Effanbee’s Tintair Honey Doll

For years now, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for Effanbee’s Tintair Honey doll. Made in 1951 by Effanbee, Tintair Honey was given a platinum dynel wig, which allowed you to dye and style her hair with the included tintair dye and rollers. There were three sizes offered: 14″, 16″ and 18″. According to the Ruby Lane posting, Tintair Honey dolls were “limited to America’s finest stores on a franchise basis”. Clothing for Tintair Honey was designed by famous French Couturier ‘Madame Elsa Schiaparelli’. While googling, I noticed a few different ‘in  box’ dresses for Tintair Honey, which leads me to believe she was released in different outfits throughout the early 50’s. (I couldn’t find a good thorough reference for Effanbee and, alas, don’t have a reference book!)

I’ve never seen one of these at the dolls shows, so to find one of these dolls, I decided to venture to Ruby Lane. Ruby Lane is a great place to shop, though prices can be a little high at times! When I saw this Tintair Honey doll, it was love at first sight! At 18″, she’s the larger version (and we know how much I like buying the larger composition/hard plastic dolls to smaller ones)! Made of hard plastic, Effanbee dolls have a different look to their skin tone than Arrenbee or Madame Alexander. It’s odd that we don’t see more of them at the doll shows, because the early Effanbee’s can be quite pretty.

Going back to the story, I placed an offer on this Tintair Honey doll and surprisingly, it was accepted! Cue the *grail item obtained* sound effect! While the dye is missing, Tintair Honey’s hair seems to never have been styled or dyed.  She came with her original tag, curlers, dress, dye apron and box.

Tintair Honey is in great shape! Her knees are rosy, her face paint is perfect and her hair is set well. The outfit discolored a little, but it looks nice on her and only has a little smell from being stuck in a box. What I love about Tintair Honey is her cute little face!


I’m excited to have finally crossed this doll off my wish list. She looks great with my other composition/hard plastic dolls! Plus, she’s an example of a doll that you don’t see every day! Have you found something fun recently to add to your collection? What do you think of my new Tintair Honey doll? Share your thoughts in the comment area!

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  1. Momma Cat replied:

    She’s beautiful! You scored!

  2. Superman Collector in Hawaii replied:

    My mother would have loved to see your collection. She was an avid doll enthusiast.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Thank you for sharing that! 🙂 What did your mother collect?

      • Superman Collector in Hawaii replied:

        Various dolls… baby dolls, vintage, movie and TV series, Kewpie, etc. One of the dolls she spoke of frequently (I believe she was most fond of) was Little Miss No Name with the tear from one eye. I remember thinking how creepy that doll looked with the huge eyes.

  3. Wanda Richardson replied:

    Hi there, Congratulations on your new addition to your dolly family, she is a cutey pie, take good care of her. Having to cross her off of your wish list must put a HUGE SMILE on your face. I am a Barbie collector and LOVE my Barbies ever since I was a little girl, looking for a Casey and a Twiggy, doesn’t have to be new but I’ll accept her in good played with condition, I LOVE my dolls and again ENJOY your new addition and take good care of her!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Yep! I was very happy to find one that called to me and was more or less affordable! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you find a Casey and Twiggy! I’d like a Casey of my own one day, too!

  4. Berni replied:

    Congrats on finding a doll on your Wish List. I think Ruby Lane is a great place to buy dolls. They have wonderful lay a way plans that really help. I have mace many purchases on Ruby Lane and I have always been pleased.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I’ve bought a few things from Ruby Lane. I think I’m a bit spoiled with doll shows, though, so it’s always hard for me to shop online for older vintage dolls! I’m sooo happy with this one, though!

  5. Taylor Armstrong replied:

    I have to agree, her best feature really is her face. She looks like a sweet little Goldie Locks.

  6. Beatrix replied:

    Wow! I think she’s beautiful.Her face paint is amazing and so are the wig and dress. Congratulations! I really love vintage dolls in this size. i’m on the hunt for a perfect Arranbee Nancy Lee or Nanette. to me these vintage dolls (Madame Alexander Effanbee etc ) are unparalleled. Unfortunately I have found some of the vintage hard plastic dolls are plagued with incurable hard plastic disease which can spread to other dolls in one’s collection. I received three beautiful vintage dolls in succession with this problem and the sellers on ebay and one on etsy were not honest about it. I have not tried Ruby Lane. It is heartbreaking to have to dispose of dolls with this condition.. I have two wrapped in plastic bags and have not been able to bring myself to let go of them. One happy note was that I found a composition flirty eyed Honey that was beautifully restored and received her as a Christmas gift. She really is one of my treasures. You also have a very nice Madame Alexander Maggie which is also on my list.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Two of my dolls have a slight ‘cheese’ smell to them, which is annoying. One of them is this new Honey doll. Thankfully, it’s not too bad. I do wonder if I should have someone clean them from the inside out– maybe that would help a little? I’m not sure!

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    […] is one of my favorite purchases of the year. I’ll share him here on the blog soon. Finding a Tintair Honey Doll in minty fresh shape was also a highlight of […]

  8. Lori Dailing replied:

    I just found a Tintair Honey doll. I think in original dress. No box or accessories. Has shoes and socks. What is the value?

  9. Is This the Most Expensive Vintage Baby Doll Today? | Dusty Old Thing replied:

    […] The dolls were made by the company Effanbee, maker of many toys which are today quite collectible. Effanbee also made the “Honey” Tintair doll, a competitor of the Toni doll which not only let little girls set her hair, but also dye it! […]

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