SDCC 2013 Monster High Exclusive, plus more!

San Diego Comic Con is one of the biggest pop culture events in the world. It is filled with celebrities, star studded panel discussions and phenomenal exclusive merchandise.  Since 2010, Mattel has released a SDCC exclusive Monster High doll.  These dolls are almost always hard to find and very expensive on the second hard market post convention.

Matty Collector has recently posted a sneak peak of this years SDCC exclusive.  The official picture will be posted on May 15th.  However, this sneak peak gives a lot away!

SDCC 2013 Teaser Image of Exclusive

SDCC 2013 Teaser Image of Exclusive

The exclusive looks a lot like Wydowna, Daughter of Arachne.  Wydowna actually made her debut at SDCC 2011, where she was one of three dolls displayed at the Mattel booth.  The two dolls that accompanied her, Scarah Screams and The Headless Headmistress, have been or will be released, so it makes sense that we’d be seeing Wydowna.

Wydona at SDCC '11

Wydona at SDCC ’11

Will we see the Wydowna above that was displayed years back at SDCC or will we see a more comic/super hero themed version of this doll?  My bet is that this doll will follow the ‘Power Ghouls’ line.  The coloring in the promo image definitely has a ‘Spider-Man’ type of feeling to it.

As far as SDCC exclusives go, I own two of the three released, black and white Frankie (2010) and Deadfast Ghoulia (2011).  The exclusive is available for pre-order on Matty Collector for those who are attending SDCC only.  After the convention, if they have stock left over, they usually sell it on Matty Collector.

Now onto a few non exclusive Monster High reveals…

Catty Noir, Ghouls Night Out

Catty Noir, Ghouls Night Out

While we still don’t know much about her, promo shots of Catty Noir have hit the internet. She’s a werecat, as you can see here, and looks to be part of the ‘Ghouls Night Out’ line (though that isn’t confirmed).

Heath and Abbey 2 Set Promo

Heath and Abbey 2 Set Promo

The new classroom 2 pack featuring Heath and Abbey is something I’m really looking forward to.  Mattel posted this and other pictures on the Monster High facebook page.  Do I wish they’d released Heath as a single basic?  Yeah, but the Abbey looks kind of cute this time around.

So, that’s the scoop for now.  When the final pictures of this years SDCC exclusive go live, I’ll be sure to let you know!  Until then, what do you think of Mattel’s choice of character for this years SDCC? Do you plan on getting one?  Have thoughts on the other MH dolls featured here?  Share your thoughts!

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