Skipper Highlight Reel: 1964 Skipper Wallet

It’s about time to post a new edition of the Skipper Highlight Reel, isn’t it?  This blog post is all about the 1964 soft vinyl Skipper Wallet.  It features Skipper, all decked out in her Masquerade outfit.  Barbie and Ken can be seen in the top left.  This particular wallet is blue, but I have seen a yellow wallet with this same design floating around the internet.

1964 Skipper Wallet

Originally, it came with a comb, nail file and mirror.  I’ve rarely seen it with those pieces on the secondary market. It is common to find this with two Hollywood portraits inside the picture slots, however.  The two celebrities pictured are Troy Donahue and Tuesday Weld.  I’m not very familiar with these celebrities, but they must have been popular to be in this mass produced vinyl product.

1964 Skipper Wallet

1964 Skipper Wallet

My favorite aspect of this wallet has to be the graphics. Skipper made her debut in 1964, probably around the time this wallet came out.  The outfit she wears is also part of the first wave of outfits released with Barbie’s little sister. 1964 Skipper Wallet

If you find something like this on eBay or at a doll show, be sure to double check that the vinyl isn’t ripped and that the snap isn’t rusted.  Also, make sure the graphics are up to par.  The graphics are what makes pieces like this so fun to showcase, so you want to double check that they are up to your standards.

1964 Skipper Wallet

Do you have a wallet from this Barbie and Friends era? What does it look like?  What do you think of the Skipper wallet featured in this post? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Sunny replied:

    Wow, this was SO cool to read about!!! That wallet looks so neat.

  2. 39yearslame replied:

    I thought I recognized the name Troy Donahue (and feared I recognized it from MST3K) and wanted to see from where (lest it bother me for days) so I checked imdb:

    Seems he was a heart-throb actor with a lot of credits in the late ’50s and early ’60s, most of which are now largely forgotten. Presumably Tuesday Weld had a similar (and possibly overlapping) filmography.

    That wallet’s really cool, in any case. 🙂

  3. Andi B. Goode replied:

    I have 2 Barbie wallets, actually. One is black with two Bubblecut Barbies – a brunette and a blonde. It has the file and comb in it (& the same portraits of Troy and Tuesday – I’m only vaguely familiar with their names, mostly Donague because of the name drop in ‘Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee’ and his role in John Waters’ Cry-Baby). The other is red and features two Blonde bubblecuts. It has the file but no comb or portraits.
    And I love this Skipper wallet! It’s so cute – I really love that image of her, too. These are really fun pieces of Barbie ephemera. Not really sure how to display mine, though.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Yeah. I just keep mine propped up on a shelf. At least the front graphics can be seen that way.

  4. Lisa Neault replied:

    I don’t remember Troy Donohue, but I do remember Tuesday Weld, she was in alot of the teenager ‘sweater’ movies in the 60’s early 70’s and also on some TV series too.

  5. James Hill replied:

    I have an original blue version of this wallet which has a portrait of a young Paul McCartney and George Harrison l attempted to sell it on two occasions and couldn’t part with it.

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