Dolly Report: Little Miss No Name

This weeks Dolly Report is on a doll that to me is adorable, but to the vast majority of the people I’ve shown her to, well, she seems to freak them out.

Little Miss No Name (LMNN) was released in 1965 by Hasbro.    Designed by Deet D’Andrade (who *may* have also designed of the Blythe dolls), LMNN is 15″ tall with rooted blond hair, enormous (Keane Style) eyes, and round cheeks.

She wears a brown burlap sack with two patches sewn on it.  Originally, she came with a headband for her hair, a safety pin to hold her burlap outfit together, and white undies.  If you lift her arms, her hands are molded in such a way that you can assume she might be asking for money.

The neatest part about LMNN’s design is her tear.  Early LMNN’s came with a hole right above their eye where you would insert a peg ended tear.  Later throughout her single year run, the hole would be lowered a bit and eventually removed all together.

The Keane-eyes on LMNN are the most endearing feature on this doll.  Ironically enough, that is the feature that most of the people who have seen her find freaky.  There are some scary looking dolls out there–  a dirty, scraggly haired LMNN isn’t the prettiest thing around. (If you find yourself with a doll like that, it’s usually easily fixable if you give her a good washing and give her a decent haircut/hairwash)!

It is rare to find a LMNN mint in a box for less than triple digits.  Actually, I’ve never seen that happen– ever.  I recommend watching Ebay and checking frequently for dolls up for auction.  You can pick up a doll in decent shape for upwards of $50 in most cases.

And that concludes this weeks Dolly Report.  Check back next week for another Dolly Spotlight.

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  1. alyssa replied:

    hey, i would like to say that that doll is actually based off of a series of paintings one of which my mom has… type in little miss no name painting on google images… it only shows one but there are many, i happen to love the dolls 🙂

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Thanks for commenting. It’s always nice to meet someone else who isn’t scared of these dolls. I’ll never really understand why people find them creepy– I think they’re adorable!

      They’re probably more ‘inspired by’ Keane and other ‘big eye’ artists than based straight off her artwork. Course Hasbro seems to skip over Little Miss No Name when it comes to printing cold hard facts, so you never know! 🙂 I do love the big eye’d prints. I have one myself (not Keane, but another artist) and it’s really neat looking. Thanks for pointing out the error in Keane’s name, btw. I’ll edit the post with the proper spelling. I appreciate it!

  2. Nancy Alderigi replied:

    When I was about 3 years old, I remember begging my uncle to buy that doll for me. He could not understand why I would want that particular doll when so many prettier ones were available. I just felt sorry for her and thought she needed a home and a mommy to love her. This was about 45 years ago.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Did you ever end up receiving a LMNN from your uncle? Many people couldn’t see the charm in this adorable doll, sadly. I happen to adore her. :p

      Thanks for sharing your memories of LMNN here on the blog! I appreciate your visit!

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    […] mom has loved Little Miss No Name‘s forever.  I’m not surprised at all that she ended up coming home with new ones!  […]

  4. Lazlow replied:

    How canI find out more information on Deet D’Andrade, creator of LIttle Miss No Name?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Let me look into this a little more and get back to you!

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    […] bit of work done in the hair department.  Recently, I finished the first of the two.  Since this Little Miss No Name came with her original tear, my mom wanted her hair color to be pretty similar to the factory […]

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    […] brought three dolls on the trip: Tonner Toys Maudlynne Macabre, a re-rooted Little Miss No Name and Arklu’s Stargazer Lottie. Click into the pictures to view them […]

  7. Patty Woodhouse replied:

    Hi, I have a question. I bought a little miss no name doll with tear. I already have one, the other one doesn’t have a 1965 Hasbro stamp on the back of her head. What does that mean? It looks exactly like mine. Do they reproduce the head? Thanks so much Patty

  8. Michelle Redden replied:

    These dolls are truly amazing.I would love to add them to my doll collection of ‘misunderstoods’♡

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