her bathtub. Why a bathtub, you ask? Well, there’s one more element of this doll that I haven’t mentioned yet. The bottle holds water. After your LOL drinks, she may cry, blow bubbles or tinkle. The instructions were not very good at explaining that each LOL has a different talent, in my opinion, so it took us a while to figure that bit out. (If you watch the video, you’ll notice we fumble through that part!)



So, that’s a little bit about LOL: Lil Outrageous Littles. They’re one of the more interesting ‘blind’ products to hit shelves in a while and will probably appeal to a few of you! What do you think of LOL? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Anonymous replied:

    I think of the few I have seen, yours is the cutest yet. I love the pink hair, the mermaid theme, and of course, the sushi. 😉

  2. JM replied:

    These are so cute-so fun-what a great, exciting thing to open. It’s the thrill of what you will get & the excitement of peeling back each layer. I got one for my daughter & granddaughter-I may have to get some for me!!!

  3. Teresa Brown replied:

    I’m tempted to pick one of them up. They’re super cute and look like so much fun to open!

  4. Jordan replied:

    Lol dolls are the best

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