Skipper Highlight Reel: Living Fluff and Pose ‘N Play Tiff

The last few Skipper Highlight Reel posts have been about doll cases, so I thought I’d break it up a bit with this installment and talk about two of Skipper‘s lesser known best friends. We’ll start with Living Fluff. Making her debut in 1971, Fluff was the first new Skipper friend since Skooter and Ricky were discontinued in 1967.

Living Fluff (1971-1972)

Fluff’s blonde hair is styled in two pigtails with curly bangs/fringe. She has a Living Skipper body, which when compared to previous bodies is more articulated. The ‘Living’ body is prone to melting, especially around the shoulders and hips. My Fluff, for example, has some pretty annoying melt marks around both shoulders and hips. Thankfully, they don’t hurt the arm movement. Fluff’s colorful swimsuit doesn’t help much, leaving little room for her shoulder and hip joints to breathe.

Living Fluff (1971-1972)

One of my favorite things about Fluff is her adorable face with ‘real’ eyelashes. I love Fluff’s long thin smile and round brown eyes. For reasons unknown to me, Fluff was only on the market for one year. She was available as a single doll and in a Sears exclusive Sunshine Special gift set. The exclusive included Fluff (in her traditional yellow swimsuit) and two hip outfits.

Living Fluff (1971-1972)

As 1972 rolled around, Fluff made a quick exit and was replaced with Pose ‘n Play Tiff. Tiff, described as Skipper’s ‘tom boy’ friend, was the best pal of Pose ‘n Play Skipper. She shares the same body and face mold as Fluff, not to mention the depressingly short release window.

Pose 'n Play Tiff (1972-1973)

Unlike Fluff, Tiff has painted lashes and straight brown hair. Playing on the tom boy theme, Tiff (in her original outfit, not the one pictured above) wears a white tank top and jeans with decals that read ‘Stop’, ‘Help’ and ‘Go’. Her accessory of choice? A skateboard.

Pose 'n Play Tiff (1972-1973)

By 1973, Tiff disappeared. Nowadays, she’s one of the rarer Skipper dolls to find, especially with her original outfit and/or mint in box. Both Fluff and Tiff may not have lasted long in the line when compared with friends Skooter and Courtney, but they definitely made an impact with their adorable face mold and interesting looks!

Pose 'n Play Tiff/Skipper and Living Fluff

Do you remember Fluff or Tiff? Do you have one in your collection? Share your thoughts on these two in the comment area!

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  1. Mary Wernke replied:

    Tiff is usually shown in the Fun Runners outfit–jeans, muscle shirt, sneakers, sunglasses, belt and the scarf wrapped around her head–with a bicycle or in a convertible. (You show the jeans on Tiff but not the rest of the outfit.) I had that outfit and Flower Power as a girl. I never knew what to do with the Fun Runners scarf and my dolls always wore it with Flower Power instead because it matched. I still have the outfits, although they’re not in great condition. It wasn’t until 2013–41 years after I got the outfits–that I figured out what Fun Runners was for. Apparently the 1972 booklet photographers never figured it out themselves. It’s for horseback riding! The flowered piece of cloth isn’t a headscarf–it’s a bandana, and it’s meant to be worn around the neck!

  2. Andi B. Goode replied:

    I love Fluff and Tiff! They’re such cuties. I have one of each in my collection and I just love them 🙂

  3. manydollsandfashions replied:

    I wish that Mattel would bring back Tiff – it is so rare to see a ‘tomboy’ doll! Fluff is super cute as well – I’ve never really looked at her before. Nice to see dolls that don’t look like normal, everyday kids and not fashion models.

  4. ✡Hagit✡ replied:


    Great news for you! The Hearts For Hearts Girls are coming back! Read more here at:

  5. Anonymous replied:

    I just got a Pose n Play Tiff. She is so adorable.

  6. RagingMoon1987 replied:

    LOL, I just found (and bought) Fluff online!

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