Dolly Review: Wonder Crew James

A month ago, I was sent a Wonder Crew doll for review. Wonder Crew is a line of 15″ dolls that come in a variety of skin tones, including Caucasian (Will), Asian (Erik), African-American (James) and Hispanic (Marco). Unlike most doll lines, the main players in this line are boys, not girls. The Wonder Crew website states that the line was “Inspired by boys but truly meant for any child, Wonder Crew builds emotional intelligence, imagination, confidence, and is 100% fun!”

Wonder Crew

Wonder Crew dolls come dressed as superheroes complete with a vibrant red cape and mask. These dolls are meant to inspire active play right out of the box and come with a matching child sized cape and mask. If you feel like switching up the fun, other outfits are sold separately. Like the basic doll, each outfit comes with a fun child sized accessory! For example, the Snuggler Adventure Pack, green pajama’s with a rocket ship theme, comes with a blanket that is the perfect size for a child and their Wonder Crew to snuggle with! See this outfit in the video review, linked below.

Wonder Crew

The body of Wonder Crew dolls is part vinyl and part cloth. With James, who is pictured in this post, his torso is stuffed, including his shoulders and hips. Three quarters of his arms and legs are vinyl, though. Posing isn’t really a trait these dolls have or need, as they are meant to be huggable playmates. And huggable they are. One thing I wish the Wonder Crew did better was sit. Unfortunately, they don’t sit well, unless propped up by something strong.

Also worth pointing out is this: the cloth body is made of a white fabric with a quilt’y sort of feel to it. With this particular doll, I would have gone with a fabric that matched his skin tone better, but you can always pretend that the white under his clothing is an undershirt.

As far as the sculpt is concerned, I think the Wonder Crew team did a great job on James. The doll, to me, looks like he stepped out of a comic book or cartoon. The molded hair has texture to it and the face is cute. The hands and feet are also sculpted well.

Wonder Crew

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the outfits and extra child sized accessories. More care was put into them than I expected. They are put together well and made with quality fabric.

Wonder Crew

Overall, I think Play Monster’s Wonder Crew dolls are cute. They’re sculpted nicely and have some quality outfits. The extra child sized accessories don’t come off as an afterthought, either, which happens a lot in the industry. Learn more about Wonder Crew on their website. What do you think of Wonder Crew? Share your thoughts in the comment area.

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  1. jsornber replied:

    Very cute doll, but they are making a big mistake by not having any superhero girl dolls!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      They’re filling a different niche, though. The toddler doll market is filled with girl dolls, not much for the little boys out there. This line is trying to fix that. Maybe they’ll expand one day to girls, too, though!

  2. Tenko replied:

    I love the concept and they do look cute.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      They are cute. Just like they stepped out of a cartoon or comic book. 🙂

  3. lillian lopez replied:

    It’s about time they came up with a boy doll. The price really isn’t bad. I will be buying Will for my great grandson. He loves Go Diego Go but he’s difficult to find and way over priced. Plus he’s an ugly, stuffed doll. The Diego you see on tv is cute and adorable. All these WC boys are cute and cuddly. And the fact that your child also gets a matching hat with the outfits, well it couldn’t get better then that. The price per outfit is within reason for this old great grandmother on a limited budget. I wish I had been on the testing panel for this cute little guy. I had a similar ideal years ago but didnt know where to begin but I’m glad God give Laura the wisdom and knowledge to put it together. Its about time someone other then a multi million dollar company gets rich on an ideal. Kuddos, Laura!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I agree. There’s a lot of value in this line. 🙂

  4. Teresa B replied:

    I can’t wait to get one of these for my son. James is so cute and I too love the accessories for not only the doll, but for the child too!

  5. manikani2d replied:

    What a unique cute doll!

  6. Echo Burbank replied:

    Could anyone tell me if the clothes would fit ag doll or other similar 18″ doll. I see it’s 15″ but the proportions are different, I was hoping to buy some of the outfits for my toddler, who would love them, for their 18″ doll. I know this is older, but I’m struggling to find any kind of comparison about where. Thank you for any help!

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